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Krish Ashok @krishashok Chennai, India

Techie (, Musician (, Blogger, Columnist, Food science enthusiast & Airport dweller

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@KoustuvDasgupta @ainvvy That’s Vijay A Saraswat no? Is it the same person? @npueu I try and watch mostly women standups on YouTube, and their algorithm is another culprit, forever auto-recom… @npueu What’s worse is how male audiences treat female comics. I’ve seen so many superbly funny women comics who ge… @ainvvy Unable to find him on google scholar @t_d_h_nair Classic example of the Hegelian dialectic. 1. Create the problem in the first place 2. Make it seem b… @free_thinker And that's fantastic, but not very common. As I said, if you are targeting a specific audience, then… @free_thinker No clickbait, no digital media business model (at scale) @beastoftraal pirathaana munthiri chocchu sarakku apiyaan @redditindia And when it gets even worse, we have the #Ravanafacepalm @vikram74 Absolutely @sidin 😂 @sidin Even more refreshing is how they've largely turned into pre-91 Congress @gauravsabnis @ajit_bhaskar Powder and/or paste. @grondmaster @sandygrains That’s just a substitution of personnel no? Not an actual change of the ritual itself @grondmaster @sandygrains Arya samaj wedding has both kanyadaan and mangalsutra. I’d be surprised if they agreed to change it on request @NameFieldmt Singapore Shoppee @NameFieldmt That’s why “theory”. Rarely works in action. Plus we know how pre-1991 India worked, so we know it doe… @NameFieldmt The “theory” is that you will buy the Johnnie Walker from TASMAC and pay hefty taxes to the state on i… @Maila_Kameez Yep! @east_zephyr Yeah! @paisatish Ah @sanjaytomsharma Hehe @ThePunjew Truly! @nadircazi She’s amazing @Nilzrav Hehe! @shrinivassg In 1992 😒 @b_dhivya Absolutely @prats_39 Yes! @bhalomanush True. A common problem here. Very little proper long form content @Neelavanam Truly @TheVikramMohan Seriously @anna_isaac The one bird whose public wholesale hunting with machine guns I endorse wholeheartedlyWaheeda Rahman is now a wildlife photographer in her 80s and her photos are astonishingly stunning"A goat does not require a beard, nor an Indian state a governor." - C N Annadurai
Retweeted by Krish Ashok @skinnylatte Wow! @KitchenChemProf Best eaten with @AlanLevinovitz At least in India, flags, “proud X” and MBA
@prempanicker @sidin Haha welcome welcome. @Maqboolism @sidin True. @sidin Damn I liked those Egyptian onions. Perfect for salads etc. @yesdeekay @NameFieldmt Udta punjabla yerkanave meth corn malai pannuvaangaley @sunda_m And aside from that, the “harm” part - agree to disagree. These guys are absolute poison. @sunda_m I think you are being presumptuous about who the “alternative” is. It isn’t who you think or wish it is 😁 @ancientknwldg @zeusisdead No idea. Not an expert. @NameFieldmt Roads are narrower than in the larger, flatter states, and state buses tend to drive like Sandra Bullo… always, be deeply suspicious about any political powers claiming to be guardians and protectors of tradition. Th… AP Ashwin Kumar’s fantastic insight that when fanatic nationalism co-opts or takes over traditional religious ic… @anantha @vinayaravind @sowmyarao_ @shrinivassg When time is near, prescriptions go far away @PadmajaJoshi Are these examples of violence by the police under “investigation” as well? If they aren’t & you aren… @probablytrippy @sidin 😁 @sidin And yet they have a problem with conversion 🤔 @DDSez @R_G_14 @Biryani_ @yehlog If people had the time and energy to fact check, there’d be no fascists in the first place
@prempanicker I’ve made these images to respond to these fellows everytime they perform invertebrate gymnastics to… @npueu Aah, been a while since I played games seriously. The video game expert is @krishraghav (and @krishkarthik) @prempanicker When these chaps say “taken out of context” the subtitles read “I actually said something stupid & I… @sanobarsultana Again, I don’t know if this already true, but making ID verification and logging mandatory might ma… @VidyaKrishnan @sanobarsultana Agree. Just making some form of ID verification & logging mandatory for retail sale… @sanobarsultana It is a very common raw material for many many industries. You can’t ban it in the same way you can… @NameFieldmt Right now malayalath fellows are putting heavy duty pilli soonyams on dear leader & his minions on all fronts @anonymoussum1 @NameFieldmt Physicist no? @NameFieldmt And by the bye, edhaavadhu bommai vaangi oosi kutthi voodoo saabam pottengala? @manuscrypts I’ve been to this store in London! @b50 @veenavenugopal Lol a right wing government that tolerates dissent is a contradiction in terms @b50 Not just him. The entire party. My guess is Washington Post coverage that has taken potshots at dear leader’s… @NameFieldmt 😂 no famous chemists with J first name also @NameFieldmt Hard luck @KitchenChemProf yeah! that's a great idea @enthahotness @KitchenChemProf @i_r_squared @complicateur adhuvum saridhaan @KitchenChemProf Hehe @complicateur @i_r_squared Hmm, still not entirely sure if he's an all hat and no cattle PR front end, or a microma… is an amazing print ad @i_r_squared @complicateur and I don't think @complicateur was underestimating his skills. Just calling it what it… @i_r_squared @complicateur I presume you are talking about Rolex quality version of this product? @complicateur When one is in campaign mode 365x24x7, only panjumittai is manufactured, not meen curry. @complicateur pirathaana munthiri mike kedacha summa eduthuvudura yochanaa @Doubledecacorn To be fair, this message has been around for 70 years now, and has never been about violence agains… @gauravsabnis In general I also prefer dry snacks from India (and Japan & SE Asia, especially the shrimp and pork o… @KitchenChemProf 😂 and we blame people for falling for fake political news @Doubledecacorn That caste divisions were an Aryan import. Whether by invasion or slow assimilation and cultural di… @gauravsabnis Hmm. In that case, I’m not really sure. Perhaps a specific craving for the kind of dry snacks available in India @gauravsabnis My guess is that the snacks you ate earlier in life are closer to comfort food and thus have stronger…
@sanhelmet @bhalomanush ✊🏼 @Biryani_ @yehlog Unfortunately, these are foundationally digital advertising companies, and advertising, at its co… @Biryani_ @yehlog Which is why I lay a good chunk of the blame on platforms like Facebook/WhatsApp/Twitter that sim… @Biryani_ @yehlog It doesn't matter. A good percentage of the people who were exposed to the "it's a paid protest"… @Janaki_Sr @bhalomanush But yes, if someone lacks the empathy to think about the utter horror of forcing someone fr… @Janaki_Sr @bhalomanush It's not like our neighbouring countries have open borders with Biriyani stalls greeting pr… @bhalomanush I've actually come to realize that a liberal version of sealioning works pretty effectively. Just keep… @TheVikramMohan They both mean slightly different things. Poduvom is literally a physical fight, seivom is more of…ये आंदोलन बिकाऊ होता तो भाजपा इसे कब की ख़रीद भी चुकी होती।
Retweeted by Krish Ashok @basrur -> @tcl_collective @bhalomanush @sanhelmet Exactly. As I was telling @Advaidism & @prempanicker @sidin That's largely outsourced, at least in India @sidin ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU DID FOR THIS GOVERNMENT AND NOT WHAT THIS GOVERNMENT DID FOR YOU. @kris_rs Yes!Sanda Seivom (We shall fight) by Arivu is a fantastic track for these times @bhalomanush @sanhelmet Given that information warfare with fake news + social media amplification seems to be the…