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@Runspired @Strava Oh no, nervous for them after the Garmin incident. @wongmjane Internet time. I’m all for a thousand beats a day. Kidding of course. @digitarald Been converting the garage into a larger space for them to do school in. Really gotta hurry and finish… @digitarald Hah! Our power gets cut off about an hour a month (typically during the middle of the day). This should… @MylesBorins Oregano, cumin, and rosemary gin.Continuing to make progress on the school. Today, these were installed to help provide power when we’re disconnec…
@ken_wheeler Wait. So much launching soon.
@robwormald @holtbt @CoolAssPuppy It's gonna be hard to leave this part of California. The only big downside for me here is the restaurants. @holtbt @CoolAssPuppy We're staying put, where we live is a magical amazing city but not technically Bay Area (stil… @yoavweiss @Una 2020 is a dark year if perf is the good part. Also, you did awesome work this year Una! @SilverJaw82 @burgessdryan @FrontEndHH @_developit Always happy to chat if helpful! @justinfagnani @BenLesh @slightlylate Am excited for this and want to spend more time investigating.
@nomadtechie @ag_dubs and @torch2424! @digitarald @FirefoxDevTools Happy to assist if I can, you're gonna end up somewhere great I know it. @digitarald @FirefoxDevTools Oh this makes me so sad. Hope to see you doing something you love soon. @RReverser @slightlylate Total tangent: Do you think DWARF should replace sourcemaps for JavaScript based output too? @slightlylate @RReverser wrote a nice article about this: I personally don't use sourcemap… @slightlylate Number two seems like something that should be improved generally. I'm not convinced there is a large… @slightlylate As long as there is equivalent access to the DOM, I can't see why this is a bad thing for web develop… @slightlylate Absolutely. Totally agree. @BenLesh @slightlylate cc @_developit who had a pretty nice concept for how this could work. @slightlylate Not to be harsh, but roughly the same number of times I've been pleasantly surprised by platform feat… @slightlylate It will be interesting to watch, perhaps we'll be pleasantly surprised. I remain optimistic, and wan… @HenriHelvetica @nomadtechie That'd be so much fun! Can't wait. @slightlylate see a lot more of this kind of web development in the next few years. @erikkroes Twitter. @nomadtechie I’m gonna go with European Kris is in better shape than American Kris. @nomadtechie Hah! Not pictured, shirt on the waistband at this stop. Lululemon makes these great shorts that can ca… recently been outdoor running with a mask due to the recent increases in COVID-19 cases near my house. Please…
Want to learn about the latest trends on web performance? Check out our brand new episode with @kristoferbaxter and…
Retweeted by Kristofer BaxterSometimes solving 90% of a problem is more than enough.We don't deserve @mathias, this is yet another fantastic tool worth your time. @natehunzaker @ladyleet Aww, thanks! I’ll keep posting em. @ken_wheeler Do it! They are pretty great if you have a place to keep and maintain them. @ladyleet Hi there! I’m up at 5 most days, but asleep at 10. I wouldn’t call myself successful. @rob_dodson The pop of color here is quite nice too. Nice photo!
Tip for folks building small retaining walls. Borrow your kids chalk to mark rebar/nail positions. @burgessdryan They recognize me at two of the closest locations. Really need to slow down on these projects! @nomadtechie Absolutely. Happy to share the plans. @nomadtechie This weekend its a retaining wall and small toolshed. Freeing up the remaining space for the school.… of many trips to Home Depot today. @HenriHelvetica It’s great! Perfect for days when I’ve already done a significant amount of exercise and don’t beli… @iansu Condolences for your family’s loss.
Left myself a note by the door last night. was fun to record. Hopefully it’s a good listen!
@IAmTrySound Was hoping others were seeing it, there's nothing on the Github status page about it. Might be a sign to call it a day.Anyone else getting errors from Github when trying to upload images? @adamdbradley Amazing! Looks great. @nomadtechie @JSPartyFM @changelog Awesome! Can’t wait to give it a listen.
@sauloveronesi Sorry to hear. Here's a link to a cute puppy "chasing" its tail. @benadam11 @addyosmani @jaffathecake I think that would be great! cc @hdjirdeh, @DasSurma, and @philwalton.If you're looking for ways to do it, please reach out! I'd love to see the web use ES2017+ by default everywhere.As a personal note: I've been advocating for this change for what feels like forever. Seeing it happen makes me incredibly happy.So excited to see people shipping code closer to their source with modern JS output. Doesn't matter to me much if…
Think perhaps now that more CPU architectures are clearly going big little on desktop machines there might be a res… @vincentriemer I tried unfollowing and you were still at 10K. So, you're at least 10001!
@wongmjane A native web platform level feature for this kind of animation would just be stellar. Interoperable for… @lencioni Great tips! I’ll mark this for my next leave. @wongmjane Nice! Hopefully someone will mention here how they got it working so we can all try it out. @wongmjane Did you know there is a Skia implementation as well? Really wish this would just become part of the web… @bitandbang I’m hoping to start playing again soon. Am quite terrible at it, but the combat loop is so good.
@slightlylate Many of them are quite well done. I'm gonna give up after today though, a reset would be lovely.First day back from paternity leave and there are so many emails. Literally all the emails. @seldo Given how long this is projected to last, it sounds like a prudent purchase. @seldo So much yes. I bought a home bike, which helps a bit... but I miss the gym. @seldo Replacing a 3 hour commute with an hour running per day.
@MylesBorins A minute in and it’s already amazing. @MylesBorins Whoa, totally gonna try this.Should do a 40 mile ride tonight on the bike... but I’m going back to work next week so instead it’s all silly YouT…
@ladyleet You can totally do this! Happy to share what works for me if helpful. @swyx @_developit @GaryLChew @hdjirdeh Thank you for saying that. Positive signals from the wider community make…
It's time to enable modern JavaScript npm libraries. This post by @GaryLChew explains the current state and ways f…
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Make silly things.
Trying out Strava: a run in my mask since it was close to the boardwalk. @mhofman @_jayphelps Am so impressed! That’s incredible.
@kennethrohde Absolutely! Recently finished a unit here in a similar design. @kennethrohde Bulk delivery is so much smarter. I’m a bad planner, or I’d go for it. @robwormald @rob_dodson So jealous. @_jayphelps Yes, yes I am. @rob_dodson @robwormald That’s a really nice stacking job though! Super surprised it fits.Really should buy a truck. @HenriHelvetica Yep! Was supposed to be a recovery day run... but just kept going after each segment ended. Got a…
Started a recovery day run and it turned into... this series of running periods for a few miles. I’ll take it, but… @mjackson @mtrebizan @0xca0a Hey there, I’m out on paternity leave right now but would be happy to help when I return in two weeks!
@ljharb @nomadtechie Yes. So much this. @_developit PVE can be single player, but requires a connection to Bungie’s servers. @noopkat Similar here, really like posting about construction since the response is more positive and less nit-pick… @_developit Destiny 2 is what I’ve played most recently. Combat loop is quite good.Tomorrow is Sunday, and the long run remains. Am so excited to run 10-15 miles uninterrupted. @runjep Think it’s just perspective at play. Also, I need to clean the outside. @ohhoe That mask is amazing and I love it. @emarticor It’s vinyl! Super cheap per square foot and only needs to last a few years. @benadam11 @amberkearneymba Do it! I use the app, but wish I had gone for the bike.Halfway done with the garage -> school and gym combo.
@runjep Yep! It’s a good fridge and has served us well for 5 or so years. @HenriHelvetica Nice work! Looking good.COVID sanity tactic: Cleaned the fridge.
Perfect music for installing a new floor in the school. @burgessdryan Do it.