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Entrepreneur. Loud Dem. I’ll have another martini. #blacklivesmatter

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@Ray_drpogldnsun @baddestmamajama YES. IT IS AN ABOMINATION. @AlyKat_89 😊 @notcapnamerica ❤️❤️❤️Thank him for his service. And actually? You could tell us a little about him, here, and as… @sethasfishman Nightswimming
@KristyPuchko I just love this conversation so much. <3This needs to be set up in every language, every country! @RedSeaPolitics @FemmeVoilet @deannetanksley @Pitre_Punisha Your entire party is shocked that Trump lost - which he… is really, really, really beautiful. <3 love trying new bourbons. Has anyone had Yellowstone? This is a client and I’m really curious. @T_FisherKing And she’s all in. 😔 @throwthebarrel @cmclymer @letitiawright So you didn’t watch it.
Gavin did a dumb thing, but that doesn't mean the pandemic is over or that he/we shouldn't take it seriously.I just want to look every mystified "But Biden couldn't have won!" person in the eye and calmly ask them to conside… @kevlarcomedy We got an amazing French butter with our one luxurious take-out meal this year, and it was so good th… @AatmanVakil @sbstryker Whereas you...We are not managing this pandemic at all. about this is wonderful. So much to take in and appreciate! @Iknowdatsright7 @KaylaAncrum HAHAHAHA no.Great ideas here! @SFUrbanist I’d love to see it.I’m SO HERE for masked-up #Rockettes! @emilyabclark They’re so the best! And I am downright angry at “Brett Eldridge” and his mediocrity.I’m sorry to whomever I need apologize, but I only learned of Brett Eldridge during tonight’s Christmas special, an… movies hitting different this year. Sobbing my way through Almost Christmas - such a great holiday movie. 😭😭😭 @DineandDish I’m LOLing @SassyKat_13 @TheRealHoarse I obviously was part of a cappella groups. And while I love it, I get why anyone would hate all of it. @SassyKat_13 @TheRealHoarse The Pentatonix won “The Sing Off” a cappella competition show in its inaugural year. Sh… @SassyKat_13 @TheRealHoarse The 12 Days guys were an Indiana U group in the 90s who got famous-ish bc of a surfaced… @SassyKat_13 @TheRealHoarse Different a cappella group. @AnitaM86 I live in Napa Valley so hey, hi. @bodycourage The phone under the desk! The Amazon box!
@badasian @justicefergie Can you help? @TheAuthorGuy Good bite, sweet knish! @mariamhjallow This is fantastic news! Congrats and best wishes!!!!! @AkilahObviously I gave up wearing “hard” pants and I’m not sure I ever will again. @NeverNotDebbie @CoriBush @chelseaperetti Omg you’re right! @_ItsMarisWorld_ Men’s fears of women not needing them aren’t even thinly veiled! @dyllyp People who don’t get that this vid is made 300x better because of Suki is why we hate Twitter. Those who… @abgruigojeruieu @TheAnimePapi @amberellaaaa_ That’s worst-case. Which I get. But my company offers this, we track… @schmutzie WHUUUTTTT @meenaharris For us: bribery, but not just ANY bribery. We started with candy but turned out our son didn’t care. O… @mskikidee @fordey70 @Chasten I assumed she meant Nicole = Grace. But she was crazy. Crazy-sexy. But also crazy.Apropos of a bullying thread I just saw, ftr: the grade school boy who (in grade-school ways) terrorized girls at r… @earthyari_ Subtext: “I am so jealous of your life and happiness.” @syndrome22q1 Happy to support and share! And Justin, my 15yo nephew (who also lives near Boston) has Fragile-X.… love wherever you can! @syndrome22q1 Hello from the Napa Valley! #MerryXmasJustin @commiegirl1 This is good knowledge!YOU CAN’T PAY BILLS WITH OPTIMISM, GARY! Oh, this stupid Christmas movie has tons of potential. #HolidaySwitch @erimarcroft1 @Chasten Definitely the kid! And when we learned that Daniel was a sociopath I was just more convince… @fordey70 @Chasten I don’t think he was lying about Elena being obsessed with her. Elena was a little cuckoo. I thi… @TimHerrera Silicon Valley may as well have been a documentary.
@BrianMnight @jcllobet @armano @vikushavas NOPE. @heylauragao @patagucci_girl IT GETS WORSE!JFC so many people will give this person money @kathiemaryirene @msitver My two cats were Sherlock and Moriarty.God damned @etsy commercials 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@dart_spy @thewrite_one @velvetrevulva88 This guy should be on the cover of Internalized Misogyny, Rape Culture & You. @thewrite_one @velvetrevulva88 You have a lot of issues. And blaming this woman for a neighbor child’s behavior *as… @MalteseAnna @SamSeder This is repulsive. Cool, bc now I don’t ever ever have to care what you say or think about anyone, ever. @slivaudais @WendiAarons WHY DO YOU INVOKE DONALD?
@toddstarnes Absolutely. And plenty of voters REALLY REALLY REALLY HAAAAATE trump. So you have the pro-Biden and the anti-Trump activity. @_WhiteAF_ @chrissyteigen This tweet is itself judgmental and shame-inducing. THOSE are facts.Passing it onïrk I’m a small basket. @DineandDish The worker was older, knowledgeable, funny, smart. Delightful. Not the time or place to start the conv… @BradMossEsq Oh wow you’re grossI understand “Blue lives matter” is nuanced. But I also hold James Baldwin’s “We can disagree and still love each o… @8gina8 This is a way over-simplified reading of the situation.
@christinelu Those nails tho = this is a whole moodHANS! BUBBY! @NealKristi @MatthewACherry 💯💯💯💯💯I didn’t even realize that was his shirt. I... think I failed. What should I have done?Holy shit: My kids, 11 & 9, walked in on me chatting up a guy installing a kitchen appliance. My son pulled me asid… @brandinreallife @Luvvie Oh you can say it, but people will let you know when it sucks
❤️❤️❤️❤️ @drhoctor2 He absolutely thought this would make him look better somehow. Bigger? More imposing? @baddestmamajama This is precisely how I feel about our goddamned Elf. DO NOT COME FOR HOLIDAY SCHMALTZ AND INDEFENSIBLE TRADITION. DO. NOT. @jimmywee Perhaps you could have offered some sanity in exchange.Super. @MatthewACherry It destroys the BS notion that “period pieces” need all-white casts to be “accurate.” I hope Hollywood gets this. ❤️❤️❤️ @rbfinnwa @KamalaHarris @Official_tylerg That would be a travesty. It should be 12 years!In this most god-awful year of years, our Elf on the Shelf just showed up and my 9yo son was so happy he almost cri…
@AITA_reddit They both suck as communicators, but the husband has zero right to be mad. His unspoken needs not bein… @planetchris @MittRomney Role model? He’s trash. I can’t believe he’s got an ounce of integrity if he won’t denounc… @CanadaEh16 @Amy_Siskind Convince me this is wrong. @ultimategeo45 @JaceHood__ This is the only answer @MittRomney If you were half the man your dog thinks you are, you’d have done everything in your power to stop the… @mochamomma Tis the (fucking) season! Cheers!
@Amy_Siskind I think Rudy might BE covid @RicardoHarvin I know the undercurrent of dread, but not terror. Again, I’m sorry and you have every right to feel how you feel. ❤️ @RicardoHarvin Can you say more? I’m so sorry. @grace134 Sia’s entire Christmas album is fantastic and all original. @anniemal If it fits, it’s totally fine! Also Dutch ovens! @70sBaseball @ryanfagan My husband would like you to know that it’s *Dave Henderson. He is also waxing poetic about all of this. cc @ishOh, I was. Was I ever! @iamofdaniel @kaitlancollins Ok yes, but and this is also pretty great @TheBigG71 @MadoE007 @PaisleyThomson The solution, of course, is for all men to be given vasectomies until such tim… @Jestertunes @Ish It’s a convection oven so I need to recalibrate lower. I WILL MAKE THIS WORK. @NoPoints4Style It is! Have you roasted a spatchcocked bird?