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@steph93065 @KristenClarkeJD I understand this is confusing for you. Obama didn’t pardon crimes he was involved in, hope that helps. @Rowzdo @Rowzdo @bboeufboeuf Poe's Law. @AnandWrites Them: "Where are you from?" Me: "Michigan?" Them: "Ok, but where are you FROM?" Me: "Just ask me why I'm brown." @timbray This is perfect.shidding myself to own the libs @JordanUhl @gaywonk fox has a strict no overtime policy @DBeekman Will there even be a recall? She might just be gone if the signatures are gathered: @MikeIsaac Mike @yashar @oliverdarcy Surprised they fired him for simply taking his work home with him @daeshikjr @MayorJenny Reading up on this, there’s first the petition. Then a recall election. Then a special elect… @Misadventures Have you seen the videos? People are already doing crazy stuff @Misadventures i think i ran around it in circles for 10 minutes at one point putting shots in it and trying to con… @Misadventures yup, that was the only tough one. for some reason i thought it was a timed "survival" encounter. i s… @Misadventures enjoyed it, story was great! i do wish there was more memorable "boss fights". @Misadventures what did you think of the game?! @magreggins qanon and pizzagate looking everywhere but the catholic church for the child sex trafficking @magreggins what in the actual fuck @thenation using "black faces in high places" to launder racist policing and brutality, good stuff. AM DEAD
Retweeted by koush @CcNieukirk @SeattlePD hmmm @disneyparksjobs @robdelaney cough on me, mickey @LLW902 kirby for sure @magreggins i've never tried that but i'll set something up, perhaps in lieu of one of our D&Ds @magreggins i need to rewatch the green mile with my fresh perspective on roles and portrayals of black people in film @magreggins @magreggins @magreggins @anastasiakeeley @kenklippenstein @christianmccrea bone appetite @MichaelRCaputo pretty gross that you're giving him that lobster, specifically @KcJackson20 @rob_kp love licking the boots for this guy @jbouie ahh, well this is welcome news! this should make his show less racist! @rustyshelf U S A, U S A"Ernesto, we're going to have to let you go. We had to choose between you and tear gas. You understand." @carmenbest Citizens can warn you about your "bad apples" for nearly a decade, at the cost of expensive lawsuits wh… @carmenbest Hey, really glad you're looking for feedback. For starters, fire Brad Richardson. He was responsible fo… @wesmclaughlin @kimberlytoday good grief. @kimberlytoday why did you block me? i'm not the one that lied to you. @kimberlytoday this is easily verifiable stuff. ya gotta ask yourself why you fell for this nonsense in the first p… @SeattlePD you coulda fired Brad Richardson in 2012, and yet, he's still free to terrorize our citizens. @kimberlytoday @wesmclaughlin counterpoint: no he didn't @SeattlePD firing the BIPOC officers because y'all couldn't keep killing black people with no accountability is on brand @SeattlePD "nice community you have there, would be a shame if something were to happen to it" @DivestSPD My theory is that we are paying criminals not to do crimes
@slightlylate I've been thinking about building a police db specifically to track individual cop's abuses. The poli… @neeratanden @JoshuaRush @EdMarkey neera, you had a question a few days ago, that you've provided the answer to. ch… @OcsaSam have you looked at your own feed? @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump so you're going after the Sacklers? @greg_doucette There's more. @webster lmao @SeattlePD His false arrests are costing the city a lot of money. You're gonna need that money after you're defunde… @SeattlePD Hey, you gonna fire Brad too? Officer Brad Richardson is the same officer from 2012 that beat black man and fabricated evidence, and responsi… @Sadenochill @spekulation The officer has a history. @spekulation Brad is confirmed the officer in 2012 that threatened to fabricate evidence, and also kicked a victim… @wesmclaughlin @cmkshama @CMLGonzalez @CMTammyMorales @CMTMosqueda @SeattlePD @bradleycfox Brad was involved in the… @wesmclaughlin @cmkshama @CMLGonzalez @CMTammyMorales @CMTMosqueda @SeattlePD @bradleycfox Officer in the 2012 inci… @wesmclaughlin @cmkshama @CMLGonzalez @CMTammyMorales @CMTMosqueda @SeattlePD @bradleycfox Is this the same Officer… @spekulation who is the officer? @spekulation hey do you happen to remember and have a link to that black man that was pepper sprayed by the right w… @Q13FOX Ah shucks @tsmith Oof again? I just stripped Facebook sdk this weekend. @Reuvencarlyle great idea, i wish our useless state legislature would actually pass progressive tax reform. hold o… @bathbodyworks @shadetreejp6 Hope you promote her! @magreggins @Lisa_Herbold @DecrimSeattle @LewisforSeattle What do you mean by 50% reduction in "remaining" SPD budget? @DecrimSeattle @LewisforSeattle @Lisa_Herbold I believe Lewis was number 6 for veto proof. @SeattlePD The spd, a famously trustworthy source! What homicide?
2020 you serious
Retweeted by koushoh come on @Kaolo442 @KathleenS17 @LakeciaFarmer @DecrimSeattle @KCEquityNow @CMDanStrauss @cmkshama @CMAndrewJLewis @CMDanStrauss @DecrimSeattle Thanks for being explicit about your support for a 50% cut.Monster Train is a rogue-like deck builder, similar to Slay the Spire, by @ShinyShoe. I'm addicted.Lockdown video game recommendations: The Last of Us 2 was fantastic. The message was a bit heavy handed, but the n… @EyalL Sure, then the implication is that the mayor doesn’t control the cops. Which is a fair point.… forgetting that current policing is not “Trump’s America”. These are democrat cities with democrat mayors.… @jon_cham Lol some leagues just let anything go
@CMDanStrauss The black community has is also demanding defunding the police by 50%. You need to commit to actual a…'s army
Retweeted by koush @LewisforSeattle Great. Also in regards to defunding and reducing scope, keep in mind that first responders can be… @LewisforSeattle Awesome. That's 10% of the budget. 40% more to work with! Defund and reallocate parking enforcemen… @AndroidDev What is adb incremental? Not finding it on the site. @gramsofgnats actually can't even remember if her position is something we voted on. probably a jenny hire now that i think about it. @gramsofgnats oof was she a stranger endorsement?Thinking about how they went from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and skipped 9 because too many programs did text searches… @NikkitaOliver
@MikeIsaac ur tweets @cenkuygur Dude got duped into manufacturing consent, poor guy @cenkuygur Getting 92 year old Chomsky to sign that letter is elder abuse @briebriejoy @EoinHiggins_ Does she think abrams is the manager of black peopleMasks are not for your protection. They limit your aerosolized particles. They’re meant to protect other people fro… @jaredpar @terrajobst @jon_cham better article. @jaredpar @terrajobst @jon_cham This is explicitly the COVID strategy. @jon_cham @jaredpar My hot take is that this gymnastics now plagues both parties. I'm voting Biden, but I'm not gon… @terrajobst @jaredpar @jon_cham Newt (and Mitch) baked it into the platform. @terrajobst @jaredpar @jon_cham hmm 20 years you say? @jaredpar @jon_cham i'm not sure what you're subtweeting jon, but i presume it is politics related. or facebook/zuck. same shit.