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🦕 Kory Bing 🦕 @korybing Portland, Oregon

Professional illustrator and comic book artist. I like monsters and extinct animals. Pronouns: She/Her. Contact: korybing @ gmail dot com

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I don’t want to say goodbye @Killskerry I see what you mean about Zeus Apology @AstheCrowTries @Killskerry @skullmandible Yeah the music in this goes OFFOh shit izzat Bubo @Killskerry I made it into a skirt for the space-themed SPX prom year hehehehe @Killskerry Have you seen the pattern I made about: them holy shit these are incredibleTis the season @3PSboyd @UltimateXiphias There’s a lot of overlap @angelamelick It’s so dark by 5 and it’s only gonna get worse I’m so mad @grasshopperpie Also how in Ancient Greek the ocean is often described as “wine dark water” but they obviously didn… @grasshopperpie I find this stuff so interesting! It really shows how language can shape your perception of the wor… OF MY IDEA'S - ADMIN
Retweeted by 🦕 Kory Bing 🦕Ooh very tempting @SmilingGrouch @fuggirls @AlisonLeiby Funny enough I only started calling corner stores “bodegas” after moving TO oregon. @Killskerry @skullmandible A golden shower, yes @Killskerry @skullmandible Well her options were “guy who raped her, legally” and “guy who is pretending to be some… @skullmandible @Killskerry Remember that one time he saw a pretty boy, turned into an eagle, and straight up just g… @Killskerry @skullmandible Hmmm well that’s not very in character @skullmandible @Killskerry Wanting to be a good dad and being a good dad are different things, so yes.One of Zeus’s baby mommas accused him of fearing Hera more than he loved his baby momma and Zeus was just like “um obviously”Started watching Blood of Zeus and all the gods are fickle petty bastards so it’s pretty accurate so far
Yesterday, I posed myself a question. A very simple question. And that question was: “What if NBC Hannibal did the…
Retweeted by 🦕 Kory Bing 🦕 @sfemonster I never even met tiki and I loved her so muchIt was an economic downturn, people got fired every Friday, and literally the only thing keeping the place afloat w… worked in the catalogue department of Bass Pro from 2007-2009 and it was the last time I worked in an office sett… @Killskerry Before the iPhone I had a TRAQFONE lol. I had to buy minutes and everything @randomjeweler I was a grown-ass adult before I even associated “Memphis” with Egypt lol. It’s Tennessee! Bluegrass… @MajorPeppy In 2009 they were the ENEMY all our meetings were about how to beat Cabellas, lol. @Killskerry I got it just so I could use square at conventions and I bought it second-hand off a furryCatching up on what Bass Pro has been up to since I left in 2009 and they bought Cabella’s????? Our GREATEST ENEMY????? Wowzers. @mdotblind The pyramid was there before bass pro bought it! @Killskerry I didn’t get a smart phone until I moved to Portland in 2010 and I remember going “oh wow Twitter on the go??????”THE MEMPHIS PYRAMID IS IN MEMPHIS TENNESSEE, GOOGLE. It’s a pyramid because the city is named MEMPHIS see it’s a cl… @Killskerry 2006 baby!!I was trying to find a photo of my old workplace but it was the Bass Pro Shops headquarters and the internet seems… from when I worked in an Office Setting: it was 2009 and literally only one person had a smart phone, he cou… was literally like maybe three years when work internet was significantly faster than personal internet which… I have been around for every single Cyber Monday since the year it was introduced and let me tell you EVERY… @RonDanChan Oh my god @The_Davenporter I need it @biliousneko It really is incredible how ahead of its time that show was. @spacetwinks “How will we pay for it! We must sacrifice something dear to us” meanwhile the defense budget is right there @papricots I’m thinking about all the packages I’ve sent that have arrived to their destination via DUMB LUCK. I wi… I didn’t know this!! is why they’re also called “bodarks!” It’s a corruption of the French “bois d’arc” which means “bow wood.” Hed… @Ehmee Bodarks!! You can apparently eat them if you work real hard at it, but when I was a kid we used them to kee… @kagcomix This isn’t a sandwich this is a casseroleI did a lot of work today! Got a lot done! @peter_ravn He’s the only one who really knows what he wants and knows how to get it @peter_ravn Well to be fair Dandelion only really wants to have a good time and he does a pretty good job of thatRewatching the Witcher and Yen is a character that I know has a LOT of problems and flaws but I love her? She sacri…
@NaomiRomeroArt @RioSculptures Oh dang happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!Eat!! The rich!!!!! @letsgoayo Oh thank god, it’s a joke is such an incredible find—not only because of its size, but because of how old it is! There are almost no kno…
Retweeted by 🦕 Kory Bing 🦕 @biliousneko HAPPY!!! BIRTHDAY!!!!!! can't unsee it
Retweeted by 🦕 Kory Bing 🦕 @geniusbeee That shit is CUTE @djcrumrine @jimmadseni This is incredible and all I need out of Star WarsStrangers with Yoda
Retweeted by 🦕 Kory Bing 🦕 @MaatCrook Whenever we can see friends again I wanna see YOU!!!! @SerivaTiger They were HK-87s, I guess in 40 iterations they finally got them to be openly hostile towards organicsMe: I don’t want to be pandered to in media Mandalorian: here’s an HK series assassin droid Me: JUST LIKE IN THAT ONE GAME I LIKE!!!!!!! @Iron_Spike It’s not the worst thing you’ve forced us to look at
@slimeden_ @slimyswampghost they’re from @kikillo! @MaatCrook AWWWWW MA’AT :.....) thank you I needed to hear that today @slimyswampghost Hey I got that sweater!!!!! GOOD SWEATER @MaatCrook @BasiliskOnline Aw thank you Ma’at you’re always SO nice to me!!Shipping orders out TODAY if you want speedy shipping! want paleoart and cryptid thirts? Pitbull socks? Gryphon poster? Axolotl shirt?? I got a bunch of great cute th…
Retweeted by 🦕 Kory Bing 🦕 @peprally Rightly he might as well have said calm down, Sweetie @byelacey OOH EXACTLY also I hate that I know exactly the post you’re talking about hahaThe twitter that posted this is saying they are not the one in the messages, but it’s clear from their tweets that… @elyelsonfree EXACTLY he got his feelings hurt when she responded with caution so he decided to retaliate so he cou… @ThornwolfArt Yeah and the rest of his tweets make it clear that he’s definitely on the side of the guy in the screenshot @elyelsonfree Like he could have started with the third message but instead he had to go “goodnight sweetie, woah c… @priellan Oh what the FUCK @choochoobear @damnyouwillis I keep thinking I got an understanding of this strip but no I will never understand it.The amount of people replying to this with “well she was rude and unprofessional” like the “professional” messaging… being the creep to message a woman out of the blue on WhatsApp with “have a good evening Mary,” berating he… @reiley I like crepuscular animals. They’re like “hmm too dark. Oooh just right I eat food now NO TOO BRIGHT BACK TO SLEEP” @sporkbot I had a Prickle OC when I was a kid @Visceraaa A BABY!!! @bleaksqueak Your colors and perspective and details are always so incredible!!!!!The "alpha"/"beta"/"omega" phenomenon is something observed in wolves in captivity -- who had no relationship with…
Retweeted by 🦕 Kory Bing 🦕 @NeverWanderer I’m just a huge sucker for a good “slice of life but they’re not human” trope @NeverWanderer What We Do in the Shadows for me @Visceraaa I miss them I miss them I miss them I miss themResults from the Flocking Together #Paleostream Falcatakely, Coelophysis, Koolasuchus and Pterodaustro #paleoart
Retweeted by 🦕 Kory Bing 🦕 @Kecky415 Misjudged how close the top of the car roof was when I was getting in the car. @mudron Oh fuck I haven’t thought about Alphabits in a DOG’S AGE @OhColeman H'OKAY @OhColeman Haha I wish it was possible to make shit like that, it’d be the only thing I ate @OhColeman I’m so happy that my brand is so strong that this is the third time someone sent this to me, I’m SO proud @se_kar Next time I get some free time I want to do a cryptid one!FINALLY, A FANCAM FOR ME @littlebirdani @topatoco Yay!! I’m really stoked about the Fresno shirt especially @prawnsy Other primates, picking up shit: “hey look what we can do without destroying our entire bodies"