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Co founder of complete circle consultant, Marathoner, travel, photography, Certified Resarch analyst. Die hard Indian🇮🇳. views on market are personal

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Seerat as Goddess Sita! Jai shri Ram! #HappyDussehra
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#Markets #Valuations One way to look at valuations is to look at Earnings Yield / Bond Yield. Good chart via Motila…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanHumbleness, Hardwork, Simplicity, Knowledge, Power, Motivation, Ambition, perseverance, Dreams, Vision all in one p… that *Shortest Distance* is always a straight line....but it need not be the *Fastest Route* if the p… great such a beautiful ad, Hats off to #Savlon for using true heroes for their ads instead of the so calle… this month-Oct 1993, 15.36L shares issued at a premium of Rs100per share. Of which 1.5L shares issued to Viny Ch…
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#BiharElections2020 @connectgurmeet 😃 views of the Krishna Temple in the lake, Yulla Kanda, Kinnaur #HimachalPradesh At nearly 4000 meters…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanAsian Paints - Double digit volume growth vs estimates of 7-8% growth! Who #Covid what Covid where Covid ? #earnings #Q2 #
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan#Apple to sell 100 million + units of AirPods. At a price of $250 , it translates to $25 Bn topline. At ~40% marg…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @MajorPoonia @AmitShah Happy bday sir
How it started Vs How its going Think long term!
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan.@kklive, CVP & CTO, IT Services, HCL Technologies, breaks down why companies looking toward their digital transfor…
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Jai bharat. Awesome 👏 Chaplin returned to the United States for the first time over a decade to accept his honorary Oscar in 1972…
Amazon and Flipkart Sales are on! 16th to 25th October 2020 To get MAXIMUM Savings UNINSTALL both the Apps @connectgurmeet
#SmartMoney | @connectgurmeet, @Compcircle: Broadly, financial ratios speak a lot about the company
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While we focus on #USElection2020 - Estimates say, in 2020 alone, US Fed has created 22% of all d Dollars issued s…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan“Opportunity Dances with those Already on the Dance Floor” -H. Jackson Brown Jr Never give up, just keep keep hitting the dance floor!!
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan#fightcorona #oldtimes not far now. This pic made my day... @anandmahindra kind of INDIAN My kind of Muslim #apjabdulkalam
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Which is the best way to correct the underperformance of actively managed large cap funds? #mutualfunds #investing
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When an Advertising guy is forced to do engineering :) #Creativity
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanJoy of being generous “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.". @kshitiz_m feeding & bui…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanCongratulations to paul and Robert you know - SBI payment app is YONO
After today’s announcements of Big Bang reforms- Indian citizens 😃😃
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Cues for tom: Global market strength continues Dow up 160 points on Friday , rise for 3rd day Dow up 3.3% last we…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @PuneetSingh84 This is awesome.Don’t let anything Stop you. Do it today. #Sunday #motivation...
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanPunjab flowing...@connectgurmeet @PuneetSingh84 purane din! Pure gold @kshitiz_m - playing it on loop! #SundayFeels #friendship
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @connectgurmeet 🤗🤗
When Indians do it, we're "cow-worshipping heathens". When Europeans do it, the BBC says, "Embracing cows, or "ko…
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#RBIPolicy a big push for revival.. sheets, income statements, cash flow issues getting you in a bind? Have no fear, Smart Money is here :D Let…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan#CNBCTV18ClutterBreakers | Learn to read financial reports, analyse company P&L statement & balance sheet. On…
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INTER SCHEME TRANSFER(IST)-SEBI's New Safeguards -Close Ended Schemes: IST purchases allowed only within 3 biz days…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @nagarjund @IndiGo6E @IndiaToday Welcome kid. God bless
Super strong earnings from TCS! Very upbeat commentary : TCS says they are at start of first phase of multi year…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanHahahaa. Emi biryani... @connectgurmeet bas yeahi Emi par khana baki tha are looking up...
Haahahah. Poor Chinese dog.. total, investors who held tech stocks over the last decade would have been rewarded. The 10-year annualized ret…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanHahahaha
A look at where things stand ahead of the likely verdict in FT case by Karnataka High Court today #mutualfunds
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Awesome 😎 scan at Rs50 at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib from December. " SHRI HARKRISHAN DHIYAIYE JIS DITHE SAB DUKH JAYE " 🙏…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanअगले जन्म मोहें बिटिया ही कीजो अगले जन्म मोहें बिटिया ही दीजो
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @teenageee Haha. AmenFinacialisation of asset has already started. We have seen money from real estate also moving into financial asset… 6 level
@Iamsamirarora sir he covers international markets also. 😄Hahaah 😄. Meet for #ipoallotment 🤣 studying d investing universe, apart from financials, observe how d most imp stakeholders r being engaged- EM…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanReliance Retail Stake sales so far
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @IvankaTrump Indeed. He will be fine. World needs me more then ever..#lifespan of an organisation... redefining long term... watch for disruptions...@connectgurmeet
@varinder_bansal You are a star brother... wherever you go you will enlighten the surroundings. Keep rocking. Keep inspiringHaahahahयह चीनी अख़बार नहीं बल्कि भारत का The Hindu अख़बार है ! @the_hindu पता नहीं था कि फेंके हुये सिक्कों पर चीनी घुँघ…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @SumairaAbidi In the end sales faces the heat.. they otherwise have a very lean structure @PuneetSingh84 Inspirational. Amazing. Thanks for sharingIt’s easier to make excuses. Seeing people like this, not #giving up despite all odds🙌.... Keep inspiring:- makes…
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Both themes are important for investors - why are actively managed funds underperforming and where do sectoral fund…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @SumairaAbidi @AIWMI Congratulations Sumaira. Very well deserved 👏👏As expected we are in Current Account surplus
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanWatch it #internationalfunds to inputs... who have missed can watch at 2, @Mohit_Gang answers what most investors want to know - Why are actively managed funds underperforming?…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @connectgurmeet at 2 pm @PuneetSingh84 is the kind of coffee I want now! Happy International #CoffeeDay! ☕
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @deepdbhandari @AnilSinghvi_ @ZeeBusiness Congratulations Deepanshu @Nigel__DSouza HahaahaThat’s called disruption
Age is just a number! Video- Anthony James #WednesdayMotivation
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The painting has been selected as the cover of the General Budget document of the government of Kerala for the year… school teacher was so amazed to see this painting done by a class 9 student, Anujath Vinayal, from Thrissur tha…"My wife doesn't do any thing she is just at home" a father from Kerala always used to introduce his wife to others… InterestingBeautiful. Pl visit to buy this wondeerful stuff of @keshav61
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @kshitiz_m @connectgurmeet So cute❤️
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanAdorable ❤️
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanRevisiting basics.....@GeetimaK @connectgurmeet
#DaughtersAreSpecial by all manner. This one made my day @kshitiz_m @connectgurmeet
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanWhy daughters are so precious...👆🏼👌🏼💐🙏🏼😇#DaughtersDay @connectgurmeetभावनगर से भरूच रोड की दूरी है 350 किलोमीटर , और समुद्री रास्ते से इसकी दूरी है 32 किलोमीटर, और इसी समुद्री रास्ते…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanFuture is here.. @TheAnonmousGuy_ @connectgurmeet Haahaaha @Sazerac_soul @MaximalAman @kshitiz_m @connectgurmeet Totally agree. SBI online services , websites for internet ba…
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan @invest_mutual Bang on !!! @connectgurmeet Haahahaha. And @dmuthuk main purpose is to strengthen engagement on Twitter at any cost, with any message 😀🙏Muthu purpose is to increase followers on Twitter irrespective of whatever means
What is there not to fall in love with India?
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanThe greatest person you can be is yourself Be your best self #SundayFunday #BeYourself #beyou #BeYouPowerfully
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajan#Corona then and now #coronavirus #SundayThoughts 😃😀बस इतनी अमीरी चाहिए जल्दी ही की यहां खाता खुलवा सकें। 🥳
Retweeted by kshitiz mahajanFilhaal to 10K minimum balance me fatti pari h...1cr me to poore gaon ka account khul jayega🤣🤣🤣
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