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@JoeDinoADL @___djohns Let's just respect the both of them 🤝 @___djohns'S FUCKING HAVE IT!!!! Thank you @___djohns for the priority 🙏 @_djohns DM phone number and I'll give you £25 if that's alright?
@_djohns Yeah man, supposed to have a pre sale code today before tomorrow but loads haven't received. General sale… @AxeIphim No man, I'm not even risking general sale anymore because will be the left over seats. Seems a lot of peo… @___djohns @SafLiv @Mayatribe14Maya @theweeknd Not there, so many people haven't received theirs yet 😢 @dojasgrande @AxeIphim @TicketmasterCS Praying they come within the next few hours @AxeIphim @dojasgrande @TicketmasterCS I've checked, absolutely nothing yet :( @dojasgrande @AxeIphim @TicketmasterCS Still haven't got mine ffs @SafLiv Million years bro @SafLiv Lmaooo and Wank Bisakka 😂😂😂Recce James got dribbled past 3 times! 3 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣92% passing accuracy 9/11 long balls 6 ground duels won 2 Aeriel duels won 5 Interceptions 4 Tackles Quality.Thiago top quality performanceLMAOOO LOOK HOW EFFICIENT THAT WAS FUCK OFF FAThis time next week this will be the same score after a Curtis Jones Hat-trickTHE BEST STRIKER IN THE WORLDWait a second... @theweeknd
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀ @lfcnxck @JNorb14 DUBBBB @dotnathandot @lauraxlfc @BBCiPlayer @dotnathandot @lauraxlfc Right from the start please via @bbciplayer @dotnathandot @lauraxlfc You've never watched This Country??????? #Blockedprayer circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 all of xo is…
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀ @banishrk @pennslover @theweeknd They aren't available yet they are just the prices on the website man @pennslover @theweeknd No worries 😊, hope you get the seats you want 🙌🏻 @AxeIphim @theweeknd Still undecided between Birmingham and London! Don't know which one yet 😂 @pennslover @theweeknd These are prices for Birmingham, that's all I've got sorry :( : 24 hrs left to preorder After Hours for special presale access to the tour
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀ @theweeknd Already done dad! Can't wait to see you in October 🙌🏻🔥 @theweeknd WE ARE READY days until #AfterHours
@ahmedIfc Slates Keita, Wijnaldum and Matip and guess what they all have in common.... Oh wait @LynchStandard Not clicking your shitty article Controversy = Money Dirty tactics from all you lot tonightIan Doyle - "My Man if the Match goes to our captain Jordan Henderson, his shouting from the sides and passion real… @TheKopiteOFF Robertson or Trent @SeventySixRole @bernardooooV3 On a roll tonight la @shuuuuuuuushh @chielinilookout @LFC @trentaa98 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @LFC @trentaa98 Shag me, I'm pregnant @LukeLFC95 @MaddockMirror Get a loan then mate @Nicols30 @MaddockMirror Like your nan in her driving test @aiIierdroit Shocking man @ewan_tc It's a disgrace man @MarkLally11 @debunkatheism @DanBevan14 @MaddockMirror Poor passing???????? Highest percent of completed passes palAll these journalists can fuck off, if it was Milner it would be called a professional performance la @Nathazette And 90% of your following is based on showing your arse.
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀ @SeventySixRole @Nathazette @DxnLFC_ Another one!!!!! Oh I can't handle thisLast 3 games Andy Robertson has been outstanding! My LB @LFC @premierleague 12 POINTS!!!!!!!!!FOUR FUCKING WINSOh dear we are conceding
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀We just don't lose in the Premier LeagueGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLL!! SALAH!!!!
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀ @BlazingSolace Open your eyes palOrigi on for Firmino please AS A ST NOT A WINGERPlease work Reverse psychologyFirmino should be banned from playing Home gamesIf I was Keita I'd leave in the summer, will never be appreciated.Wyd Van Dijk????WHAT THE FUCK @SafLiv @JoeRimmer88 @IanDoyleSport Cunt comes to mind @LFCDaytrippers @SamMcGuire90 Fabinho and Keita haven't you 🛎 🔚's @akachiwosu @LFC You didn't type that yourselfWinter break has been a flop @premierleague @LFC Fabinho is back 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @TheKopiteOFF Disease🇪🇬| Mohamed Salah WOW
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀SaLaH dOesN't pEfOrM aGaInSt ThE bIg 6 @LFC @MoSalah Coming for that Golden Boot again @LFC Hard @theredman37089 @MaddockMirror Shut up“Blinding Lights” has now over 400 million streams on Spotify. This is @theweeknd's 9th song to achieve this.
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀I love the TL when the team news is good 😂😂 @SeventySixRole ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️55-0 I'm telling you now @LFC @WestHam @JamesMilner Keita FINALLY STARTS!!!!! @lemigod 😭😭😭😭 Markovic omg 😭 @lemigod Yes mate @SeventySixRole Swear on my life manBREAKING: Naby Keita starts (Sky Sports)
Retweeted by ₂₀.₀₃.₂₀Jamie Carragher just went live on Instagram and leaked the team! KEITA SIUUUUUU @lfcalexx Lmao he blocked me because I was being too harsh on Lovren last season.... @ibnushad @ftbljosh @JamesPearceLFC Thanks Ibnushad, my number 1 reliable man 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 @LFC @WestHam @StanChart ANNOUNCE Keita starting @DxnLFC_v2 Just a song my G, you're far from it @DxnLFC_v2 What about being Heartless? @SafLiv Disgusting man 😭😭 @JizzyJones_ He needs to retire now, think it's moving too fast for him to cope @JizzyJones_ 😭😭 another low offer wanker shows up #TheChase'M SCREAMING THIS WORKS @pxrtymonstxr Good luck and hope you get the seats you want 🔥❤️ @ftbljosh AND Carra on MNF @upthereds0 I don't understand either man, absolutely baffles meThis is what I want to see ❤️ @lfcfreya @lfcleahx @CallumPickett0 ????????