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weird wattson bug with the haute drop skin @PlayApex @yoojpls HQ HD NEW CAM NEW STREAM SHEEEEEEESH
@yoojpls NOT LATE NOT ASLEEP @yoojpls i was here i was here!! @juliamajch oo wait this dress looks so good on u dat waistu tellin me they fixed one bug but then got another anyways @oversoul happy annual celebration of ur annual womb heist day!! @sseuraegigirl this was not very exciting but at least it looks good ty 4 share @sseuraegigirl pls share when done @sseuraegigirl pls eat so many of yall ain't eating today n I'm this cat @wABUPxciLny8o2S @RawrDong @itmenopal definitely needs audio adjustments to be louder, not as loud as guns since it's a bow but louder than rn…
ok but ideal bow adjustments - nerf charge/max dmg by -10 - nerf floppy arrow dmg (also shattercaps should do more… @tiredloser I'd miss every shot like how I miss her 😞 @bambinne hated hanzo players and now I've become one 😔bow balanced btw @yoojpls pray they keep it broken for 2 more weeks 🙏 @yoojpls @scorgzi that shield regen 😍😍 @snowbirdtbh Telcoin doe @RawrDong 2022 gonna go crazy!!wonder if I'll get to meet up at all in 2021 mayb I just save up n prepare for 2022 @milkyvitamin so when r u opening up Cafe sweet @juliamajch for long legs @Sayathefox If u have a GeForce graphics card just use shadowplay If no shadowplay obs for sure @esblee2 we go wacky go crazy @sseuraegigirl Hyooj stats 👏 @tiredloser I will come to u to build my custom keeb in the future 🙏 @tiredloser she's becoming a keeber! @tiredloser This sounds gross how can I get in @tiredloser ahaha... @hy00jschl0ng I have deciphered you have said "oh it's power grid" at the start followed by much screaming and nononono @yoojpls @GreshyPoo ur so right queen the fight or flight from hearing you scream gave me a buff tyoh uh volume warningkontent kraber @scorgzi @yoojpls idk yoojin this sounds like debbie downer talk from apoorv here @scorgzi nono now u win 5 games of tft in a row
can't sleep the sound of apex bow stuck in my headwingman round 1 >>> in apex arenas @ellexar 🤓 Das me das me @GreshyPoo @ellexar 😈my season 9 aimbot going hard (clip courtesy of @ellexar) @yoojsux do you need to talk?? @Irenealing @JoJordasm ayo think u missed this @NyansuPantsu omg $200 she a RICH BIH 😳 @NyansuPantsu did u spend or did u rng god it wtf @snowbirdtbh eth rise got me putting some dollas into shitcoins me gamble
@forestwithout @snowbirdtbh dood thats like 4 squares @snowbirdtbh @forestwithout is he talkin bout the name transition @hy00jschl0ng !! Tru!! @juliamajch Thank u juli I will do my best @snowbirdtbh twitch is also my favorite just chatting website ! @karagii @KovaaKs wow thanks karagii for telling me about KOVAAKS AIM TRAINER 2.0 I will now use KOVAAKS AIM TRAINE… @jonnyjetskii I wonder what this looks like from the enemies perspective.. @juwiaspam dis a different personI forgot school giving me a responsibility was the only thing keeping me sane @esblee2 @Nokokopuffs_ oh my god the 2 taps then the huge rocket @JoJordasm @Irenealing thanks jordan! @qJorgito @JoJordasm at least jorgi is honest unlike u jordan @JoJordasm ?full version on youtube yes i recycled some clips season 8*
@divinedre11 30 + 45 = 75 @jessicahkim @plooful it is 5am can I have a redo 😔 @plooful need da lord to make this pretty in my next life 🙏🙏 @kaz_u97 @anikauwu i have now lost interest ty @anikauwu what does this mean can someone explain @sleepyruu @Selly_ow vouchy wouchy for juli wuli emotey woteys selly welly!at least wattson got one voice line
@hkittylovebot ohi @xtamago_ omg its so cute @JoJordasm @JurtleJurtle @floaromaa haha losers u don't even have a montage! I'm the real jett main!!
my Adobe licensing has expired so it seems I shall be "borrowing" it from the internet again @scorgzi @yoojpls AYO ME TOOOOOOOO sorry yoojin @snowbirdtbh @chibslol shii i'd pay that to look like this man
@Mulvana_ i wouldn't mind if there was no lock-on and if it didn't aim punch me to oblivion : | @yoojsux oh.... @yoojsux dam when r u doing my nails these clean @snowbirdtbh finally @EnApostle @yoojsux me too me too!
@itadorible @itadorible need me the vaccine since I'm always in pain 😪 @ChoboMe 🥴what is the apex games i thought u were a pro valorant player miss chobome!カイリ #ApexLegends
Retweeted by krymasuru @ChoboMe Happy annual celebratory womb heist day evaai made one
Retweeted by krymasurugetting stream sniped by rank 1 🙄🙄 @esblee2 wish my photo dumps looked this good 😔
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Retweeted by krymasuruワットソンの地上エモートでネッシー残るのでばら撒けます🦕🦕🦕 #Apex #エーペックスレジェンズ
Retweeted by krymasuruSHEEEEEEEEESH is this some @playapex arenas gameplay footage ?? #ApexLegendsPartner
Retweeted by krymasuru @RSPN_Hideouts happy annual celebration of ur escape from the womb sir apex hammer guy sirYALL ALREADY KNOW @chimitanbanzai ここ住みたい @yoojpls pls do not bully me!!
@karagii every game is winnable 🙏 @milkTswizzle no wei rn u can draw whoever u want!! @kwistenkim 7!.. I'm so sorry 🙏 @uwu_milks LMAO sorry get pranked!! @milkTswizzle New tablet new art zhongli omg? @kwistenkim omg a nguyen they're real