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@ItzSynergyGG Thats been a massive thing I've been arguing against lately. Pros and influencers need to shut the fu… @ItzSynergyGG Daily dose of positivity alright @_CeoR6 Oh ill get it one way or anotherJust a friendly reminder @_CeoR6 owes me 5k roubles. That is all. @TheAntNil Minimaps are crutches if your game has good audio. Most games with solid sound engines would benefit fro… I reach the $100 Twitch Payout limit, I will donate the amount earned through September along with the other $… since we are closing on the end of the month, here is how donations are going to work. October 1st ALL cash don…
@Cowimus Streaming @Cowimus Because it's my off day @Cowimus No @Cowimus Is free @tlspolski1 I have to figure it out myself, but if enough people want to play I will probably make a poll on here t… want to do an Among Us stream this week sometime. Who would be down to play? @Cowimus NoA massive thank you to everyone who came by the 12 hour stream tonight. Whether you stayed for a minute or an hour,…
@NattyLightning Make a song called "Hard Breach my heart" with ALOT of Big man Sexy in there
Retweeted by CLUTCH | KrysisThe 12 hour Stream-A-Ganza is live Let's see how far we can push our charity donations w… @Dontoni_Lamb @disruptive_gg I know where that reference is from @Rebakachan @dan_mattew Wtf is wrong with people dude. I think it's a cool art piece.Pc gaming is actually trash. Tarkov: Cheaters CoD: Cheaters Siege: Cheaters I paid a bunch of money to be killed b…
I have a neighbor who is retirement age and always sits outside on her porch in the evenings. When I come home I al… @hambo_dev Absolutely stunned. @hambo_dev What......the fuck.So for tomorrow's 12 hour stream I want to break it up into a few different blocks of games. Let me know what you'd rather see in the poll.I have decided to make an executive decision about tonight's stream. There won't be one. Instead we are having a 1… @TTraykJ @TheIrishPickle Love this gif @Cowimus @_Verrt @AxiomProject_ I probably won't know an exact number until the end of the month. Twitch analytics… @TheIrishPickle @TheIrishPickle Dr Pepper is Iron Man's widow. I don't think she has the ability to give you kidney stones. @TheIrishPickle Given your past medical history I would have to advise against that. I can recommend a good doctor… @TheIrishPickle @JessGOAT If he cares about their suicide rate so much, he can do what I am doing and donate his twitch earnings to… to @_Verrt and @AxiomProject_ we smashed past our late goal of $300 raised for Suicide Prevention. At the en…
Thooming Yiggity Yote @TheChowderhead "My Trax sting worse than a Box Jellyfish."I fully understand and support mid roll ads on YT videos. Not a problem, thats how creators make money. However,… @AnthonyCSN @ironsight_wiple Thats wild bro. Congrats! @JessGOAT @mackoesports All this for a CL team? Thats dedication to the craft. @ItzSynergyGG Imagine being the imposter @rarepep3s @NattyLightning @EasilyyR6 Its about cost effectiveness not quality of taste
@NattyLightning @EasilyyR6 The twizzlers serve dual purpose. Straws for the water and then a snack when you're done… @Ghost_Razgriz06 Dammit Bobby @Ghost_Razgriz06 You look like anime Hank Hill @VellyCasts Pomegranates are S tier bro
Firing up the stream and grinding the Siege BP all while carrying @mrodmma in ranked. Yiggity Yote @Jayden80382791 @Get_Flanked They are in the top 20 esports orgs as far as tournament earnings with just over 300 e… @Scourge_R6 Tuff @TheIrishPickle No it made me question your sanity @TheIrishPickle Why you do dis @TheAntNil Ever vigilant floor managerWho am I? I'm just someone who is a hero for fun. @jenna_yay Pretty sure if someone did do something to you @TheChowderhead is showing up with a baseball bat and a shovel @ImZoink @YoruKira_ @Get_Flanked Its what a lot of people are saying about 100T as well. Build the brand to succeed… @Cowimus You cant just yoink other people's streams unless they specifically allow you to Cow. @Cowimus No @Cowimus Not allowed @Cowimus Siege
Definitely forgot that NA PL is tonight so we are going to change the stream to Tuesdays, Thursday, Fridays and wee… @YoruKira_ @Get_Flanked Again, the point of this is to make money. You slap a FaZe logo on anything and it will sel… Announces literally anything for Siege Siege community: @Get_Flanked FaZe is one of the largest esports orgs on the planet. Everywhere you go people know who FaZe is. Its… I decided to raise money for suicide prevention this month I didn't set a goal and decided whatever happens ha… @lerberfferller I'm about to @ you really hard dude.
@JWoDesigns You know your bacon however you like. Its not my place to judge. @JWoDesigns Sand is gritty though? @JWoDesigns Just dont keep it in the same pocket as your pocket sand.Any thoomers want to play some Tarkov?*Gets ready to stream* *Both neighbors start cutting their grass* Well fuck me I guess.Speed hackers in Tarkov are fun.
Finished off Halo Reach for the first on stream and I quite enjoyed it. Onto Combat Evolved soonTM.Sony Pony plays the Halo Campaigns for the first time ever. come tell me how I don't know what I am doing. @Scourge_R6 Confidence. You have to be precise and direct with your decisions. The moment you hesitate your calls go downhill. @RangerGG SBMM serves no purpose in a casual game mode. Not only does it create unbalanced teams, but it also cause… @Keys_R6 I haven't played it because my PS4 hasn't been turned on in like a month, but from what I've seen its just… absolutely amazing stream again tonight and a monster dono from Ryu of $100 puts us up to almost $300 for charit…
@Cowimus Yes it should be in the tub of clutch @Cowimus It should definitely be in there. May have to dig around.Simply mediocre Yiggidy. @Cowimus There should be a scoop in the tub. One scoop is mixed with 16 ounces of water. @Carlos_Garcell Since September is National Suicide Prevention month all revenue brought it through my stream and C… @shigi_93 Damn can't relate @TheIrishPickle Many kawaii people are murderers Mo. Have you not seen Elfen Leid? LITERALLY KAWAII GIRL WHO KILLS PEOPLES. @TheIrishPickle So you won't condemn for for staying on Twitch, but you'll say have more fun being the killer in DbD. Cool. Cool cool cool. @TheIrishPickle I concur that Twitch is rough atm. However I still feel like for me personally the best opportunity… @TheIrishPickle Personally I prefer Twitch overall since that is where the majority of the streamers I watch are cu… @Dontoni_Lamb @denphasia I'm gonna get you a Bose sponsor so you can have noise canceling headphones to sleep with. @Dontoni_Lamb Thats too early bro. Youre a Boomer. Sleep in. Enjoy your weekend. @shigi_93 Where's the McDonald's? @k3nHD Thanks so much! @k3nHD This month I decided to donate to The Trevor Project. My best friend for 25 years is transgender and used th… @MasterYodaGG @NattyLightning What you gave was more than generous @MasterYodaGG @NattyLightning More like thanks to @MasterYodaGG for dropping a damn $50 dono like the champ he is.After last night we are up to $85 raised from Twitch this month which means $170 total dollars to be donated after… @_CeoR6 Time to rat broHey @_CeoR6 looks like you have a new toy to play with most calculated grenade toss you will ever see in your life. Ever. massive thank you to @NattyLightning for the massive raid this evening. Brought in tons of subs and donos to be d…
Gamer boi doing gamer things. @YouSusc Ah shit, PC master race incoming. @BeardoHester Gonna guess it has a beard. You heard it here first gamers.