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actress in DARLIN’ by Pollyanna McIntosh. #HorrorFam

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@AstralAudio Truth. @MattMinerXVX same here. keep the cute cat photos coming. 😃 @MattMinerXVX because we live in a society that prioritizes “me, me, me” instead of long-lasting healthy relationsh… @GareRick same here. I appreciate the blue skies and sunshine every day we get it. @Jloveshorrors I’ve blocked 56 people. @SethMRichards1 have you seen 12 Hour Shift? @coffee_sequins ooh I like that idea! might do the same. @CrippleThreat8 I hate when I tell them I’m visually impaired & they immediately bring out a wheelchair. I can wal… are your plans for Halloween? @SteveHughNelson sorry to hear this. @AmandaGeneN @anchor interesting but the intro said nothing about what you’re offering to the listener. It’s all ab… @LeahYoutuber I don’t want any! @Pander_Bear28 @therealjoebob @kinky_horror haven’t received a shipping email about mine yet but yesterday I did sh… @LuckyMcKee From what I’ve heard, we’re in phase 3.2. Bars are re-opened, churches can allow 50% capacity, outdoor… @MattMinerXVX ah. ok. @MattMinerXVX let her sleepYou’re always one decision away from a totally different life #MondayMotivation @BlindPress I have no issue with her calling pets her children, but yeah 24 hours living alone and seeing her have… @AussieGuy wow!!! that’s amazing. best of luck, Oz. @70shorrorkid thanks.
@jennferatu do it @epdarkstar @vmenendezb I’ll rewrite it: hard to believe in God when your entire immediate family is deceased by the time you’re 33. @epdarkstar @vmenendezb Oops I just realized I accidentally deleted one of my tweets @LuckyMcKee Never been on a date but having a first one be at somebody’s home is creepy, just sayin’. I’ve watched… @MissLusyd yeah but there’s legit stories anywhere and everywhere else online. Why string someone along on a dating site? @MissLusyd heck no. haven’t these people heard of FB groups or Reddit? @MissLusyd Well... if they were just scrolling without posting questions, I’d give them credit for doing “research”… @LuckyMcKee I’m guessing Gatorade and mac n cheese. @cinepocalypse doing the Lord’s work. haha!thanks for sharing. Glad you could make it to the livestream. @playanything23 @salemhorrorfest I know a family who traveled to France around the time of terrorist attacks years… @Owen_Egerton that’s terrifying!!! @astroemma it had been showing here in the United States for awhile but a lot of people (including myself) aren’t g… @vmenendezb oh wow. looks like there are a lot of storytime videos on youtube where people discuss their experiences. @DiannaWith2Ns start looking some cafes up now. see if they have websites so you can look at the menu. @vmenendezb that’s horrible. 😢 @salemhorrorfest not surprised. There are stupid people everywhere... oh wait, excuse me: “people who live their li… @MattMinerXVX our brains do the weirdest things. I’ve woken up in a panic before, thinking I was out of town and m… @AussieGuy I used to like it as a teenagerI love it. @MissLusyd nope. not a fan of her or Amy Adams. They’re so “Disney.”. I can’t get past it. @MissLusyd I am not an Anne Hathaway fan so I probably wouldn’t like it @BrewtalBattle @StephenKing Misery @MissLusyd You’ll have to let me know how it is although in all honesty you couldn’t pay me to watch it. The origin… @vmenendezb 😂
@FromPage2Screen @itss_g_ @jtkarim2126 that’s awesome Stuart. I need to catch up on some of your episodes. 😃 @itss_g_ a podcast would be great. maybe @jtkarim2126 could co-host.Halloween decor livestream on my channel tomorrow. 1 P.M. Central time. @badtechno Do ambidextrous people get VIP entry into Hell? If so, I’ll be at the front of the line.
Retweeted by Kristina Arntz 🎬👻🎃 @craiglayton07 @kinky_horror @therealjoebob @Shudder aw that’s so sweet. @CharlesSubVet @badtechno hahaha! @RareWithFlair great episode. listened to it on my lunch break earlier this week. @badtechno Do ambidextrous people get VIP entry into Hell? If so, I’ll be at the front of the line. @coffee_sequins @therealjoebob @frightrags @kinky_horror got mine also @coffee_sequins @salemhorrorfest @encyclophobia yeah. it’s always after the fact I’m like “shit. why didn’t I think… @MissLusyd OR maybe they’ll be totally cool with it and say they love cats. @ForrestBennet16 @salemhorrorfest @encyclophobia yes. he’s great. Always a fun conversationalist. @DesautelsJason @salemhorrorfest @encyclophobia That’s a related topic. A friend of mine always tells me he wants John to make Serial Mom 2.had a lovely chat with John Waters. This was my 6th time talking with him and he always remembers me. Thank you… VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. V…
Retweeted by Kristina Arntz 🎬👻🎃 @FeralCherylZ I shouldn’t drink coffee either but it’s addictive, plus all the peer pressure. @LuckyMcKee ordered the Blu Ray from Target. @MattMinerXVX I knew it!!!! I had that intuitive feeling. @kate_adair congrats! @GareRick I’m not into them either. Did you find anything cool to watch? @craiglayton07 I’m so happy for you. @craiglayton07 Congratulations!!!!! @Flairforthegold oh.... so it IS a legit site. ok thanks @70shorrorkid @HorrorFanRyan thanks for the suggestion Ryan @BrainReed @therealjoebob @frightrags @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree no thanks @SpookySarahSays dang! sorry to hear that. @BrainReed @therealjoebob @frightrags @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree you’re luckyI was scrolling through the JBB Facebook group & found out I missed out on a Halloween Joe Bob figure. oh well, wh… @Icedhope sorry to hear this. Hope you feel well enough to join everyone later. @MattMinerXVX best of luck @CharlesSubVet @frightrags @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree thanks Charles. I appreciate it
@SethMRichards1 @frightrags @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree thank you Seth. @LuckyMcKee haha. wow!!!#TheLastDriveIn merch from @frightrags arrived. I’m doing a Halloween decor livestream on my channel this Sunday,… @Pander_Bear28 that’s amazing!!!!! 😃😂 @MattMinerXVX sounds good. @MissLusyd @tiktok_us thanks! @MissLusyd @tiktok_us ah! cool. thank you. might give it a shot. @MattMinerXVX get there super early. @MissLusyd @tiktok_us Tik Tok is on my phone but I haven’t tried making a video yet. Kinda afraid to since I can barely see the screen. @JillSixx so cool.those look awesome! @TheStylistFilm @FrightFest congrats! @emilykranking @QueensTheatre congrats @rottengerm77 I’m not an astrology follower but someone told me Mercury is in Retrograde thru Nov 3rd and it’s caus… @LuckyMcKee understandable. Sounds like he needs to send more. 😃 @LuckyMcKee Thanks. Some might say it’s excessive but I like having options. What’s your favorite coffee? @LuckyMcKee thanks. I’ll have to try it. Here’s an overview of my current tea/coffee stash. @LuckyMcKee Thanks for the pic. I’m pretty sure the one I had was the blueberry green tea. I’ll add the hibiscus one to my list. @vmenendezb 😢I went overboard buying Halloween decor but life is short. @Adam_Pearson I can’t see it that well but whatever it is, yes! @vmenendezb @Napi4m I’ve scrolled thru news posts on FB and Twitter... and for anyone looking to write a character… @EliseSalomon @JoeBiden thank gosh he asked about the tax returns. @MaryLTrump his voice hasn’t recovered 100% from the virus.