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Author, mom of 4, licensed therapist, skilled catastrophizer. | Rage Against the Minivan available now. #blacklivesmatter

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@Heffomite @WhitStillman @GrahamB47 Ha. That's fair. @YNB @GavinNewsom Have dems come to a consensus on who to put down for number two if the worst happens? @GrahamB47 Whit Stillman. In the 90's it all felt so indie intellectual and witty. But it doesn't hold up. Watching…
@Chookooloonks I mean are we really sure or are they just being sensitive? @PMPSco @gsanroman2 I don't think it shows up in the testing, no. And none of the questionnaires we've filled out h… @Chookooloonks Wow this is such interesting and eye-opening news I have never heard of this and would never have g… @JeremiahJRice OMG! How did you find out?When you open up the attic of the home you have owned for 20 years and find 2 bathrooms in your house have exhaust… @gsanroman2 Do you know who is collecting this data, though? We had an exposure and our family has taken multiple t… want to mask up and visit Greg Locke on August 15?😷 Here’s the address… 2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd Mt Juliet…
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@iproposethis @Mom101 It's like feeding a toddler. You have to hide the veggies in something they will eat.If you were sharing resources with a vaccine-hesitant friend/family member in the Fox News Brainwash Camp, where wo… @4lisaguerrero @CNN "It's a freedom thing. That's why I'm not allowing people to wear masks." A toddler could see t… Coronavirus is a virus COVID-19 is a disease Vaccines fight diseases Vaccines won’t prevent viruses from going…
Retweeted by Kristen Howerton @haleykhorton There are obviously some great people there, but man. This last year was rough. @haleykhorton Are they, though? @esthercrawford Love it!! @mochamomma Dude, me too. Is it some weird lunar phase? Or I don't know maybe the fear of our impending demise due… @ElizOverman OMG for sure
getting nuked by the Russians / the "war in space"/ liberals / my bangs going flat / the rapture you're unwilling to get vaccinated, you need to stay home so you aren't a health threat to the society you live in. Pretty simple, folks.
Retweeted by Kristen Howerton @tmvee14 @inminivanhell It’s actually devastating @inminivanhell And that they are all reading from typed pages that look curiously similar and sound like they were… @Guy_Lia 1. It involved not just campers, but a crowded community church service combined with the campers Sunday m… @otiosebellicose @inminivanhell I'm sure they caravaned over together. Probably stopped at Basilico's on their way. @inminivanhell Why are they starting with public comments in a meeting that is supposed to be an expert panel? They… @inminivanhell I anticipate this to be a real shit-show
@AmandaMoJo I cannot lead, am too triggered, but sign me upIt's been over 24 hours since @BaysideChurch learned of active COVID cases in the 600+ service held at @VanguardU S… @loswhit Matt Walsh just cannot keep his toxic masculine insecurity under wraps. He's obsessed with the idea of peo… first black woman to serve on Huntington Beach's city council just replaced dudebro and conservative troll Tito… need to show support for Irene & Carrie, owners of Huntington Harbor Boat Rentals. They are a gay couple from So…
Retweeted by Kristen HowertonI love my @ThistleCo meals, but last week I emailed that the delivery guy wasn't taking my old bags. Guess he was b… @three_senne I did not see the actual documents but people I personally know tested positive today. @ExileOC @BaysideChurch LOL Florida is definitely a bigger thing to worry about. But since this one was local, it's… @JenHatmaker This reminds me of the tiktok account where the guys make up awkward dance competition entrance walks… @pamelasm @BaysideChurch And after this weekend as these kids go back out into the community it will be even worse . . .Sincerely hope you guys have contacted every single kid in that room since some unvaccinated adults exposed them al… Pastor Johnston, do you want to talk about how this event created a COVID outbreak because a number of the lead… Now do teachers. @iproposethis I hope this person is not a gun owner.
Ethnic Studies expert and CSUN professor Theresa Montaño is withdrawing from her participation in the OC Board of E…
Retweeted by Kristen Howerton @LEBassett I don't think people are sharing these to gloat or dunk. I think they are sharing these stories in the s… @tressiemcphd As a white mother to black sons . . . @laurelember @Tam_n_Fam @City_of_Irvine I am sorry I gave you the impression that I wanted to be spammed with consp… this week's episode of @selfie_podcast we talked about long-term couples sleeping in seperate beds. Is it healt… @laurelember @Tam_n_Fam @City_of_Irvine According to doctors Richard Terrell's reaction was the first of it's kind.…
@HaleyCarrots OMG. It is sooo good. I didn't know if I would love it as a musical but it's such a great show. And a perfect first show. @oureric I really, really want to see Choir Boy live someday. (I'm looking at you @SouthCoastRep.) @tesupermom 2017-2021? @HaleyCarrots So fun! Which one? @Tam_n_Fam @City_of_Irvine You don't have to get the vaccine. You just can't dine there if you don't. It's not mandatory. @City_of_Irvine Good for you for prioritizing safety! @PeggyPissed @inminivanhell @marcymassura Or, as the kids say these days, a pro-vax thot?
@schmutzie Soooo many 90's/2k movies are so cringey to watch now! @schmutzie I just listened to it yesterday and it made me want to watch it again . . . @schmutzie Did you just listen to Luke on Dax's podcast too?The Target checker asking me if I found everything I was looking for is a HIPAA violationTelling me to stand for the next worship song is a HIPAA violationIt is PTSD that it makes you tearful to see the wife of a president acting like a normal, decent human being. Jill Biden cheered on Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday and the American swimmers returned the gesture…
Retweeted by Kristen Howerton @afrobella The casual dress and also just the effortlessness. Like, volume down and they could just be chit-chattin… @ProfeLuke @TylerHuckabee I can't take a shit in public. I have to wear shoes to eat in a restaurant. Body autonomy… @NickLaparra If they don't want to be vaccinated they have the freedom to choose a job where they aren't a health risk to children.
@lueoven1 @bdonedone @ochealth Here is another article that states "The vaccine still provides very high levels of… @lueoven1 @bdonedone @ochealth I think you're confusing "preventing infection" with preventing hospitalization, whi…
@swcreates @inminivanhell But Wordpress does not really allow for community engagement and is a platform most don't… @bdonedone @ochealth Agreed. Please consider this. The data would really help motivate the vaccine-resistant to see… @swcreates @inminivanhell I don't disagree. But not sure what the best platform would be. @veronica_gpz Definitely not the same person, but now I am very curious to know who you are referring to… @iproposethis @murphy324 Yep. I also did a lot of LDS stuff as a kid. I would’ve missed out on some really fun expe… @murphy324 @iproposethis In both cases, they were invited by someone else, and really wanted to go. It is a difficu… @inminivanhell We definitely need to rally and mobilize. I made the Facebook group, but let me know what else we can do. @otiosebellicose So sadI saw this update an hour after posting this. How devastating. And it was preventable. How many more deaths until w… time this week a friend has asked for prayers for someone critically ill with Covid, who mocked getting vaccina… @wrightadam yesCase in point: I'd have three campers at Christian camp this week, but one Howerton kid decided to stay home after… girls wear the clothes they bring. Spend your energy talking about respect and consent instead of modesty. Norm… know it's sexist and rooted in patriarchy and it makes them not trust you before they've even arrived at your… of my kids are headed to two different church camps this week and youth pastors: this modesty policing for girl…
Horror movies for normal people: zombies, serial killers, entities that cause mass suicide, demon possession, haunt… French president said “I no longer have any intention of sacrificing my life, time, my freedom, and the adolesc…
Out of curiosity: 1. How many states have you lived in 2. How many countries have you lived in 3. How many homes ha… you to those asking to help. Here's info for my nephew, a police officer who just lost his youngest to SIDS.… you to those asking to help. Here's info for my nephew, a police officer who just lost his youngest to SIDS.… @oh_amanda @jonathanzila Sorry - here it is: @jpmarth Working on a page but here's his venmo in the meatime: Drivers_Rivers44"I'd like to thank my low-wage workers for living with financial insecurity so I can spend billions on space cowboy… @WendiAarons "Things are getting back to normal" thoughts in April were adorable.Advice for the best fundraising site to use for medical bills? A family member just lost a baby. They are a young c…
@iproposethis Living in a place where boob jobs are very common - I think it's almost expected that you will have t… couple weeks in she offhandedly mentioned that her mom forced her to get permanent makeup on her eyebrows because… very first therapy client, fresh outta school, was a schizophrenic young woman who believed aliens were talking…
First timer seeing live theater in over a year! We’ve missed you so, @southcoastrep! (You too @thecrystallewis) As…
In 1993 one of the guys in our high school show choir left to be in a boy band. Almost 20 years later and teenagers… @MsKrys7777 @pressenterprise Let that pendulum swing then. If a democrat child-abuser and a democrat conspiracy the… know who I’ll bet feels REALLY disrespected?? The doctors and nurses who are having to risk their lives hooking…
Retweeted by Kristen HowertonAgain, modesty in scripture isn’t about showing skin (they wore robes basically). It’s about not showing off wealth…
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