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Debut author of YA historical mystery THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS (Viking, 5/12/2020). #PitchWars mentor. Late to the bi party. Rep: @LitAgentMarini. She/her.

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Blueberry Muffin Patriot. Defender of the blueberries, champion of the muffins.🎶Birds do it Bats do it Even 14th century rats do it DON'T DO IT Don't spread a plague🎶
Retweeted by Kristin Lambert Pre-order THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS @LadyHawkins My husband, who is Peak Alabama, says his mama has made it before. Now my mandarin-orange-loving child is insisting we make it. @LadyHawkins How is it possible I’ve never heard of this cake?!I have a whole box of old T-shirts I’ve been saving for some unknown future project, so now I’m cutting them into a… kids are watching the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special, which I highly recommend if you want to inject a bi… @Almost_Anna Same question about the hair. 😍 @Michelle4Laughs @AuthorRTP @sl_penner Yep, I tried to continue working on our home renovation, but just kept havin… @recitrachel I would! @sam_aye_ahm Letters From Skye by Jessica Brockmole! @AuthorRTP @Michelle4Laughs @sl_penner This is exactly how my recent illness went, too. I have not been tested, jus… to be safe we should probably cancel april fools' day forever
Retweeted by Kristin Lambert Pre-order THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS @ethiedee Mine are also 7 and 9, so I know exactly what you mean.So if you are outside publishing and seeing a lot of talk about book piracy but aren't sure why (aka my mother), it…
Retweeted by Kristin Lambert Pre-order THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS @JennyMarieH Not as shitty as yours apparently!As the mother of a red-headed Alabama girl, I’m so happy this baby and her dog were found. 😭 @thekylesmile @charlotteapaige Ha this is what I was gonna say. Vodka + just about anything = janky cocktail that’s…
@CassNwrites I’m so sorry, Cassandra! Every disaster seems so huge on top of all the other disasters. @ilenegold Me, yesterday. @PaulaGleeson I have to admit I am the happiest I’ve been in days right now 😂Meanwhile, I’m doing faux ballet in the basement to “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. Yes, I broke the cork in my bott… kids are having a water war at a safe social distance with the little girl next door, and God it feels good to s…
@gigigriffis 😍😍😍 thank you!!! @CiaraNicG Wow!!!! Congrats!!! @thechloegong Also, with slang terms, I tell myself they are often used casually long before they make it into print officially. @gwenckatz Hell yeah you did. @charlotteapaige My score is only 16, but that’s because I’m picky and when I go to a Homecoming potluck, I end up… @thechloegong I still used it in mine. I decided I did not care. 😁 @Andrea_Contos @SoniaHartl1 And also can’t spell barely. @Andrea_Contos @SoniaHartl1 I barley know what year it is anymore. @recitrachel Know anything from Hairspray? @norawritesbooks Such a lovely piece. I’m so happy you found the help you needed, and I can’t wait to read THE EDGE OF ANYTHING! @Claribel_Ortega Me either, but I also haven’t braved the liquor store yet, so I would have to drink diet Mt. Dew like the monster I am. @ShannonDoleski I can never remember which side is my ugly side. I only discover it later when I was in a group pho… @KarenMusings Karen!!!!!!!!! This is like the holy grail!
Silly author shenanigans! I love it!, if you want to know what kind of fan Uncle Mike was, he was super upset they didn’t include Tom Bombadil. (I… mental state is bursting into tears telling my kids the plot of Lord of the Rings because my uncle was obsessed… @AshVanOtterloo It’s very wholesome. There’s a flying bed. And an escaped hippo thing they have to lure with food o… @AshVanOtterloo Ha probably not. It was an animated TV pilot that didn’t get picked up as a series, but some stuffe… @AshVanOtterloo Question: Have you ever seen the Fluppy Dogs movie? @marawrites My weekly goal also involves baking and eating cookies. @Claribel_Ortega I’ve decided to give up on Discovery of Witches, too. Might give the show a try, though. At least… @alexhwrites 💖💖💖💖 so excited for you!!!
@metuiteme (I mean your plan sounds good because it’s scheduled and you don’t have to “remember” it — it’s already budgeted it!) @metuiteme Working from home while the kids are home has always stressed me out, too. I’m glad you’ve found a way t… @yaddathree Totally agree with this!dear diary remembered to put on pants for an important call but forgot shirt it turns out pants are the ones you…
Retweeted by Kristin Lambert Pre-order THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS @CiaraNicG @LGBTQReads Not only pleasantly but also audaciously!!! Congrats!!!! 🍾🎉🎊 @anne436 Ugh no way. @RB_Lemberg SO munchyGreta Gerwig directing a biopic starring Denzel Washington and Natalie Portman. 😬 I don’t know about this, but if D… @ShannonDoleski I love your hustle and creativity! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! @ShannonDoleski Ha if I was a MG author, I’d be SO IN. @metuiteme Our rescue dog Hazel wants to be with me all the time. After a few months, she’s finally got to where sh…
@AshVanOtterloo Yes, my kid got so excited about the packet of worksheets and goodies her teacher dropped by the ho… Penguin books as Mary Berry 😂 @Class2K20Books Thank you!! @KarenMusings Good luck!! @atrueblood5 I’ve read waaaaay too much about the 1918 flu for my own comfort. Researched it for a book that never quite came together.Thank you so much @thechloegong for making me the lovely gif!!Want to escape into a historical romp where queer teens team up to solve a mystery in 1929 New Orleans? Pre-order T… @UtahMomsLife @kierstenwhite My younger kid managed to break her arm falling off a 6-inch-high step stool when she… @rmbodenheimer 😫😫😫😫"A lot of people stop learning in life and that's their tragedy."- Terrence McNally, one of the most brilliant and…
Retweeted by Kristin Lambert Pre-order THE BOY IN THE RED DRESSI’m so excited about this book!!! @Almost_Anna @s_elizabeth1983 I had very similar hair for my 1998 prom. 😂 @mlynchbooks Same here with our small business.There are two entrants so far 😅💙You have a very good chance of winning a $15 indie bookstore certificate, and there…
Retweeted by Kristin Lambert Pre-order THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS @MiaSiegert 🥰🥰🥰 @kitrosewater So happy your book is officially in the world! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!And my new quarantine hairstyle, courtesy of my 9yo. @MiaSiegert 😭😭😭 this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!Describe your quarantine using only pictures from your camera roll. @jennylhowe I LOVE this! @michelleimason @ncwhm This made me happier than anything has in days.Love this article!! @yesitshanna @gaildvillanueva @RinChupeco @Remy_Lai I’m so sorry. @KarenMusings You too. 🥰 @WriterJuneHur This sounds amazing! @TheAdamSass Yessssss me too. @AlyssInWnderlnd Extremely into this.🖤✨Indie Bookstore Giftcard Giveaway!✨🖤 Let's create a win/win/win here!: Drawing for a $15 gift cert. from…
Retweeted by Kristin Lambert Pre-order THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS @TheAdamSass 😭😭😭
Nick Saban says stay inside, so maybe people will listen now. @kurtsmorton Ha that computes. @perpetualpages I’m so excited about reading that one!!Today my self care is Janis Joplin.Thank you! @Claribel_Ortega I’m listening to it while painting my basement. I’m surprised by how little is happening, and how… @atrueblood5 Oooh! @TheAdamSass The real truth.Am I Sick, or am I Just Lightheaded Because All I’ve Had Today is Six Cups of Coffee and a Nervous Breakdown: The Home Game
Retweeted by Kristin Lambert Pre-order THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS @joshwhowrites @jennyelder Exactly. I can talk myself out of it for it a while, but then ... time passes ... I’m st… @kitrosewater It was such a missed opportunity. I want a remake! @jennyelder I have no self discipline whatsoever.My first read was THE SOUND OF STARS by @alechiawrites! It’s got a sci-fi alien invasion, an adorable road trip rom…’m now avoiding Goodreads for my own self-preservation, so I’m starting a thread of my quarantine 2020 reads here… @kitrosewater If we wanted Whip It to be queer 😭😭😭 @ShannonDoleski I didn’t know that either!