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butt ass naked in my room watching Nexpo

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life fell apart after i turned 13
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cant wait to see the mfs who are peaking rn struggle in college lmfaoI wasnt on Donda when I tweeted that I wasnt. Ye hit me the followin week and we made it work. Realest nigga aliv…
Retweeted by KSEASimagine trying to crack ur neck and u just die
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Why doesn’t Uzi and Drake have a song together?
Retweeted by KSEASAs a man, why do you have less than 5 inches of hair?
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@sukalias its easy on my horrible eyes
@Troutski_ @SinBinVegas oooo I KNOW the shark fan isnt speaking rn. How are vlasics, burns, and EK's contracts looking ?McCrimmon confirms that the player VGK acquired for Fleury will not come to Vegas. His contract is now owned by VGK…
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Retweeted by KSEASHard to think of an NHL player more universally beloved yet more repeatedly disrespected than Marc-Andre Fleury. Inversely proportional
Retweeted by KSEAS @marcandrefIeury I literally just woke up to absolute hell in some of my gc's.. management did flower DIRTYPOV you made a joke on twitter
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sorry 4 being weird, annoying and insufferable. i will not change
Retweeted by KSEAS @COMEONDIEYOVNG @tolstoybb Forever curse the scooter kids
Retweeted by KSEAS @g5briela no cause mfs ik irl are always like "Just be the bigger person" no cause that shits no funi will forever choose revenge. i’ll heaI in hell
Retweeted by KSEAS @thaboyjozu japan has some talented mfs especially when it comes to skateboarding
Retweeted by KSEAS“thats not funny” -unfunny people
Retweeted by KSEAS @sukalias hows it been :0men b like “i dont need this negative energy around me” bro you are the negative energy
Retweeted by KSEAS @nbr1gma @passittobulis The same organization that's refusing to acknowledge a sexual harassment case? yeahhhhh bet… @thaboyjozu aw man Jozu this not it JIK got some sick ass beats on it @snuurid Yung Lean has some weird ass songs, like even Ginseng strip, he got some weird bars on thereBREAKING NEWS: Yuto Horigome wins the gold medal in men’s street in the inaugural Olympic skateboarding competition…
Retweeted by KSEAS @SwagPunchABWord Fetty didn't drop My way with Drake for yall to compare to her a girl with a song called "Drivers License" @sukalias howdy :,)seeing some BUMS in my recommended following went and made a whole twitter; kai if you see this you still a bitch
Getting caught in a stealth game.
Retweeted by KSEAS @Its_Jawsh le fishe
uzumaki looks amazing... the october 2022 release date stung a bit but I know it’ll be worth it
Retweeted by KSEASFirst clip of the anime Uzumaki! Music by Colin Stetson makes it so eerie and dreadful. I love this. The animation…
Retweeted by KSEAS @sukalias YUH!! :0
@sukalias Rumours <3
@FBGwizrd Idk what it is with Judah's vocals but they're sickMfs who listen to the Sex Pistols be mad annoying nglCan somebody ask Travis to perform love galore w me one last time for old times sake. Ion got his number lol .
Retweeted by KSEASReal men lose connection with reality and abuse drugs and alcohol to cope
Retweeted by KSEASI’m going trash star crazy 😜 I’m bladee she call me bladee 😳😳😳😳
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@marcandrefIeury I literally hate how people hate us over the stupidest thing.
You should have to be 18 to use Twitter. The amount of kids on this shit that do nothing but fight on behalf of the…
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@marcandrefIeury people also forget we dont get the expansion bonus in exchange for not having to give up a player.
Hey guys ! A childhood friend of mines asking to put this out, anything helps thank you so much <3 ! Medical Expen… @wompgod1 @kaykookiedough've never had anything remotely racist happen to me in Cracker Barrel, but I can tell you the Diarrhea I get from… @sukalias Starz, Yung Lean DON'T TRY THIS. Chase Atlantic Drunk by Thundercat @sukalias Nice hopefully you like them :0 @SonicVFX ericdoa damn went and decided to bless our ears @dumbasstwtuser This is so incredibly selfish ngl, even if you don't plan on having kids, other people are. Destroy…
Waiting for Apple to drop the “unsend iMessage” feature cuz these text are embarrassing
Retweeted by KSEAS @k_cuf_ @Myxolydian12 @dilfduck @WilburSoot @Smajor1995 its fucking minecraft grow up bruh... @WilburSoot @Smajor1995 in the end it’s literally a block game..... some of u guys take it a little too seriously n…
Retweeted by KSEAS @JesseGranger_ Kreb Time >:0Q: "Why don't Nevadans like Californians?" A:
Retweeted by KSEASDropping this summer 🧚🏾
Retweeted by KSEAS @hibsidnolic Niggas just be depressed listening to music all day long
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Retweeted by KSEAS @sukalias Japan by Yot Club Comfort Zone by Yot Club Flying High by Travis Scott and Toro y Moi Cloud by Monsunej/d . 11x14 oils // a personal favorite from this year ::)
Retweeted by KSEASYou can be 75% naked , ass n tits out ... purposely flaunting... but can’t Roleplay some shit in a gta pixelated vi…
Retweeted by KSEAS"goalie controversy" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 🐼🌸❤ 🌸❤🐼 ❤🐼🌸 @RobinLehner #GoKnightsGo #KnightUp #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights
Retweeted by KSEASfuck brainpower
Retweeted by KSEASImagine being on the receiving end VOLUNTARILY LMAOOOOOOOOOO has turned you into a fucking loser
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I wish I could unsee the Mario judah leaked video
Retweeted by KSEASDid I just see Mario Judah getting railed in the ass on twitter or am I being deceived somehow
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rip kentaro Miura man :(((
Kodak Black when he gets arrested again
Retweeted by KSEASJetskis canceled today. Tore my shit up😭😭
Retweeted by KSEAS @x_eudaimonia_ They discussing it like Patty would even ACKNOWLEDGE that shitthese mf talking like this goddess would ever even CONSIDER reproducing with them lmaoooo
Retweeted by KSEASBraden Holtby right now
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Joycon boyz forever :(happy birthday @Etika it still just isnt fair. hope you are still watching
Retweeted by KSEASHappy Birthday Etika I miss you so much, you are still one of my biggest inspirations. Thank you so much for all t…
Retweeted by KSEASFuck U
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Me rolling up on Twitter to make sure that Donald Glover isn’t cancelled.
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Retweeted by KSEASdababy isnt funny
Retweeted by KSEAS @EdwynKrueger okamong us sus dababy apex legends the ramones unhealthy porn addiction hahaha you're a pedophile i don't like capitalismidk who needs to hear this, but random=/= funny..if ur a trans man, you aren't one of "the boys", you are a man now, because what you did takes BALLS
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Need Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to pilot Gundams and fight each other over the Moon and Mars
@earlyPants S06, but SSIII is super good too @XXL 3005 by Childish Gambino, absolute bangerI got RGB everything to scare the hoes away
Retweeted by KSEASSo we're just gonna forget what she did to Johnny? #HappyBirthdayAmberHeard
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you are not ok
Retweeted by KSEASI caught my dog disassociating
Retweeted by KSEAS @sukalias yes
All I want to do is dress like this with my weird wife
Retweeted by KSEAS @justmeiji YUHHHHHHHHHHH Disney speedrun record @justmeiji ARE YOU GETTING YOUR JOB BACK????