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Kiana Penguin 🐧 🏳️‍⚧️ |20| #EnVtuber #VTuber Art Tag: #kianart Valorant IGL for ? 🎬 ▶️

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@Xeph0r cmon... this was banger... @480Wrap 😂NRG Valorant content is about to be on a whole new level please welcome @ethoz to the #NRGFam
Retweeted by KP 🐧 VTuber @sythiwnl LOLLLLL @Yazzers You wouldn’t get it 🤌Apartment “complex” ...really? I find it quite simple @sfX_x1 @phoFPS AoT art style always been kinda odd to me, haven’t watched it still cause of that just feels unpleasant to look at. @Yazzers every tweet is just bad man someone needs to delete twitter from this guys phone...
@DarthNSK But than you just have a single bracket - single elimination. Whenever there’s a winners and losers brack… @DarthNSK That’s the whole point of winning the upper bracket though... xD Ask any val competitors right now - if… to Remicade ✅ Developed anti bodies to Stelara ✅ Developed anti bodies to Humira ✅ The never ending pain of Crohn’s disease man 😞 @RejanteVAL @ohaaiii shaq trip patent pending by @fiveohS550 @RejanteVAL @ohaaiii ty for putting this on my feed dude this trip top 10 cypher fails watchmojo @Scrounge_ What that mean
@3Monko SOONOur project is coming together. Calling all coaches or analysts out there please let me know if you want to be apar… @Yazzers @ElevateFN oh my god Elevate he's talking about the LIVE ACTION teen titans on HBO... even worse than TT GO no way... @ElevateFN @Yazzers Yazzy legit runs it down mid on twitter idgi @RejanteVAL I call REJANTE this guy is mid ball up. I say fam i say when are you gonna be home he says 30mins im ch… @Pikaclicks What didn’t you like about it?LMFAOOOOO GRAND FINALS OF VCS AND YOU SEE THIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING? gjgj go win it @RejanteVAL lucky? ...or are you just skilled? Introducing our March #KnightsGauntlet: Pot of Gold presented by…
Retweeted by KP 🐧 VTuber @oniai_ism MHM
This turned out beautifully 😊 Can't wait to use it on stream! Super cozy vibe 💤 commission for @KP_fps !! 💖💖✨ Concept sketched / flat colored by @TanksiArt Lined/Shaded+Fin by me!
Retweeted by KP 🐧 VTuber @ARIANARCHIST 💀When Valorant isn't paying the bills but you ain't going back to Iceland just quite yet LMFAO @in0X_fps did not kno… Valorant - Primary Sentinel/Sova Willing to play any role - Can IGL/secondary call if needed - looking for a…
Retweeted by KP 🐧 VTuberIf anyone specializes in creating lower thirds and can whip me up something really quick I'd appreciate it, willing to pay small amount!
@aero3x @CasperrFPS yea they all are man, this game sucks for bans you can go cheat and be out free in 90 days they… @CasperrFPS wasn't that guy already a known stream sniper @xyGreed facebook gaming tournament what did you expect @ANDROIDX23 @NRGgg wait HUH 🔥 @ShadeJay88 wait can you video real quick what this looks like? could be insane for an edit that looks like a storybook @FRESHY_GG Clearly, he’s my highest rated character with no lineupsdoodle
Retweeted by KP 🐧 VTuber @jrush512 🤤 @q0phFPS @HitBox_VAL @ThrashhTV not down bad, you ever heard the expression work smarter not harder... id rather sp… AverageJonas discord is free bag LOL. @DerrekOW every youtube video so bad man like I just need the homework notes to pass the test @1flyuh @subihighwaters @HitBox_VAL lmfaooooo like I'd ever use 500 lineups some of these sova's blow my mind man t… @jrush512 didn't know this was a thing someone just gave me the secret sauce @xyGreed so so bad @xyGreed why do people push at 11 seconds on the killjoy ultThis offer is for any Sova mains out there - 1$ per dart lineup in my DMs or if you wanna jump in a server right n… @sznyawn ur team trolled this one so hardBUZZER BEATER @1flyuh never learned this subject in science classVTUBER MODEL BEING RIGGED ✅✅✅ @dauult doesn't let me turn off the downscaling anywhere only gives me 3 options for it
@GCGAndy shadowplay I never set a bitrate, OBS is at 10k @chloe_hime7 @MythixOfficial but how do I fix datAny OBS genius's out there I'd highly appreciate some help: On the left is a screenshot of a match from an Streaml… @lilflaveyflav I love how the jett kinda stops shooting at the end she's just staring in awe 💀*sip* @TeamBasiliskGG I am super busy at the moment with real stories so can you save us both some time and stop with…
Retweeted by KP 🐧 VTuber @lnloca LOLex d @ElevateFN @paranoidVAL @DREAMLANDval i should make everyone tweet "@ KP best IGL ive played with i hope they pick me up"if you want to be apart of a team that garners supporters and isn't just another toss up, this is for you. if you w… know its late at night but I'm seeing a lot of people make their LFT posts right now... I believe we are going t… @RejanteVAL enemy Omen back site: *I feel a sense of u n e a s e*Guys I've been playing Earthbound in my spare time and just got to the final boss...? @RejanteVAL ??? I will do anything to make it stop @YouTube @StateFarm please no more Daniel deal @dazzLeGO @GMANVAL @TeamBasiliskGG christ... @d1msumboi ? how do u think i get places @wippiecs @GhostGaming GL mr. wipp :DMAKE SURE TO TWEET THAT YOU ENJOYED THE TRYOUT : ) @ppugstar @TeamBasiliskGG #ad @Rickabonkers made sure not to pull into directly where I live just had no idea what to do
@WheatiesJN nah I made sure not to go into my apartments SPECIFIC parking lot just down the couldesac i just had no… @OxiWun_ yea I'm fine, just for a moment legit thought I was about to get deleted from the server IRLScariest shit ever happened to me someone going 25+ in a parking lot almost scraped my car so I honked at them and… @Scrounge_ Look at you EVOLVING 🙌 @EnumVoid :0 !!! You’re design is pretty 🔥 if I do say so myself ;) @GoldenTatsu Ofc you did.... @GoldenTatsu What were you doing at subway huh.... @chloe_hime7 oh my god I'm so glad I never get thoseThis was a banger...
@ethoz the trumpets at the end go so hard man. god you're so hot... @Upmind_ mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. mythra. my… @robwiztv this is a dark thought @_Lotuss I think the ad is actually working... maybe I need a surprisingly great rate... @_Lotuss What do you suggest I do on my mobile cellular device @scoob_fps It’s a cry for YouTube to give me a different ad besides JAKE AND DANIEL TALKING NEXT TO THE BEE HIVESOnly YouTube AD in existence I swear I hear this Daniel kid mention his sweet deal 100 times a workout while at the…[MUSIC PLAYING - “INSTRUMENTAL STATE FARM THEME”] Not gonna lie Jake from State Farm, that Daniel deal got me some… gone R.I.P. the Dreamland 75% winrate second round. Guess I’m gonna have to learn how to call pistols now 😪 @kiky0w0 HELLO FELLOW PENGO 🤝☺️ @OskeeGee @JakeSucky @NRGgg @bstategames how stupid do you have to be to go into a public twitch chat while being a… KP STREAM GOING LIVE Playing ranked, trying new sens and crosshair and unbound crouch cause watching back my… @Augus_Bael @Vitaminechan heheh, tysm! :D @Son1cVal @Parapa_kun MHM! they killed it :3Might work on a new project while I assess some options 🤔 Any Valorant F/A's who think they can pop off or become… @LouVALORANT @SyntheticOrg big LOU fanJust wanted to say Ari is one of the most improved players I've gotten to play with since the start of the game. Ta…
Friendly reminder that I’m LFT ASAP to get to work with 🤠 - Most notable teams: Oxygen Supremacy, Elevate, DREAMLA…
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