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@Deathskills_R6 I didnt say it was the only way, just a simple suggestion. They need to do something though if they… @Deathskills_R6 Obviously. That's any game though and how issues like the Clash or Jager bug keeps popping up. All… @Deathskills_R6 That arguement is kind of weak imo. If they had the testers they needed, the TS wouldn't exist and… @Deathskills_R6 Not everyone has the time to dig for bugs and glitches, or they don't want to. They just simply wan… @TheChowderhead @G2_Sua APAC Attack @Deathskills_R6 True but that only goes to to the person who catches it first AND you have to report so many issues… incentive to play on the Siege TS is incredibly low. Some ideas that I have to entice people. All rewards issue… @ItzSynergyGG Your problem is playing ranked on the TS. That shit is sweatier than the Grand Finals of Invite lol @thattomjohnson Would that get you to actually play Fortnite though Tom? @TheChowderhead @G2Pengu Peanut the Mastiff says smile and get a doggo @lerberfferller @TheIrishPickle Only if someone donates a large amount of cash to see it lol @TheIrishPickle If it works it works. Also, you did snipe a kid in the river. @TheIrishPickle We got a win when we played together madam. Top tier gamer hours over here.New Fortnite season dropped today, I need my duo @TheIrishPickle @JHub 115 actually slaps though. Such a good song.
I cannot FUCKING wait for client side debris to be fixed. I just got killed by a Jager that had ripped down the win… Twitch has their partnership with the NFL where they allow Streamers to stream the games to their fans that have… Ash is getting a Lara Croft skin and we are doing crossovers, may I suggest the following idea for an operator: @Jew_on_a_pew I'll keep my eyes open. They said it should be resolved by the end of the day but if it's not I'm cal… @Jew_on_a_pew Oh I'll lawyer up if I have to. Take my money twice, I'll show them.Me to my bank: Hey I noticed an issue where I got double charged for something that I shouldn't have been double ch… @lerberfferller @JoeDiamondPlays @whompens To be fair, your enemies cant win if you use a war criminal and blow them all to hell and back. @lerberfferller That ring rust is real there bud lol @TheChowderhead Idk man, I play games to have fun. Maybe its different if it's your livelihood, but if I'm not havi… an Ace tonight with Capitao complete with fire bolt kill. Feelsgoodman
Dear idiots, Maps were never part of the season pass perks. They are free for everyone. Stop bitching that you are… @loudbirthday @Rainbow6Game @AndrewGebbia Its werf for $25 honestly. Instant access to all the ops when they releas… @RespectAdult Looks like an Ash main to me. @shigi_93 Man, that place sure @loudbirthday @Rainbow6Game @AndrewGebbia Battle passes will be separate from the season passes as far as I'm aware Teddy. @shigi_93 Are you playing on the Antarctic servers? Lol @Rainbow6Game Hey @AndrewGebbia this is the cinematic I was talking aboutFriend of the show Lerber is streaming. Go check him out or Baby Yoda gets the yeet. massive thanks to @AndrewGebbia for hanging out in the #KrysisKorner again tonight. The VoD will go up on YT on W… live with @AndrewGebbia come hang out!
@AndrewGebbia Side note, have you had the red velvet oreo cookies yet? Those things slap. @ItzSynergyGG I don't think it will change much honestly. Castle's biggest problem is that people don't know how to… is cold and all, but when can we break hatches effectively with the D.50? more I want to get into journalism, the more clickbait bullshit I see in the field. I really don't want to be a… any teams looking to add to your analyst staff, my DMs are open.So fun fact about me, About this time last year I was trying to find a job as a team analyst. One of the tasks I w… @RespectAdult Dude was wrong about pretty much the entire tournament, but to be fair, so were most people lolYes, SSG won the trophy and it was hard fought, but let's not forget the show @NiPGaming put on over the last 2 wee… is old as shit Using the worst gun in the game Now he's lifting a hammer. GGs @SpacestationGG @HoldReview Pitter patter Troy got at 'erWE'RE GOING ON A TRIP IN OUR FAVORITE ROCKET SHIP Lift that hammer @BroCanadian you fucking deserve it. @HoldReview Surprised you found a mug big enough to hid that grin buddy @Vansilli It's on YouTube. Pretty easy to find. @mrodmma @Rampy Rampy: Hold this for me *throws nade* Thanks bud. @Vansilli Year 5 is gonna be sick. You definitely wanna watch that panel.All of North America right now for @SpacestationGG are you letting @BroCanadian play Pulse? Cmon NiP.WE GOT A FUCKING GAME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN
@Scourge_dnb My smurf account is Gold 3 while my main is sitting in the corner crying. @Scourge_dnb Gotta get out of Bronze first bud ;) @sPaGhEttiAIM I'd let Cav and Valk kick my ass anyday of the week. @ItzSynergyGG @DARUSSIANBADGER Got to meet Badger in Raleigh. Class act and hilarious.You guys can reuse all the weapons and rework all the maps you want, if you give me a Siege movie. @ItsBK201 We believe in you BK. You got this.Siege is only moving forward after what I saw today. I'm incredibly excited to know I will have a game to play for a very long time. @Ubi_Melo Been around since the beta. I think that legally means I'm not allowed to leave Siege now. That's ok though, I like it here. @Ubi_Melo 195k people watching Siege is crazy. I remember back when 10k in the entire category was a big deal. Now… is promoting @coinbase on the @NeebsOfficial YT channel needs to fuck right off. @mrodmma "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.- Wayne Gretzky"- Michael Scott. @mrodmma Yo man big fan, question though, can I get a charm? Lol @TheChowderhead Shouting matches are great at events. That's how I managed to make friends with @MasterYodaR6 @PastyPlatypus She's bringing that Latin fire that's for sure. @mrodmma @Rampy Teams are gonna give up their attacker bans just to ban both UMP operators against Canadian lol @mrodmma @Rampy Rampy? Bro why they keep letting Canadian use the UMP?All of Siege: Castle is bad. UMP is bad. @BroCanadian : I'm about to do what's called a "Pro Gamer Move".
@loudbirthday Better recruit Nate to play Doc to heal you after you run through those walls.To all the "We want new maps" and "Where are our new weapons" tweeters and Reddit posters, fuck off. Your posts are… @Vansilli Nah bro that mirror scared of how swole you are that's all. @HoodTargaryen I am getting over a bacterial infection so if you want a piece of that I will gladly share it with you. @HoodTargaryen You can have a high five nothing more.Me waiting for Ubisoft to announce the Year 5 Season pass so I can hurt my wallet a little more than I already have… @Beardo_R6 @NoLimitLVG That's because your Bandit cosplay is just you walking around in street clothes. You ARE Bandito Dorito my friend.
@UbiJustin Ducks fly together! @AndrewGebbia Almost has an Arkham style feel to the suit with the mix of armor and non armor pieces. As a Batman fanboy, I approve.Go tell Teddy he is bad at games.
@702Frenchie @BroCanadian it sucks that G2 is gone from the #SixInvitational it's time to crown a new champion. Go lift that hammer aga… @SirBoss_R6 @G2Pengu @G2esports @G2_Sua @G2_Fabian @G2UUNO @G2Kantoraketti @G2Fresh @G2SHAS Thanks for filling in S… you are wondering if the Rust remake is good, ask yourself if the new Shipment is good. There's your answer champ.
@SyykoPathiK Someone hire this individual. Best idea I've ever heard. @Carlos_Garcell I agree @VellyCasts I can give you $3 and a high five.The ACOG on the Alda is 100% of the reason that gun was broken. Its totally fine now. No sarcasm here. None whatsoever. At all. Seriously.So what's up with the "not being able to vault barricades even if they are two hit" nonsense that's going on right now?I am really happy to see how well @JessGOAT and @VellyCasts held down their positions on the desk today after recei…
If you are a plat and you queue up with Silvers, just know that I hate you and everything you stand for. @AndrewGebbia Probably Tedward @VbagExtremist Well...yes and no. Either way, I'm not here to argue semantics, fact is clearly this person is still… @VbagExtremist She was clearly breathing you can see her stomach rising and falling. If they had snapped her neck y… @VellyCasts Fucking kill it Velly. You got this bro. @PastyPlatypus @PastyPlatypus I'll allow it. @lerberfferller Thanks buddySorry guys I've been dead the last 2 days. The #KrysisKorner with Andrew Gebbia is moved to next Monday the 17th at…
@TheChowderhead I've gotten to meet Canadian twice, once in Atlantic City and once in Raleigh. His passion for the…