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Illinois State University '20 * Middle Level ELA + ELL + S.S. + Reading K-12 🇵🇱

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To my new followers, thank you for finding me through #masterychat My name is Sara Kozielec and I am currently a pr… @crmichalik08 That's near where my parents live! and I have everything color-coded @KozielecSara I was impressed with the conversations students were having as we were building it! Their rationales…
Retweeted by Sara Kozielec @MsPettyTweets I have had a professor said that she did this and ended up with rubrics that were tougher than what… have to close out on a good note haha 😂 this question on #Retakes! #masterychat
Retweeted by Sara KozielecA6 - I allow retakes! It’s about mastery... not mastery on a timeline! Did they learn it? Then ✅ #masterychat
Retweeted by Sara Kozielec @CoolioMathTeach Other than stopping the class to address a common question, I say I'm a bit of a novice #masterychat @RohsCourtney Girl me too #masterychat @miss_starkey678 I had an issue with having my co-op working with the students who needed to use a computer to type… Any lesson where I focused on direct instruct for more than 1/2 the period. Way too many of those early in my career. #masterychat
Retweeted by Sara KozielecA6: Empower Ss in the learning process! The more they are engaged in the creation of the learning, the more they wi…
Retweeted by Sara KozielecA5: Hmm making assumptions about prior knowledge is what’s led to failed lesson plans. I gave my Ss what I thought…
Retweeted by Sara Kozielec @NatajiaStampley You don't tell them and let them stay in the moment. If they're having fun/ are engaged they don't… @missnovotny23 I had students who forgot my name snap at me to get my attention in front of my professor who was th… @polonerd (as someone who still has to write full lesson plans to turn them in as a grade before and after I teach)… @monicagmehta What grade do you teach? Would this work for middle schoolers? @mheller2115 @RaeHughart @miss_starkey678 @educationISU Hi! Nice to meet you! I would love one haha @polonerd What do you do with the part of the lesson that you did get to? I've only taught a couple of days (I'm a… just taught a class + we were working on code-switching. I tried explaining how subtle it can be in the English l… @TaylorGiese5 I like having an open engagement, it doesn't have to be a bell ringer, but it brings the class togeth…, I talk through all my jumbled thoughts! A trick I got from a programer was to talk through any problem…! As an educator, what do you do to make your life easier? #masterychat
Tonight students from @illinoisstateu are hosting #masterychat! Who's ready?
Retweeted by Sara KozielecSo excited about my first #MasteryChat role of a teacher is to encourage students to reach meaning and purpose of what they are doing #tch394
We want to feed up 25000 students and give a teacher a $1000 shopping spree!!! Spread the message of…
Retweeted by Sara Kozielec @JoshuaPlank6 Thanks Josh!
I taught my first full lesson today! It was the first time I was able to plan and implement a lesson.
I knew about AT, and I never thought about how some students feel like they stand out when they use their resources…
The most valuable thing in Special Education Law video is its general rules and notable cases to education. You as…
I took a nap because I thought that class started at 5:30... and then I walked into the wrong class... love that #TCH394