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This song was the very first thing I played in a public performance. I was 10 and it was for a Bharatanatyam show a… 4 - A quick violin and guitar version of Subramania Bharati's "Chinanchiru Kiliye" @TheVikramMohan yepWake us up when Corona ends @surekhapillai Kiki’s Delivery ServiceLast in the set. I need to go do the dishes :'( #QuarantineArt #Lockdownart
Retweeted by Krish Ashok @TNSathish87 Today! @bigfatphoenix Just the relentless focus on appearing to do stuff without actually doing useful stuff for a specifi… @sreeharshabg Will check it out! @KitchenChemProf 😂 @Meetasengupta Hehe, it’s one of those honeycomb type non-stick pans, which the company claims increases the life o… was bored.
Retweeted by Krish Ashok @kris_rs Aah unfortunately without alcohol it will just be a cloyingly sweet dessert. It’s the sarakku that brings it together
@punvati 😊 @shrinivassg Congratulations! @vanish_forever @flute_vjkannan @sushraju thank you! @snehnath 😊 @vijeescijo Just started. First time I'm reading him. No opinion yet @sank_alp 😊🍷 @MalaSivaprasad Entirely optional. Just add more rum 😁And finally, serve it with vanilla ice cream. Some people believe wrongly that all the alcohol burns off in the coo… alcohol will deglaze the pan and result in a lovely thick sauce, into which you sprinkle a bit of cardamom powd… the rum, and this is entirely optional, add any creamy liqueur you might have. The original recipe calls for… You probably do not possess precise enough pan-shaking skills to set the alcohol on fire without setting you, yo… should not try the flambe at home for 2 reasons. 1. You are likely using a non-stick pan because who wants to… to our dish, this setting the alcohol on fire trick is called a Flambe, and is the kind of stunt that helps re… had 2 advantages. It made the bad whisky tolerable, and, in a closed room, made even teetotalers inhale ethanol… small aside - a typical Indian boys hostel trick to consuming cheap (and horrible tasting) whisky is to pour it i… asked you to lower the flame because, in restaurants, they don’t. They pour in the alcohol, give the pan a slight… then we get to the fun part. Lower the flame, and get a bottle of Old Monk (or whatever rum you have) and pour… we move on, watch this clip on loop to the background music of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing S… this point, add sliced bananas and let the sugars on the surface of the banana caramelise. Not for too long beca… do you know when it's caramelized? Don’t worry, you’ll smell it. Sugar is odourless, while caramelised sugar is… the butter has melted, add brown sugar. How much, you ask? Don’t ask, just keep adding till it forms a thick s… you are health conscious, please skip the rest of this thread because the words in this thread will personally s… now you gaze into the pan and ask yourself this question on a Friday night. Is it enough butter? The answer is…’s simple. You take about a quarter slab of Amul butter in a pan. Salted is better because a tiny amount of salt… dish born in New Orleans, because it’s only fair that the dessert equivalent of the most joyful sin was invented… 3 - It’s Friday, and since most of us aren’t headed to a restaurant to eat, drink and make merry, here’s someth… @KitchenChemProf @sigmastarstate Wow, impressive! Very few people manage to grow this indoors at all! @KitchenChemProf Yep. Gingelly. A fun aside, the fact that Sumerian and Akkadian call sesame “Ellu/Ilu”, which is… @iamdatemike @MumbaiCentral @vinaykesari @sigmastarstate @KitchenChemProf (that gentleman is my father in law, who is an expert terrace gardener) @sigmastarstate @KitchenChemProf Yep. I remember reading that in situations when you don’t have it, a combination o… @KitchenChemProf True. Flavoured oil is a trick Indian cooks could really learn from Chinese cooking. I keep a “Che… @KitchenChemProf Yep. Ajwain is also quite a strong flavour that cuts through a dish, unlike cumin or mustard which… a good idea for TN Govt to restrict timings of grocery, vegetable shops, petrol pumps etc. In fact they should…
Retweeted by Krish Ashok @KitchenChemProf I keep a panch phoran mix of equal parts nigella, fenugreek, fennel, mustard and cumin (and someti… @fauxfleur @samirkapoor1971 5 kittens, and they all live in my house only 😊 @DimpledJalebi @srini091 Wow. Sorry it’s not possible to write a parody that can outdo that paragraph @krazyfrog Chairman Meow“I think you need to replace your shocks, pass me the wrench...” @atlasdanced @sopranoxs @shrinivassg 😂😂😂 @himsini That is skill 0 - the ability to appear busy @himsini Corporate world la adikkadi appadiellam sonna mostly bench la thaan veppaaynga.DED DED DED 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Krish AshokWear a helmet. #MandaBadhram
Retweeted by Krish Ashok @enthahotness @npueu Appadiellam sonna how will he holdengraber your attention? @KitchenChemProf Yep. Super strong flavour, like ajwain. A tiny pinch goes a long wayIsolation has made me finally get back to singing. Still getting back to it properly, but here it is! Thanks…
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@vinorv2 Will post! @surekhapillai 😊 @KitchenChemProf hehe thank you! @kris_rs No. Flute is by @flute_vjkannan !The other brilliant thing about Kannan Vandhu is that you can take every layer in the original song other than the… to the repeating descending bassline in Henry Purcell's Dido's Lament and you'll see what I meanJust take the chord structure and bass line for the main verse. It's a descending bassline while the melody ascends… beauty of the original's lush and rich arrangement featuring a brass section and an orchestra in addition to dr…'s the kind of song that reminds one of Michelangelo's quote about seeing the form in the marble slab and all he… 2 - A minimalist flute & piano-based adaptation of one of my all-time favourite Ilayaraja tracks - Kannan Vandh… @RajaSen Sorry for your loss man. @MarzapRussell @benacur 😊🙏🏼 @raghuveer_v Thank you :) @TheInkSpear will do! @anumccartney Sujatha uses very simple language, and tends to use common english words where necessary, but if Suja… reading @Vaishnavioffl Hello, all things fine? Did you manage to get back? @sumants @Jays_tweets Oh yes @preeti_please 😊🙏🏼 @The_Karthik Hehe yes @enthahotness @Jays_tweets Yes. The standing way is, on the long run, a superior way to play more kinds of music, including Carnatic
Fantastic stuff! @npueu Every single frame is a painting in that film. Only "Spirited Away" is better @sanobarsultana Thappu illa. Avanunga ippo ellam romba onnum memorable-aa illa @quantum0fcosmos As in, you will literally change fingering to start from a different note based on what key the song is in. @quantum0fcosmos Yep. Quite common for beginner violinists to stick to one tuning, because you are not likely to be… if you are a student violinist, learning Indian classical music, go to YouTube and parallelly teach yourself to… @kaufmanic 😊🙏🏼 @HydNomad Thank you! @tusharja thank you! @WoosterBeans The Nucleus Lite orchestral library - software instruments played on the keyboard one by oneIn closing, "aNOraNIyana mahatO mahImana apramEyana ADisidaLa yashOde" -Smaller than an atom, yet immeasurable, &… if this was professionally produced, a studio generally has high quality sound interfaces & wiring to reduce el… @swathrav 😊 @sank_alp Yep!If you were doing this in the US, you'd cut 60 Hz, 120 Hz and so on. For the absolute layman, what's happening is t… @sowmyarao_ Yes