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Keiron P MB @KP_LFC Burnley, England

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@piersmorgan You're a fucking bully and you use this platform more othen than not to abuse people. Using DMs of the…
Wonderful news. Hopefully be gone soon. 🤞 @RossDunkz @piersmorgan Using private messages from somebody who just killed herself in such a way tries to imply J… @piersmorgan Christ, you really are a shameless cunt. @DevilsOfUnited The difference is 37 points and a champions league medal. @piersmorgan You're such a fucking bell end. Get help you obsessed fucking bully boy. Disgusting this.
@kiammcfc @FranLFC88 @ChelseaYannick Replied telling me to dry my eyes and then blocked me. Champions of the world… @ChelseaYannick 4 English clubs in the finals of European competions less than a year ago suggests otherwise. @kiammcfc @FranLFC88 @ChelseaYannick 22 points behind and no European trophies. Not sure you have a seat near the t… @MuteDialog @mrjamesob @SoozUK Report from Tory Lord Ashcroft 🤣 wonder what it says 🙄
Reminder that Raheem voted for an injured Harry Kane for POTY instead of voting for Van Dijk because he thought it…
Retweeted by Keiron P MB @___LottieRose Well done and good luck. I'm stuck in a similar position at the minute, it's awful and absolutely dr… story about the young boy Quaden being bullied is absolutely the saddest thing I've seen in years. Imagine the… @I_am_DC_1 @CHendricks20 @Rohandinho_ That's bollocks, salah had a shot on target but it was blocked.
@djwskyblu @ManCity
@ElGolazoDeGol @Atleti These Spaniards just never learn. 🤡 @CreativeCork4_ It literally says "anti-football" in the post you shared. @liamgallagher Always the victims. They must have evidence, simple as that. Don't cheat... Don't get punished. Rule…
@MailSport "vows" 🙄
#alwaysthevictims @calum1878 @Meatntata 👍 @KTHopkins Aww poor Hatie. You do realise all of this is your own doing? Consider all the damaging abuse people hav… @jpcurtis8484 @FutbolBible Fucking hell Jim, there's stupid and then there's this post. Idiot. @calum1878 @Meatntata Waheyyyy I bet supporting Burnley is actually more fun than your lot. Must be awful looking a…
@calum1878 @Meatntata "Bandwagon jumping inbred" hahahaha Ive seen my club win league titles before lad, jumped on… @brfootball "all-time" isn't just Premier League ffs @Meatntata @calum1878 Aye no bitterness at all in your words 🤣🤣🤣 weapons the pair of you. @Meatntata @calum1878 Haha some desperate stuff this. Can almost taste those Salty, bitter tears from here. Doesn't… @Meatntata @calum1878 Clutching at straws here lad 😂😂😂 Rules are rules. You broke them again. Cheats @Meatntata @calum1878 Hahahaha yeah, tainted title, when it's been the most accurate ever, you keep telling yoursel… PLEASE HELP. I am trying to find someone we swapped tickets with prior to the @LFC v @NFFC Cup Semi final disa…
Retweeted by Keiron P MB @Meatntata @calum1878 Yes, no sanctions. Correct, as that is a part of the rules. If you're gonna cry about us, at… @calum1878 @Meatntata We didn't poach any players. Stop making things up. You lot have spent more money than us in… should just block the likes of @danwootton @TheSun @DailyMailUK @piersmorgan and all other hate peddling… @RossDunkz @piersmorgan Oh of course, but the trial wasn't over and it was all being denied. We will never know the… @calum1878 @Meatntata Hahahahaha state of this. You've no doubt breached FFP already over the last two seasons and… down @TheSun newspaper.
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@piersmorgan This suicide came from the exact type of thing you've been doing to Meghan. You're a nasty, spineless,… Mane and Alisson Becker bouncing into the Liverpool dressing room like....
Retweeted by Keiron P MB @danwootton You work for The Sun you utter cunt. An absolute vile rag that no doubt heavily contributed to this awf… @marshmellowowls You're chatting absolute shit over something you know very little about. Pipe down you weird bastard. @marshmellowowls Yep, confirmed. Another thick lad from Sheffield. @marshmellowowls Should have been what? Another thick lad from Sheffield 🙄 @Daniel_Swfc @sujmss @francmcfc @GaryLineker Not intentionally, because that would be murder. PS it was a wall coll… @Daniel_Swfc @sujmss @francmcfc @GaryLineker You do know the difference right? I'm guessing you know absolutely not… @colstott8 @gmc156 @SamLee Why are you making things up Colin? We didn't get a ban from Europe at all. Still crying? @sujmss @francmcfc @GaryLineker The fuck are you on about James? Nobody accused Duckenfield of murder, nor is there… @Daniel_Swfc @sujmss @francmcfc @GaryLineker So not murder then... @ForForic @gmc156 @SamLee When was the last time a club did it without cheating? 😂
@FetteCity @gmc156 @SamLee That's an individual person working for UEFA taking gifts, not UEFA itself. 🙄 @francmcfc @GaryLineker Literally not one person charged with Murder... Try again, once you've dried your eyes. @yourme4sheezy @SamLee I'm fairly confident we will win it again next season... 😂 @yourme4sheezy @SamLee How has VAR helped us at all? By getting more decisions right? 🤔 @yourme4sheezy @SamLee Bit extreme that. You've never been near City have you? You best find a new club to support… @yourme4sheezy @SamLee You're absolutely clueless aren't you. You broke the rules. This money isnt Manchester City… @MiguelDelaney That's an absolute disgrace if they go for such a pathetic punishment. This season is over for them… @yourme4sheezy @SamLee Breaking rules. Financial doping, allowing you to buy players you simply cannot afford to bu… @yourme4sheezy @SamLee What exactly are these clubs afraid of? You've never even got to a final after all of this cheating ffs 😂 @kngstonesy @SamLee It also means no top class players will want anything to do with you. 😂 @gmc156 @SamLee What's filthy, is cheating and pulling money into a small club via sponsors, to make them look succ…
@_louisemch_ @swainslake @laurasnapes Yes, so start at the right end of the industry first, then the festivals will… @UncleScarBitch @TheNotoriousMMA Did Conor allow you to stop sucking him off to post that? Get back to work, cup hi… @_louisemch_ @swainslake @laurasnapes It clearly did as I mentioned air time. Good discussion though, clearly you have little to add. @swainslake @_louisemch_ @laurasnapes That did occur to me, so maybe vent your issues at the source... Radio, recor… @dunkerley21 @StuBrennanMEN Score a lot more points though don't we Karl. When do they present you with the "Most… @StuBrennanMEN And Stuart, since the Pogba transfer, the market exploded (partly down to new TV money), average pla… @StuBrennanMEN Turn it in Stuart. There's absolutely no comparison between the two.
@_louisemch_ @laurasnapes Pretty much the case though Louise, take a look at radio play lists and tell me how many… @laurasnapes @Truman_Black @mattdudley01 People go to festivals for music and to be entertained. If you start booki… of this. Line ups for any festivals should be based solely on talent and merit, not gender. I couldn't give a… @UncleScarBitch @TheNotoriousMMA Why don't you just suck him off while you're at it? @TheNotoriousMMA hahahahahahahahahahahahaha the absolute state of you, sleeping with crack heads like that.
Trying to work out the logic of the @YodelOnline delivery service... Been within 200m of my house twice and now gon… @david_conn South Yorkshire Police, in being totally inept shocker. Absolutely disgusting. If it wasnt for smartph… @atrupar He so fucking stupid, only stupid people could vote for him...
I hear you! A few of you have been asking, so I’ve had a word with the folk upstairs and I’ve ended up with a pair…
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@ChelseaDE9 @MK_TRUCE @YoungsTeflon He walks in to the Chelsea side. @ste2383 @empireofthekop Don't tut tut me, it's these knobs making sensationalist headlines and lying to us all for… @ste2383 @empireofthekop No, the headline covers it all thanks. 😂 @empireofthekop You sure about that Bernardo? Easiest cup runs known to man and most of the sides going to the Etih… @JamieJayTweets @SpillerOfTea @mrjamesob @DouglasKMurray Not bothered that he's gay Jamie, think you missed the point/joke. @ChelseaDE9 @MK_TRUCE @YoungsTeflon Yeah, look at all those players that have excelled in an England shirt over the years 👀 @michaelaismail Great photo Michaela, here's my daughters edit... (it might have been me) 😂 before the arrival of Storm Ciara. Taken at Porthcawl. #StormCiara
Retweeted by Keiron P MBSharapova's reaction to The S*n is priceless.
Retweeted by Keiron P MBFeels like an international break this. 😴 @ChelseaDE9 @MK_TRUCE @YoungsTeflon He just "fits in", to the best team in the world, as opposed to England who hav… @Carl_M79 What's the crack with all these small time rap/grime gobshites talking about football? Why are they given… @KY_MIDM Jordan Henderson would make better music than you and he's a footballer. 🤣 @MK_TRUCE @YoungsTeflon 100 X more ability, yet his team are 22 points behind and keep losing. Also, they play a di…
@jacqui1515 @SpillerOfTea @mrjamesob OK, but when I grow up, I won't care less about people less fortunate than mys…
@SkySportsPL Up the record breaking Reds. @SpillerOfTea @mrjamesob That's all fine and dandy. I was far more shocked when he came out as a Tory.
@JackGarratt - Time... what a wonderful track. One of those that gets you on the first play. Best song I've heard in a while.
@Kokothecat2 @LFC Well? Where's my hate that you reported me to my club for and are attempting to get me banned. Su… @Kokothecat2 🤣🤣🤣 Answers to what? @Kokothecat2 So clear and obvious you can't highlight a single bit of it as hate? Good one. @Kokothecat2 @LFC Hero? You're so weird. I questioned you comparing him to Tommy Robinson, who is an absolute hate… @Kokothecat2 @LFC Where's the hate? Are you a bot and a really bad one at that? @Kokothecat2 @LFC Didn't ask. Can you point out the hate in my tweet though, as requested?