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@ForestWithin @ChaosRain it's on steam now too so no longer must you suffer with origin issues @hy00jschl0ng the aim still on point take more credit @yoojsux I didn't even notice until u ended stream n I read the title u cappin @hy00jschl0ng wait u blasted them gawdamn @ForestWithin damn is the multi season challenger league gamer also secretly a multi season pred in apex can't wait to be carried @ForestWithin no where near it's prime but it's the only game I'm decent at πŸ˜”a gamer moment after 10 years @DisguisedToast @scarra @jul_shii Kontent Kings @100Thieves make it happen pπŸ’―T @jessicahkim W for girls onlygirls are so pretty, so many pretty girls, i love girls
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„ @hy00jschl0ng that should b mount issue instead of arm i think unless ur mic arm is a weirdo @hy00jschl0ng but u alrdy have a mic stand @filthywhore420 send the boxes my way pls and ty @filthywhore420 cat paradise @ffairyana i found ur acc through other girls πŸ‘
@snowbirdtbh that is gross @ForestWithin ok maybe not thiswhats everyone sponsored by still lmk so i can support when i buy things @xorraks no way he's serious LMFAO jesusI do not like being alone @ffairyana and suffering @hy00jschl0ng I shared it just in case u forgot abt it u know joggin ur memory @hy00jschl0ng this version >>> @jessicahkim @LogitechG @HermanMiller this wire management clean af tho @chlopika pogchamp we using twitch lingo again @bambinne he so small too Lili is longer than him @jessicahkim um hello @bambinne he's my younger brothers n moms! but knowing the irresponsibility of my younger brother I think it's safe… loaf 2.0
high key lowkey(.)gg is garbage it didn't save shit and I will never my highlights back @ShoriKami he is a shiba inu πŸ˜ƒμ•„λ―Έ μ»΄λ°± μΆ•ν•˜μš”?!🀣 #λΉ„ν™€λ”±λ§žμ€λ‚
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„Hewwoo I am opening twitch commissions for Dec-Jan >< Only accepting comms for emotes/badges/panels for right now!…
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„Character Tales - "Zhongli: An Additional Expense" | Genshin Impact An account of some small happenings from befor…
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„ @hy00jschl0ng i will b honest just ignore the markers like they're pretty useless even if u try and learn them i w…
@uwu_milks i fear no one but my own self destruction @uwu_milks oh nooo ms. teeny tiny gonna beat me up oh nooo @uwu_milks a homie gotta call out the homies sorry not sorry πŸ˜ŒπŸ’… @uwu_milks ma'am it is not the end of the year yet @yoojpls 😒 @yoojpls I will no longer be adding right away!! @epiknub u r above average gatcha rng gamer u are very pogchamp! @CrypticNoOnee me I'm mf @oversoul hate the buggy character switching on his neck gonna k word stormterrorcan't believe I slept at normie hours but woke up degen and missed all the degen fun :// @emiru @astraliicy cat ears @TooTriicky @Ninjayla @yoojpls vouchy wouchy for yooji wooji @floaromaa what about getting good at a game @yoojpls omg I will add right away!! @SilverShaq his name is panko (bread crumb) or pankotarou as my mother calls him πŸ˜†meet new pupper
[GIVEAWAY] Thank you so much for 20,000 followers! To celebrate, I'll be giving away 3 emote commissions OR 1 chibi…
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„Zhongli thinking <3 Can't wait for his banner to drop ! ;v; #ZhongLi #Genshin_Impact
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„β€” vogue beauty ; #vmin edition
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„i found a new zip strat
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„ @keshimusic heck covid I was gonna see u n eden this year but pandemic has to hit πŸ˜” @yoojpls ma'am pls i DO need you I am just a mistakePARK SOOYOUNG @iweenieeee bys πŸ˜” @plooful @jessicahkim @TeamLiquid Pog Team Liquid Jessica Pog @hy00jschl0ng mixer power
@riahluvs tryna simp like this @scarra @Twitch @Smix this looks sick truly befitting for the carry king scarrafinishing homework minutes before class starts just to feel something @chikariTV i apologize for i have not been practicing i require 2021 @plooful @eurekaergonomic she said she got a whole ass desk gawdamnshort hair supremacy @simplywilly A or B answer willy pls choose @jessicahkim 7pm grind W @JoJordasm pickle juice is just cucumber vinegar juice and vinegar is yuckdo y'all prefer ur lemons sliced or whole @uwu_milks How do I reply to EHEHEHE @enlunalol @BoxBox @JurtleJurtle ain't even in my dms fake @uwu_milks wdym u don't even msg me I always reply to the homies @scorgzi it was all work related nothing to flex πŸ˜” @ericml08
I napped and had a dream I woke up from my nap extremely tired trying to reply to ppls messages then I actually wo… @yoojpls AND WHO SAID U CAN'T R99 @chikariTV as the cool kids say ur make up on fleek πŸ’… periodtlove looks better λ‚΄μΌπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜† μ•„λ―ΈλŠ” λ“£κ² λ„€~
Retweeted by merry krymasuru πŸŽ„road to round 69 failed, but not futile next time we will hit top 10 trios world record @JoJordasm gonna k word Jordan s2g @privbirdtbh wait what LOLeveryone doing height n fav pic but don't have a fav pic of myself lole @filthywhore420 i dont want this i NEED this @uwu_tswizzle sum ppl dont got ears man.. @snowbirdtbh @ForestWithin i misread i apologize for my criminal acts goodly handsome man @ForestWithin @snowbirdtbh can confirm both men here r too smart godly and handsome
@uwu_tswizzle thats like my friends ex who couldn't hear the difference in saying my name as "Jay-den" and "Jay-dee-ahn" @ShouyenFPS @ForestWithin i have PROOF @eggrikNA @ForestWithin hate men @ForestWithin no i literally made this so fast i forgot to delete the whole background here's my update @ForestWithin @plooful brb grinding to radiant+ @peenerpark pure souls vs horny souls @peenerpark is this sexual is this not about the cotton pads i can't tell anymore I was such an innocent soul until the twitter replies @snowtrist do we share