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Monika King @ksedleader Atchison, KS

Catholic educator who never wants to stop learning. Principal of a Catholic, International Boarding school in NE Kansas. #catholicedchat #ksedchat

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Tornado Warning including Rushville MO, De Kalb MO, Lewis and Clark Village MO until 3:00 PM CDT
Retweeted by Monika KingTornado Warning for Doniphan County in KS until 3:00pm. #kswx
Retweeted by Monika KingAbsolutely awesome that we’ve given 750 #edcampks tickets!! This is going to be an epic event!
Retweeted by Monika King“Someone once shared with me, 'teachers aren’t afraid of change. They are afraid of wasting their time on something…
Retweeted by Monika King @JustinBCoffey @alicekeeler Are you the sending tornado pics?
@alicekeeler Great people in KS, including educators! @TabathaRosproy the #NTOY20! @alicekeeler @310Hayden Agree with @310Hayden“She loved them. She respected them. She allowed them to be themselves.” #ksedchat #ksed #ksedtalk #KansansCan
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YES!!!!!!!!!!! Kansas Teacher 0f the Year, Tabatha Rosproy just named NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR!!!! Congrats  to…
Retweeted by Monika King🙄 proud of @TabathaRosproy for winning #NTOY20! Way to represent all the fantastic KS Educators! Congratulations 🎈 @ksdehq @CCSSOTODAY'S THE DAY! It's KS Class of 2020 Senior Appreciation Day! Check out this special message to the KS Class of 2…
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@Laura_Jennaro @ArmentroutHeidi @SarahSajohnson @PrincipalJ @jillmaras' Essential Guide to Google Classroom via @CommonSenseEd
Retweeted by Monika KingIf you have a spreadsheet of students emails you CAN paste the ENTIRE LIST into #googleClassroom on the people tab…
Retweeted by Monika King @misszeisler @KsCommissioner We are blessed to have him.
ATTENTION KS CLASS OF 2020 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS! Wed., May 20, your senior class is scheduling a Senior Appreciatio…
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@lwarren30 @LindseyHansen79 out the EdcampKS-Virtual Edition Schedule! So much goodness in the works along with our traditional roundtabl…
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Congratulations to Emma and Johnny! They have been awarded the Atchison Clubs for Kids Scholarship!…
Retweeted by Monika King @BarbInNebraska @mocovington @APannie7 @jdferries @kristinefull @MicheleCMueller Grateful for the same thing!See you at 8am for #CatholicEdChat
Retweeted by Monika KingI posted this before, but I hope teachers & admin all over the country hear these words. We need to make sure somet…
Retweeted by Monika King#ksedchat is back Monday, May 18th at 8:00 pm cst! Join guest host and superstar librarian @schusterbrarian for a…
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@IT_guy8706 I’m amazed at all you’re accomplishing450 people from across the United States are going to be joining Virtual EdCampKS on June 1, 2, and 3! There are s…
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@LindseyHansen79 @lwarren30 @edCamps are my favs @IT_guy8706 Miss you too! @mrs_smoke It sure does! @mrvesco A2: I am super passionate about trauma informed practices (stay tuned for a save the date for our second a…
Retweeted by Monika KingQuestion 2 is ready to go #ksedchat!
Retweeted by Monika King"#GoogleClassroom has revolutionized my teaching in terms of incorporating feedback and communication." LOVE this c…
Retweeted by Monika King#ksedchat @mrvesco You never fail to amaze me with the work, dedication, and consideration you put into organizing…
Retweeted by Monika KingA5) Been tagging :) #ksedchat @JacqueColeman4 @reneeflaxscott @MsLRice @BarbInNebraska @LindseyHansen79 @EdcampKS @mrvesco @coachwessel4 @lwarren30 you need to get signed up! Love @EdCampKS.A3) always left never truly done learning, just the desire to want to learn more #ksedchat @ksedleader @BarbInNebraska @LindseyHansen79 @EdcampKS @mrvesco
Retweeted by Monika King @BarbInNebraska and @LindseyHansen79 Did you know @EdcampKS was having a virtual edcamp June 1, 2? @mrvesco can h… Novice to #EdCampKS looking forward to the collaboration and contribution of passion and ideas #ksedchat
Retweeted by Monika King @dolence_math Best advice is just that! I would always preach to my college students (when I taught) that the best…
Retweeted by Monika King4) leaving with a new way to have a HS schedule. Starting year 5 with it this coming year. #ksedchat @dolence_math @thepankopost I saw you’re in OP! I’m just down the road in Gardner. And I definitely want to learn m…
Retweeted by Monika KingWOW the #ResilienceNow conf was a HUGE success! But even better? You can get the ENTIRE conference at your finger t…
Retweeted by Monika King1) love all the new ideas I leave with #ksedchat I'm looking forward to discussing equitable learning practices, ditching the textbook, and collaborating about…
Retweeted by Monika KingA2: I would really like to collaborate integrating social studies and ELA topics. I have already started this long…
Retweeted by Monika KingA3: Whenever I think something in education is impossible, I attend an EdCamp and meet people who are making the i…
Retweeted by Monika KingA1: This is my first time to attend. I am looking forward to collaborating with other people that are willing to sh…
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Paradigm shift... EXPECT students to Google things. Take a screenshot, what resources did you use, EXPLAIN THEM.
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Doing math on #googleSlides allows me as the teacher to interact with the student while they are working on it. And…
Retweeted by Monika King @kwach21 Nice hat 😊❤️In the #GospelOfTheDay (John 14:1-12), Jesus indicates two remedies for being troubled in heart. First: to not depe…
Retweeted by Monika King#ksedchat is back Monday, May 11 at 8:00 pm cst! It’s the kickoff for #EdCampKS! Help us spread the word with a…
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@MikeGras Same
THIS! ⬇️. Spot on @Wes_Kieschnick
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Yes! Let’s recreate education to be student centered and student driven. Give them guidance to love learning!…
Retweeted by Monika KingLITERALLY MINUTES AGO I told someone this was not possible, now it is! CONFIRMED!!! You can do multiple hyperlinks…
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@SarahSajohnson You might listen to @frmikeschmitz homily from this past Sunday. Great one about the unknowns
Happy Star Wars Day! Thank you to the 300 Edu-Jedi Knights who have their tickets to EdCampKS! No need to use th…
Retweeted by Monika KingWhat if... we all posted our lesson plans to share with each other? How much less stressed would we be when we all…
Retweeted by Monika KingJoin @snordenWSUproud and @_NGash95_ for #ksedchat Monday, May 4th at 8:00 pm cst! It will be #StarWarsDay and the…
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"...students have been using code to identify answers when completing quizzes in #GoogleForms by clicking "ctrl u…
Retweeted by Monika King @BarbInNebraska @ncara @stonemamma @Seesaw What do you like the most about @Seesaw @mrs_noll @APannie7 @stonemamma @Seesaw @Flipgrid @explainevrythng My husband uses @explainevrythng for his chemistry problem…
Retweeted by Monika KingBest feedback is feedback before it's due. It needs to be actionable to maximize effectiveness
Retweeted by Monika KingRepresentative @CherylHelmer2 have you issued an apology for the accusation? The Topeka Capital Journal hasn't pick…
Retweeted by Monika KingGood morning my beautifulsunny NE KS #CatholicEdChat
@lwarren30 @LSiebenmorgen @AmandaBrimer @AmberKnoernschi @Mrs_JCorson @AHSPrincipal385 @Laura_Jennaro what tomorrow is.... Don’t wait until then to get your ticket to Virtual EdCampKS! So far, over 150 tickets…
Retweeted by Monika King @mrvesco got signed up!I love this idea for using @Flipgrid Shorts for virtual modeling for students. This camera is awesome and being abl…
Retweeted by Monika King @mrs_noll are about to go DOWN! I love adding color and conditional formatting, so this is a huge time saver.
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It’s still April.
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Join @_NGash95_ and myself @snordenWSUproud next week on May 4!! #ksedchat
Retweeted by Monika KingJoin us. #resiliencenow #ksedchat
Retweeted by Monika King @GingerLewman We got ya, sista! @mrpscarver You’re just down the road...give a hollerA5) Long list of people supporting me.Pulling me up when I get down or feeling overwhelmed and don’t take care of m… two of my faculty members and fellow principals down the road @lwarren30 and @LindseyHansen79 keep track of me… it has definitely caused my Ts to be reflective on what is important and how to effectively teach it with engag… you are an Office fan, this was quite amusing. One of my teachers having fun hoping to bring a smile to the face… @mrpscarver One of our teachers has jukebox games. Our students come up with our house competitions..this week they… faculty: playing online games together, having cocktail hours, students: doing online competitions (which are a… @snordenWSUproud I @snordenWSUproud Hello 😘A1) past mad and sad, now on to glad and kinda afraid. #ksedchat @GingerLewman @mrvesco He’s amazing!I’m Monika, Prinicipal in a Catholic HS in Atchison. Grateful for this beautiful spring weather and the amazing fac…! Monday, April 27! 8:00 pm! #ksedchat
Retweeted by Monika KingAre you with us? 🥰✊🤝✊🥰 #ksedchat #resilience #traumainformed #moedchat #oklaed #nebedchat
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@Jenn_BatesMM @KWCH12 Completely agree!Good #SundayMorning #ksedchat! We are back Monday, April 27th at 8:00 pm cst with four of the most amazing educato…
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Thank you for leading! Lots of great ideas. #catholicedchat @addrianne4 We need to show this to Erin! @APannie7 @polonerd @stonemamma @ncara Didn’t know there was such a thing. Showed it to my husband. May have to look into thisA5) If there is a way to move outdoors on nice days,’s great for the soul and a mind refresher.… Nine at this Time but I know @jdferries is out there if I need help 😉 #catholicedchat