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*WALMART HAS QUIETLY STARTED HOSTING BITCOIN ATMS: COINDESK probably nothingMonke > Human This is known. @josephdelong Find a new gameAerolineas Argentinas is such a great airline it even fails to display an error page. Great job @Aerolineas_AR son… traders are true apes, they just can't help it when it comes to leverage @tmcg89 well put @Evan_ss6 Litecoin? Try Solana, also superior for transfersIt's not just he CME open interest spiking, but also its open interest spiking relative to the open interest in oth…'s latest take on bitcoin. CME OI futures rampup (+90% in October) combined with the massive $BITO volumes tells… on Ethereum makes sense to me for extremely highly priced NFTs where fees are a small fraction of the cost. e.g. artblocks @_drawingthesun Have not had the time! Soon @bizlet7 Minting on Ethereum makes sense for extremely highly priced NFTs where fees are a small fraction of the costEvery time I mint an NFT on Ethereum and have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees can't help to think "… be talking bitcoin & crypto markets on a live video session with @DrNickA and the @financedotvote community t…
@Flazor2 "looking at potentially trading certain cryptocurrencies as part of our trend-following strategies or quan… sad side of the metaverse is literally buying your bags. PIMCO a well known *fixed income* asset manager with $2.2 trillion in assets u… ETF popcorn. Thought ticker was to be $BTFD not $BTF @RedPhoenix1337 ftx poached Brady a while back @TXWestCapital Love your feed. Don't know what service you offer. Just wanted to say the often repetead idea that p… and institutional investors are the two kinds of market participants that take crypto mainstream.Celebrities getting into crypto =/ top signal A celebrity going crazy buying $DOGE after a 5x in a week is a top s… $BITO bitcoin ETF killing it @federicomolina quite a fewThe media and some twitter accounts wanted you to panic. But Evergrande became a non-event in a matter of days. Ve… "Evergrande moment" from a month ago was a miniature coronacrash. Suddenly everyone had become a China Credit… market is finally very hot. Markets are supposed to be very hot during major breakouts like the current. This c… last night I was using Playboy as the perfect example of an old company that could rejuvenate itself by launch… are for riding not for taking profits
as one of the best traders I've ever met use to constantly say, you have to be in it to win it @AviFelman @SplitCapital @RohitAtKubera That looks great. @RohitAtKubera plans for Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbit… @gaborgurbacs good oneThis is what most institutional "smart money" looks like when getting into crypto. If you don't understand what's h… is most definitively happening. There is a trade there.When Ethereum ETFHeavy new volume coming into bitcoin thanks to the $BITO ETF. Yes, that's bullish.In contrast, in 2017 the CME futures launch saw a RED HOT bitcoin market that had just trippled in under two months…$BTC is up 20% on the ETF trade. CME OI is up ~50%, stablecoin margined OI is flat, coin margined OI increase hasn'… a sell the news event. @3antar89 etfs are very bullish even if only futures based and the market is hot but not too hot @tedtalksmacro I sincerely envy those who can trade with just one screenNFTs for charity. Here's the Tungsten Cube NFT drop. Royalties will distributed to crypto advocacy groups, initiall… @1Svt96 depends on if in it for the short or long term ... scroll down my feed
@3antar89 no @kevinlambert that man sells subscriptions, he's not a traderETFs don't have large discounts or premiums to the their net asset value, as $GBTC does. Spreads get arbed away fast. @ogoncaIo none, I went long ago, but crypto is not something you learn in a classroom @overclokers @RedPhoenix1337 @kevinlambert @Johann12316 sure, that gets arbed away @Johann12316 sell the news => majority is bearish @Johann12316 it is most def not a sell the news eventIncome inequality on the rise faster than ever. Yes, people are pissed off. Can thank corona, politicians and centr… @coryklippsten Every time I rant against maximalism I lose followers @JanWues 1-2 years, maybe much soonerOnce the market starts to believe a spot based ETF will be approved, that discount will vanish. $GBTC should outper…$GBTC is in a poverty trap. Futures based ETFs are worse products, but reduce $GBTC demand even further. The large… @04HM04 I'd say that number is around 3-5 millionStriking similarities between Crypto adoption and internet user growth of the early 1990s - Morgan Stanley @coryklippsten Thats false .... best way to grow an audience is by picking an extreme and sticking to it @RedPhoenix1337 max long since thursdayWill a bitcoin ETF approval be a sell the news event?
@LadyofCrypto1 same last season now getting to that levelThat's from "what we do in the shadows" funniest show everGot a divine robe = token enabled communities such as the Monkes or Fingerprints. Do not mean paid groups. @davidbelle_ @macrodesiac_ shill the link!What are your favorite crypto Discord servers? Open rooms or permissioned rooms, both game.Steam removing play-to-earn games, quite a significant move. @dookiedrizzle it doesnt somebody is hedging on the other sideDon't be short innovation @knlae_ DamnF*ck it, I'm sold
@Panama_TJ @crypto_iso @Herr0x @MacroCRG @Fitchinverse @___spiral____ @joshnomics @JoshMcGruff @AltsQ @vortexics82 @ZeusZissou @VentureCoinist nice ty @ZeusZissou @VentureCoinist is there a link?DEXTF is now the first oracle-less asset management protocol on Solana 🔥 is so much innovation to be implemented on this front. Emails and credit cards are for boomers. @Obstropolos thanksI'd be happy to pay a website every time I sign in and get refunded if I sign out and leave the website within X am… things turns me off more than a website asking to signup with an email address and other personal info they don…
Thanks everyone this is great @LefterisJP Reminds me of Parasite Also gets darker by the minute @LefterisJP Lovin it @insideNiMA @abbey_titcomb @ETHLisbon Nice guess I'll pass byWhat an epic weekIs Minerd deleting his account? should sit Gensler down and teach him a little lesson about how all his "protecting" costs investors money. @JSeyff your language indicated the oppositeSeems these "experts" never heard of contango bleed, which would cause a negative carry of around -10%. $GBTC is ac… to build a new trading desktop PC. Any recommendations on components? @mrjasonchoi 100% agreed @hype_eth think u are right @hodlrisk no man, setup your own burger jointI have no edge on the decision itself, all I know is max long up to the event @bizlet7 easiest money for the fast & nimbleBest case scenario from a short-term trading perspective BTC 65K by Monday ProShares ETF rejected on Monday, down… @1Svt96 u are aware btc futures already exist right? etf are 100% bullish60K going to be litHope "people familiar with the matter" are not the analysts cheerleading for the ETF on twitter @1Svt96 that's a myth