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In March/April, there were active networking of "We can do X, does anyone know how to connect with Y" among techies… someone who was once 20 something with desire to help in a field you have no qualification...this is a real bumm… @miyagawa My understanding was toxic VC energy (from the news last summer) but then I hear there are thriving Black… @fka_tabs Yeah and I sometime enjoy looking at what creative address people put in :) But, I - annoying techie who… also curious if personal blogging via email count as “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which i… those of you doing casual newsletter and not like operation with y’all handling physical mailing a…“I don’t wanna talk to people” the best answer to “what’s your take on c l u b h o u s e?” @rmurphey Now it’s “hm device is having bad connection. Reboot WiFi and cell signal search at once” button.
@fka_tabs I RESEARCHED! CLEAR EVIDENCE!! @fka_tabs I actually went "ehhh this could turn bad". I happen to know humans put trackers on Whales and Dolphins…'s press conference addressed this question with "you can sign up for one on Gmail" and ... yes technically tr… know phone line is there to catch all but that is also overwhelmed...and "check on your older neighbor" is a beau… got down rabbit hole of vaccine scheduling. Forget about traffic control and call back duration...story about 80y…
I feel like I accidentally own a piece from alternate universe.
DHS: “For 100 days, starting January 22, 2021, DHS will pause removals for certain noncitizens ordered deported to…
Retweeted by Mariko KosakaLet's be honest, tweeting about politics has been always risky for us immigrants for the past 4 years. There's a re…
Retweeted by Mariko KosakaEntering US is always going to be stressful no matter what. But happy Inauguration Day to every immigrant/visa grou… American citizens for using vote to make change. High five to those who went to airports to protest, and t…
woops I mean 2017, but I mean, more like eternal years ago.Bernie's mittens, and Ella Emhoff is a fiber artist who does machine knit. Up lifting start. I'm waiting for the r… @dalmaer @mattsmcnulty Office of the pardon attorney exists.
@apgwoz hi, was it you who told me you visited Luke in Temple days where he had tent inside an apartment because he…
I am all for the collective buying power of tech rich bring down the cost of wood working PPE for turning, sanding, and splaying 💁‍♀️and PAPR Respirator system is usually over $1000 (lighter helmet with hose connected to fan and filter on belt) one costs $430 basic premise is the same, helmet with filter and fan. like, this $299 full face with integrated filter and is... actually cheap if this performs on pa… I’m in a rare mood that “I just want to walk down the block to cafe and ask someone to feed me pancake” @ginatrapani @ftrain This was said in CT press conference. I know this meant to be “we are doing a lot to provide m… men's club is doing porchetta go... (This is something they usually do as sit down dinner whic… love how tiktok started meme continues to credit chain of original and subsequent mashup layers beyond the app's…
"There are lots of options depending on how comfortable you are with technology." reply...with rearguards to… @jaffathecake has at least 2 follow up songs to tell me about. No surprise. @Lubchansky @fka_tabs Sorry but i had to link this. . .
Today's @TodayinTabs was pretty good. You should read it...but it's trackback to Reply All episode which is um, bit… just want media people with substantial platform who is just realizing "T ban was good, but eh... I don't like th… The call for speakers for the WebAssembly Summit 2021 closes tomorrow!
Retweeted by Mariko KosakaBecause I'm a monster, yes, yes I put she shanty in the collab playlist our team is putting together.
The frequency of email I'm getting from JP gov (consulate or ministry of foreign affairs) suggests pandemic stress… you think PETA campaign agains wellerman sea shanty because it's about whale hunting. Part of me thinks it's 2021, anything can happen.We took many trips between Connecticut and NYC using Whitestone Bridge which runs by T---- golf links...which I did… people holding earbuds mic up to their mouth level for sea shanty somehow reminds me of .... MySpace angles.
@fka_tabs More and more, I actually am glad I paid out of state tuition for "new media" comms degree.
Sorry but I can only wonder if someone had force push to master/main and there was auto deploy run. @noopkat (Just cause me and Luke constantly talk about how nice and quiet heat this is) if you are in market for sp…
What's happening this week weirdly reminds me and feel nostalgic about my 1st website which was dyndns org domain a… they gonna go with strategy shopify 2017, 2018 or 2021 ?ah, here we are again about c l o u d f l a r e.
I usually make less sugary cookie, 1 batch for entire week. I upped sugar and made 2 batches in a week...wait was… the count of cookies I baked and ate, this week I inhaled 2 sticks of butter, 1.5cups of sugar, and 2 cups of fl… @NelsonPecora @willmanduffy Gab's gonna federate it 🙃 @dalmaer I have more stronger opinion about this but I'm not gonna continue this in public. Also, sorry it's Friday… @dalmaer The fact is the web version, whatever devs call it, is only one still up and accepting new sign up right n… @dalmaer Could our team spend resource to push the industry in dropping hosting/distribution of violent law breakin… funny as this exchange is... and I love how web is showing the resilience here, this is also the time to call ou… this thread by Abby Franquemont is too real. (And if you think "this can't be true", as knitting retr… wonder about those Rav users who left back then fuming with freedom of speech claim had "inflection point" after Wednesday.I would like to remind you all the week this knitting web site was on major news outlets. the hosting and CDN provider for those social network being used to calls for violence also dropping the service…
@potch The fact gaming the algorithm is in our face every day with "if you liked this video, hit thumbs up, it real… reminded me : I was never the cool one who got FFFFOUND! accountIn a sad state, I tried to imagine a place where no algorithm recommends what to read in order to make for profit b… @miketaylr I'm not sure if .apng was part of v2, something you should check.Is... Covid test something you can just book and get result within 72 hours time span? (Japan is putting restricti… @noopkat Remember that time we brunch to write CFP but ended up like, mostly talking for hours? Also remember brunch??? 😭Being confident in a kitchen and being able to "come up" a meal is actually the most valuable life skill mom gave m… @slightlylate @notwaldorf @phae it's okay, we ate full dinner after ice cream. run, in front of ice cream shelf which we usually have conversation about passing the temptation (we are VE…
@fka_tabs Not exactly but related : @miyagawa JESUS FUCKING CRIST. @searls Last time I was in Tokyo and cutting my fair (because I'm a snowflake who need someone who "get" asian hair… office - Consulate General of Japan in New York sent me known hour by hour schedule of BLM protests for da… a lot about the fact Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs send me email on Muslim holidays to be cautious… I can't focus, I'm going to eat lunch and go for a walk to check on T flag house if they took them down last night.Already, people inside Facebook are asking why Zuckerberg made this call when similar bans have not taken place in…
Retweeted by Mariko Kosaka @robdubbin I did a team exercise last year that involved sharing “the work moment you felt most comfortable to do t… is December 38th, 2020I don't know why we are not using the T-word more widely, you know the one that start with Terror and end with -ist. @fka_tabs @lia @TodayinTabs There is always : "Tabs off today : I have to clean chicken coop" card!For fellow G co-workers: there are lots of internal resources to learn/process this called "precise language" :)Last year, prior to writing a script for work video that involved heavy topic, I spent lots of time thinking about… can't believe dunking on Yglesias's bad take about stimulus was this morning. How is that not like, a month ago. This has been a long day. @noopkat wish we still lived subway ride away so I can drop off this cookie I baked mid week to share bad feelings.
Anyways, I know they are not gonna challenge first amendment, but we did move to super small city and year was 2020… writing to my city's aldermen/alderwoman that display of T's campaign flag is far beyond freedom of spe…’s unfortunate event further put a strain on combating this pandemic locally by diverting resources, energy an…
Retweeted by Mariko Kosakame this morning : Here we go 2021, time to get grip of work and lif.. oh wait, okay going back to watching news all… YOU STACEY ABRAMS AND ORGANIZERS.“(Protesters) are being asked to leave” asked to leave ... ASKED TO LEAVE ?????Subscribe to @TodayinTabs and forget about following up with what everyone else is subtweeting; you'll get the answ… @miyagawa バイデンジャンプって何…
Dug out photo of before, previous owner cleared all shelves and counters so doesn’t look like grocery store anymore…
@karenkho @mskathykhang @nicalexiac Kitty stuck with original design but throw ribbon onto it 🎀 @__apf__ Yeah shop existed from 1900 to 50s so sometime between that. We are not sure what to do with it but keepin…’m amazed by how, with just sheer amount of wood used, this house is still standing even tho sill plate is gone on…, I’m told they did bread delivery too. There is a 12x12 feet brick oven in the back of our garage (I’m not eve… I tell you I live in a house that used to be a small grocery store? Most of the store was cleaned out before w…私はNYCを東京とすると水戸とか宇都宮に引っ越したみたいな感じの距離感のところに引っ越しました。#rebuildfm @willmanduffy @pedrogcabral ya, having been on this exact debate before, its often "tools we use doesn't support it… the irony of corporate A11y marketing tweet not having ALT text in image 😇