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Angel @KruegerFAngel United States

Rock N Roll/Heavy Metal run thru my veins! Check out @EnuffZnuff latest single #BrokenLove #FatalDistraction off #BrainwashedGeneration @chipznuff #StrangeTime

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@Theresa42306135 I've been slacking on watching anything lately! 😂 @Theresa42306135 I haven't watched it yet! Hopefully soon I will! ❤✌ @BlahBlah_Nobody
Asking by @xyztheband @Terryilous @Rockdecades @BlahBlah_Nobody The power of 🎶 is AMAZING! ❤✌🤘I think Rob Halford said it well! ❤️
Retweeted by Angel @Tornado0fSouls9 Cheers 🍺Have you signed it yet? RT and shares appreciated! @kingofpowerpop @ChipZnuff @EnuffZnuff @Roadtorock66
Retweeted by Angel#LosAngeles West Valley peeps. My friend sloanbella’s son was killed by hit and run motorcyclist. Please help the f…
Retweeted by AngelGod is making a way for you.. Stand back and see the salvation of The Lord
Retweeted by Angel @realLizzyborden @dariolorina Happy Birthday Dario! Have a rockin birthday! ❤✌🤘A big happy birthday to one of the best people I know @dariolorina send him a bday wish.
Retweeted by Angel @TheeDocHolliday Amen bro ❤✌🤘We’ve never needed 80’s rock music more than we do in 2020☝🏼
Retweeted by Angel @Suzie1284 Love that movie! ❤✌ @MamaRox69 @BerserkerBill Charlie Rocks ❤✌
@JFKKimmel @ExtremeBand @TheeDocHolliday @Rockdecades @youknow_theMaz @MojoMoomey @BerserkerBill @clanceman65 @BerserkerBill @ExtremeBand @TheeDocHolliday @Rockdecades @youknow_theMaz @MojoMoomey @clanceman65 @JFKKimmel @Rockdecades @ExtremeBand @TheeDocHolliday @youknow_theMaz @MojoMoomey @BerserkerBill @clanceman65 @JFKKimmel 59th birthday to me, happy birthday (Love yourself for who you are) happy birthday to me. #happy59birthday
Retweeted by Angel @Tawny_Kitaen Happy Birthday Tawny! Have a awesome and wonderful day! ❤✌God bless this little guy✊️🙏 #amazing
Retweeted by AngelHappy 30th birthday to @ExtremeBand II Pornograffitti! Loved this album 30 years ago and still love it today! Thank… @BerserkerBill @Leverty This album rocks! Bill Leverty rocks! ❤✌What an incredibly cool album.@Leverty
Retweeted by AngelGood day ROCKERS and METALHEADS! Hope everyone's Friday is ROCKIN' What are we listening to tonight? May I sugge…
Retweeted by Angel#Riverfest2020 is open for action along with #socialdistancing @MonstersOfRock @QUIETRIOT @AutographBand @purerock
Retweeted by Angel @BerserkerBill Awesome album ❤✌🤘 @JFKKimmel @pajberry @hairnetradio1 @Klaus_Passegger @blackroserecept @JohnLukeNYC @IrvSmith8284 @KruegerFAngel
Retweeted by AngelNow Playing Fatal Distraction By Enuff Z'Nuff! @EnuffZnuff @ChipZnuff @alexfuckingkane @danhilldrums @cj_823
Retweeted by AngelThis year, fundraising champions @RikiRachtman and @LeaVendetta are riding over 10k miles across America with a go…
Retweeted by Angel @Rockdecades @AtomicPunk4U @TBonesPrimeCuts @miracles222 @RickTompkins @kevtagion @JoshuaLeePwllJr @RachieRach429 @AtomicPunk4U @TBonesPrimeCuts @miracles222 @RickTompkins @kevtagion @JoshuaLeePwllJr @RachieRach429 @Shaunmac5123
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✊️Badass pics of #ElvisPresley preforming at the university of Notre Dame . 1974and 1976. ⚡️ #ElvisHistory #elvis
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Retweeted by Angel✊️🙏@DrJimmyStar @pajberry @ArgoMemphis @hairnetradio1 @Klaus_Passegger @blackroserecept @JohnLukeNYC @IrvSmith8284
Retweeted by AngelOK it's time to play "Caption This!" Winner gets a follow, a shout out Rules: Write a killer caption in comments b…
Retweeted by Angel @RikkiRockett Let Me Go To The Show @RockdecadesThanks so much to Metal Hammer Italy for the great review of my new album! Get your copy today from my website and…
Retweeted by AngelFreshening up over a decade’s worth of work.
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@Rockdecades @Tawny_Kitaen Happy Birthday Tawny! Have a wonderful and awesome day! ❤✌Happy Birthday to Tawny Kitaen 🎉🎉🎉 @Tawny_Kitaen Model,actress,producer and our favorite video vixen
Retweeted by Angel @clanceman65 @MojoMoomey God is good ❤✌If it's in your power to do good- do it! Helping others heals and strengthens you!
Retweeted by AngelI know everyone is hating on Spotify right now. But i find some awesome music there.. Check out this band…
Retweeted by Angel @BerserkerBill @angelalynn37 We have a Ratt problem 😂 @tom_effinger @Tornado0fSouls9 I remember seeing TSO on the 1st tour in 1999, they played the Beacon Theater in NY.… @tom_effinger @Tornado0fSouls9 Unfortunately I didn't see them with Criss! I saw them on The Wake of Magellan and P… @tom_effinger @Tornado0fSouls9 A few times bro! @Tornado0fSouls9 @tom_effinger Amazing live band! @Tornado0fSouls9 @tom_effinger Got to hear it live once! Love it also! Zak sings it well also! @BerserkerBill Awesome album ❤✌🤘 @BerserkerBill Onto Detonator now @Tornado0fSouls9 Love this tune! Awesome album also! ❤✌ @BerserkerBill I listened to Reach for the Sky and Tell The World today! ❤✌🤘
Savatage If I Go Away
Retweeted by AngelFinishing up some really cool projects, all we be out soon! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements. #excited
Retweeted by Angel @DanielDiFabio3 @ace_frehley @clanceman65 @YouTube Good tune ❤✌With #BrainwashedGeneration in my regular rotation I decided to check out what other @EnuffZnuff albums I was missi…
Retweeted by AngelWhatever was sent as an assignment to break your heart, let it be broken off you in the name of Jesus! I declare pe…
Retweeted by Angel @ericarhodes #BrainwashedGeneration by #enuffznuff Heavenly Birthday 🎈🎉 to Robbin "King" Crosby Guitarist for RATT He would have been 61 today What are your…
Retweeted by Angel @DYNAMITEDORK It's awesome bro! ❤✌🤘
What are you listening to right now? ⚡️ #music #monday #80s
Retweeted by Angel @DYNAMITEDORK Cranking up the latest Enuff Znuff album! ❤✌ I Pray for EVERYONE WHO READS THIS! 📖 👀 Bless Them with ☝️ GOOD HEALTH, PEACE OF MIND & KINDNESS 😍 IN THEIR HEART!!! 💓 🙏 🛐
Retweeted by AngelFeeling so happy & grateful tonight and I’m currently dancing to @EnuffZnuff in my living room!
Retweeted by AngelWho else thinks @EnuffZnuff should be inducted in Illinois Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? WE DO! :) #2021Goals
Retweeted by Angel @samurai_artist @ChipZnuff @EnuffZnuff @Roadtorock66 @kingofpowerpop @ie_entertainer @GrizzlygrayolaC @MancowMuller
Retweeted by Angel @clanceman65 @rjknecht41 @80smusicmanKB @kupfgirl @tom_effinger @a_lozanoiii @ahernandez85b @BerserkerBill may forget the good you have done but God is a master record keeper!! He will reward you!
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God Bless all photo tagged + @rjknecht41 @80smusicmanKB @kupfgirl @tom_effinger @a_lozanoiii @ahernandez85b
Retweeted by AngelIt's time for some "Gutter Ballet" to kickstart this week! 🍻🎸🎹 . An awesome track from a legendary album!! And how…
Retweeted by AngelAugust 2,1986 Poison released Look What the Cat Dragged In And Cinderella released Night Songs Both are great…
Retweeted by Angel @CBSNews God Bless the local police department! ❤✌I love this 😄.
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Retweeted by AngelWhiskey Island is cancelled today. Catch us Friday at Nautical Lanes in Avon Lake.
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@tom_effinger @clanceman65 @BerserkerBill @Rockdecades @TheeDocHolliday @JFKKimmel @leonski700 @rjknecht41 fans check out this cool shirt! Did you get one yet? I know @clanceman65 got one! @BerserkerBill
Retweeted by AngelLIMITED EDITION - Venom The Butcher!!! We are all missing our concerts and, of course, our Comic Cons 😭 Here’s a li…
Retweeted by AngelLady in Disguise by Savatage
Retweeted by Angel @RichieFaulkner Savatage Ghost in the Ruins Enuff Znuff Live Kix Live Ozzy Osbourne Live & LoudSummer's Rain by Savatage
Retweeted by Angel @Rockdecades @SottileGina @ManeatGrass @RockTheseTweets @DecadesOfMUSIC1 @JeffA92234 Love it! ❤✌🤘Lzzy Hale(Halestorm) duet with Amy Lee (Evanescence) Break In.. Beautiful song.. These ladies sound amazing toge…
Retweeted by Angel @tom_effinger @MonstersOfRock @ChipZnuff @clanceman65 @leonski700 @MojoMoomey I'll crank up some Mojo Rawks, for you tonight bro! ❤✌🤘
@angelalynn37 Happy for you! ❤✌I'm the New Hit by Neon Coven #NowPlaying
Retweeted by Angel @tonyhigbee @stitchedupheart @ChrisHagerLA @RoughCutt_USA @JacksGreatWhite @theRATTpack @CharlieBonnet3
Retweeted by Angel @BerserkerBill @deesnider Can't wait to watch it bro! Dee always delivers! #ForTheLoveOfMetalLive ❤✌🤘 @BerserkerBill @deesnider I'm listening to it now! My cd shipped out yesterday! Loving it #ForTheLoveOfMetalLive ❤✌🤘Out today. It sounds killer ! Cool packaging too. Thanks @deesnider
Retweeted by Angel @tom_effinger @MonstersOfRock @ChipZnuff @clanceman65 @leonski700 Awesome Tom! You Rock brother! Thanks for the lov… @MonstersOfRock @ChipZnuff starting the weekend off with an incendiary hard rock and metal show! Killer 1 to 2 punc…
Retweeted by AngelTGIF Hooligans @gburge12 @JayMetalPlowBoy @JFKKimmel @clanceman65 @KruegerFAngel @PopoBeaulieu @zipbolang
Retweeted by AngelThe Agenda for tonight! #BoomRadio💥💣 @Littleelvis40 @CateDailyBoom @Hurricane_Stacy @RockTheseTweets @KruegerFAngel
Retweeted by Angel @MojoMoomey I ❤️ ya! Be back in some days ✊🙏
Retweeted by AngelI have only one tweet to send. I interrupt my hiatus to show you this @ChipZnuff & Mrs Chip @ahauntedswan masterwor…
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