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My name is Krish. Tamil. Writer, speaker, crier - available for hire. Co-founder of @RuckusRetreat (#RuckusRetreat) ✨(London, UK)

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Damn 100 followers away from 2k, gotta start properly making use of portrait mode and posting hot trans selfies to… @stillicides Man I love potatoes smONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!… @CadburyUK - Roses box! Okay, not *technically* festive, but also it’s just somehow festive so don’t @ me. My…
Retweeted by krish.The @CadburyUK - Roses box! Okay, not *technically* festive, but also it’s just somehow festive so don’t @ me. My… @_maozebong EYYYYYYYYY bud im so chuffed for you!! Damn!!!! Congrats!
@Miridoesntweet My pal 😭😭😭 @BekkiRichardson SAME @sam_sicilipadi 🥰🥰🥰 @carasadhbh Love u mum @SianySianySiany As someone who gets their dog an advent calendar every year, fully on board with this. @SianySianySiany 100%, see McDonalds putting a Jerk Chicken burger on their festive menu... @SianySianySiany I love this 😭 @lauraewaddell @GreggsOfficial Ohhh good shout, I’ll add it to the list!I heard you had a Christmas tree that needed lifting, and I’m here to help 😏💪🏾🎄 @SianySianySiany Tbh I think few places do actually relevant festive flavours, but it’s on the festive menu so I gave it a go ahah!The @GreggsOfficial’s - Festive Bake! We all knew it was going to be banging & it held up. Delightful pastry, fit… @genderqueef SON @frottagecore Love u @emmatranter_ Ahh thanks pal!! @MazHedgehog 👅👅👅 @sweatervestgay Thank u pal!! @MaameBlueWrites 😍😍 @stillicides I’ll check with my spouse first, gimme a sec!!! @emeramchugh Ehehehehe is it....William Bowery?...
The theme of today’s movies was apparently ‘green men’ because we’ve watched The Grinch, Shrek and now MY PICK, the… I forgot how utterly fantastic Christine Baranski’s horniness for The Grinch is, she is fully like, Grinchy Bab…✨ Pure grey hoody vibez and nothing else today ✨ @paulaakpan Alternative titles, ‘the most toxic of seasons’ ‘why have you written decent side characters & a terrib… @duloxequeen YEAH BUDDY🎵 it's the most wonderful time of the year
Retweeted by krish. @kat__rodgers 😭😭😭😭here's @krishithink providing a vital public service, even more so in these trying times when christmas cheer is th…
Retweeted by krish. @paulaakpan Watched it last night, and uhhhhhhh, I enjoyed how the title of the movie was a complete fuckin red herring
Boy Parts has gone to its Shiny 2nd Print Run (pictured below) so to celebrate — i’m giving away x2 Shiny First Pri…
Retweeted by krish. @buzz_fightyear YEAH it’s amazing already!!Christine Baranski said ‘Oh Scrooge? I make him look like Santy Claus bitches’ 💀 know everyone is talking about Happiest Season, but I’m actually watching Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square…
@alicemjslater You're gonna have to show me around my new ends next summer! (woo, next summer! next summer! next summer!) @SharmaDee27 Oh my god Deepika 😭 What a lovely Friday surprise, I miss you IN my dads so coat much!What you won’t realise unless you live with me is that my beverage consumption is normally just strong black coffee… @alexjrassic Oooo, I might have to research! @charlvickers literally same, absolute messes @charlvickers honestly same, this would be the dream, like a beer flight, but tiny little hot drinks, that incident… @charlvickers would say (sneak peak) that if you don't mind prets coffee, their salted caramel latte was decent! bu… @charlvickers So, they do a mint hot chocolate and a hazelnut one which i'm keen to try, & think would be better in… Caffè Nero - Salted Caramel Latte! A perfect blend of smooth strong coffee, evenly distributed syrup, and fest… @alicemjslater 😭😭 @catsandbread Ahhh NICE
@catsandbread Ohhhh where did you get this? Those puris look decent! @Donnan_S A month! Utterly outrageous, that wouldn't cover anything, not food or bills or basic household bits - an… sorry for the profanities! It's one of those days eh!I say 'part-time' but when it's one of your parents it's not really 'part-time' is it? It's a full time drain, it's… @katmsinclair I love our rights, our rights to yeet ourselves into the fucking abyssI'm constantly exhausted, I've been in full lockdown isolation since March just trying to keep my parents alive, th…'s carers rights day today! Ahahaha! For those of you unaware, I'm a part-time unpaid carer, and this has been t… @katmsinclair Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool etc etc⭐️Young, Gifted & In #Comms ⭐️ Catch The Uprising panel w/ @tobiruth @ItsHoda @krishithink @ChelseaEVKing
Retweeted by krish. @itsjacksonbbz Banging tune to be fair
Not me seeing an Insta story, getting a flashback of horrible trauma and then instantly going back onto Instagram because of muscle memory!!Taylor Swift : We gather stones, never knowing what they'll mean Me looking at my desk filled with hundreds of peb… @CostaCoffee After Eight Hot Chocolate! Honestly, if you like After Eights? Get this. It takes like liquified… wasn't expecting my first born to be a white boy, and yet, here we are. Everyone, meet my son... @NickyJWatkinson Krish Jnr!!! @NickyJWatkinson MY BOY @theneliad ME???????? Extra?????????????? @alicemjslater I love to pub and to make pubs! (You’re so kind pal!!) @sirensandbells I have yes!!! So good!
@ElleHahano Another lesbian I shall loveThinking about Nadiya Hussain 😭 @ElleHahano Curiouser and curiouserRight, best out of the three won! That’s that! See you next year lads!‘Whirly whirlys’ Ma’am please you’re 80 years old!!!Tag yourself, I’m stodgy custard.I think I’d do a apple crumble flavoured custard with like, almost brûléed puff pastry? 👅I am incredibly excited to see what strange combos these lads try to innovate custard with...It’s the final! Let’s go lads! #GBBO *look, we all know I’m not happy with the lineup, but I feel like I still ha… @NickyJWatkinson @theneliad @emilylinka YES GOOD!! Nicky convinced me to download it and I’m utterly obsessed with it now 😍 @missalicebmbds omg ICONS, that sounds so so so amazing 😭 @missalicebmbds are you actually planning a big shed party? omg that's amazing
@darthjuno Looool innit @Madeleine_NS The 2005 film :) @sirensandbells Same!! @renikamayo Honestly I’m utterly overjoyed to be watching someone experience it for the first time, it’s my all time fave musical!15 months in and I’m introducing my partner to the masterpiece that is RENT the 2005 musical drama, strap in, it’s gonna be a WILD RIDE! @winemum2019 The Morley’s by my house in east Ldn does? But that might just be north of the river looool
@Kristian_Foged Happy birthday to an absolute legend, I hope you got that watch for a present 😅It’s Lucy’s birthday today so we surprised her and turned the living room into a PUB, with actual kegs, with person…
How is it #RuckusWrites Day 3 already?? God it makes me smile to get on these calls and see everyone. Hope you all…
Retweeted by krish. @princecolin 👀👀 damn right, I’m glad you like my uhhhhh, tartan suit that I’m currently wearing!! @BekkiRichardson YEAH LAD, LOOK AT YOU!!!I LIKE IT, ANOTHER 😭 Catch me weeping into my 3rd coffee of the day at the existence of #RuckusWrites memes, this… @sneakyPG Omg @sam_sicilipadi This is why I don’t approve of your taste in potential partners ffs @littlehux Unfortunate!! I normally like their coffee! I think they might've just messed up on their syrup concepti… Salted Caramel Latte & The Toffee Latte! If you like bitter disappointment & a lack of follow through, get th… @jo_hauge YES, an iconic choice!! @sam_sicilipadi PERFECT, a perfect angel!! @DeMistryMan DEV, utterly obsessed!! @furcoat INTERESTING 👀