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@xslime666 I’m cryingARE U DUMB @lusionist101 We have to do it this year for real, the bangers are unreal trust me 🤝Gonna go Asda and fight man for toilet roll and pasta but thought I’d drop a freestyle. Big up @Arthwolfe and…
Retweeted by 💐Guys I’m good at this rapping stuff I promise x major love to @lusionist101 and @PM_Space cos even though they’re my friends they support me financially more… @lusionist101 Thank you bro. So so glad you like the riddim.DJs, MCs, HOLLA AT HIM, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED
Retweeted by 💐 @PM_Space @WisdomTheWriter All I’m saying is she’s sending for everyone’s mum but she didn’t have the brand new PS2… king @kennybeats“What is TWONINE6IX?” Basically me, Owen and Sully telling each other: Beans - AJ On A Train - Oops - No Words - Ode 2 Tottenham
Retweeted by 💐- Yo - It’s - The - Hyperman - Set @radioraheim_ @meg_AM__ @ThamesVP Tagging my local force??????? Untag me ASAPYou sick sick sick guy
Retweeted by 💐 @PM_Space My g thank you 😭 @xslime666 ffs @Vissinada I’m fucking hilarious and you know itmy wild guess is probably when lockdown is over mate @lusionist101 hit me up and asked for a riddim based off his favourite game as a kid. This is what he ended up wi… people still tryna have sex with/move to like 4 people in one friendship group then start wondering why they st…
Retweeted by 💐LOOOOOOL i want some of u to read this 6 times then look in the mirror and read it another 4
Retweeted by 💐I’m in tears, the reverb on his voice are communicating consistently with a babe during this period not knowing she’s entertaining him out of bo…
Retweeted by 💐If I could go back and do music under an alias and not be involved personally I would ngl. Too many bitchmade peopl… love Doja but this ain’t it!!
Retweeted by 💐lil goujon
Retweeted by 💐 kmt ghostface verse on this gotta be top 5
Retweeted by 💐Today is PARTYNEXTDOOR weather. That first tape slaps too much.The biggest joke of them all is the state of your trim right now 😷 @radioraheim_ I’ll give you a trim right now @xslime666 Gotta save the zoot until the riddim is finished and bask in your glory when baked, trying to build it w…
@xslime666 “Yo you good g” “Yeah listen to this hi hat idk what’s happening” @xslime666 My favourite is you being high analysing your hi hats for 4 hours cos you’re so high you just don’t know what’s going on @xslime666 Added Fruity Delay to me saying “TWONINE6IX to the world and back” and pitching down >>>>>>>> @SoundWavePapi @xslime666 Facts, first thing I’m doing when I link Sully is bringing him some yard food @SoundWavePapi @xslime666 I’m so upset, Sully I expected better 😭 @xslime666 Slime The Engineer showing me that he added stereo shaper on the hi hats to make it spaceythis is a visual experience of my first ep @SoundWavePapi @xslime666 Sully being uncultured and thinking rice and peas is the same as mattar pilau kmt it’s a shame 🥺😔 @xslime666 Me showing you that I took away two kicks to increase the drop @xslime666 Complex 7 but layered 8 times @Vissinada @xslime666 @Chamber45 Me and Sully are the only ones allowed to get onto Raheim, I still got snaps rememberMe walking into Sully’s room to show him that I added one new hi-hat @xslime666 Let’s do a collab EP just for him, he’s there just staring at the chicken steak burger with proper anger… @Chamber45 @Vissinada Ah yes that one! @Vissinada @Chamber45 no raheim was just trying to lips (redacted) @xslime666 Mujadid is gone fam he works at Heathrow doing up security 🤣🤣 got some young brudda in there listening to drill 24/7 @Chamber45 @Vissinada Yo it’s the hyper man set, ride in west with straps on the ped @Vissinada @Chamber45 me and sully were cranked off in Slough at 6am watching Final Space with a meal deal, we coul… @Vissinada @Chamber45 Raheim made us travel to west so he could prove to us he had friends @xslime666 Cipps misses the presence of Slime. Young monster, zoot and some munch 😭 @Chamber45 @Vissinada I got Burger King at 3am that night. Good times. @xslime666 Would rather link up and smoke and make tunes though kmt @radioraheim_ she gave him that trim like that donny in Monsters Inc @xslime666 now that I haven’t got work I’m finally gonna get into it @PM_Space I vouch and I’m from Slough. I do not associate with these people.rollin by myself cos i don’t trust nobody else @BigNate237 Love you my bro, means a lot. We all in this together for real ❤️ @BigNate237 So happy to hear this bro. Prayers of praise and comfort for you and your family ❤️Took time on this one putting together a collection of sweetboy selections for the 10th mix in the Lockdown Series…
Retweeted by 💐Big thanks to everyone who’s reached out and checked up on me the past few days. Still not the greatest, trying to… next video @WisdomTheWriter @lxdxp have for you
Retweeted by 💐 @Kishfantastic @xslime666 @WisdomTheWriter @lxdxp FfsBig up to my bro Misbah every time. been sent home on unpaid leave for a month from my work as I don’t qualify for furlough. This pack is still…
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@RollaPayback @xslime666 @Kishfantastic Love for that bro glad you enjoyed it 👊 @xslime666 @Kishfantastic Boys🤯🤯🤯this is crazy man, large up yourselves @kstampx and Slowen too, Slime mate u got a…
Retweeted by 💐Everyone needs to support and buy @kstampx music, you wont be disappointed and thats a guarantee. Help a brudda out…
Retweeted by 💐 @xslime666 Thank you bro ❤️🥺 👉👈 type riddim
Retweeted by 💐This one still available to lease, cop for an exclusive or chucked into a pack for DJs. Shout me. OUT A YUNG BLUD X
Retweeted by 💐 @LijahUK Thank you bro ❤️DJ/MC friends, please check out Kayne’s pack he’s got available. He is not only a very talented person but a genuin…
Retweeted by 💐 @meg_AM__ Thank you g ❤️ @RollaPayback That's very true mate. Means a lot you reaching out bro, hope you're taking care of yourself.
Fam if I could cry I would. Life has been like this for 6 years now and no matter how hard I work, another obstacle… just feel to give up ngl. @BigNate237 My bro thank you. Honestly.Help my bro in these peak times, we’re all going thru it! He’s actually very talented so you’re being blessed tbh…
Retweeted by 💐 @a11ybunch Thank you bro, means a lot. One day it'll pick up. @Kishfantastic Lol fam I’m on anythingHelp my brother out and receive some beautiful music in return
Retweeted by 💐 @PM_Space Thank you my bro. Means a lot trust me.Oh and price drops on this pack as well cos every little helps. Just dm me and we can sort it out.
Retweeted by 💐Oh and price drops on this pack as well cos every little helps. Just dm me and we can sort it out.Just been sent home on unpaid leave for a month from my work as I don’t qualify for furlough. This pack is still… those who don’t know, @twonine6ix is a bunch of waveydons: @kstampx, @xslime666, @sl0wen 🏆
Retweeted by 💐My fucking g WEEK, ISSA GOOD WEEK! You have releases from last week to catch up on: @kstampx and his @twonine6ix “The Guv…
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1k total plays! so happy and thankful for all the support on this so far ♥️
Retweeted by 💐 12 (NEW MUSIC EDITION) 🕺🎷💃 PLAYING NEW & UNRELEASED MUSIC FROM @Kyeza_ @SNOW667 @Chamber45
Retweeted by 💐Over 1000 plays in a day. The support has been unreal. Keep doing this one up! and shine and listen to this. 6 tracks of beautiful crud. RUN IT UP! x
Someone told me to stick to producing and give up vocals kmt. Sweetboy FC needs my vocals. @radioraheim_ @KABzINSIDE Never been so gassed to have someone spit on one of my riddimsThese are the flows I use to secure babymums🤷🏻‍♂️ Hail up @kstampx on the buttons!!!👑
Retweeted by 💐My fucking guy 😷