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Ex-Producer, BBC Radio Comedy. I like discussing cats, books (fantastical & children's ones especially) & growing weird food plants. Powered by tea. She/her.

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@SoozUK @JimMFelton Yes me too, it makes me feel like a very talented flamingo. @depechebambina @JimMFelton Oh yeah, I'd take prescribed floor medication, it cancels out. Especially if you do a b… @depechebambina @JimMFelton I genuinely had no idea what the 5 second rule was, for years. My rules are probably mo… @JimMFelton Floor breakfast cereal is a lovely treat. @JimMFelton I eat floor food a lot. But then I guess I wouldn't eat public floor food, so they might be correct. @ColinAnder Phew. No Hollywood sign falling on your head. @ColinAnder YikesThis is the face we all pull, when it's been too long since we saw a picture of a cat. @WelshDragonParr @KidsBloomsbury Yaaaay, congratulations! @soapachu @ianbetteridge @Scientits @criticalprvrsn @goulcher @devjpow I love the guest episodes, where she clashes… @soapachu @ianbetteridge @Scientits @criticalprvrsn @goulcher @devjpow Can't wait for us all to meet Gillian Anderson to discuss it.Absolutely honoured, amazed and buzzing to be a @thebookseller One To Watch! This feels so unreal?? 😭 Thank you…
Retweeted by Katie Marsden @ldlapinski @thebookseller @fionanoblebooks Aaaaaargh exciting PROUD @ianbetteridge @soapachu @Scientits @criticalprvrsn @goulcher @devjpow I'm also gonna need a detective series, with this as the subtitle.I’m fascinated by how hard it is to show the cleverness of The Mandalorian’s backdrop trickery. Even a video aiming…
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@daniel_barker I also especially love it when it's really sweet people making the terrifying book, show or movie, a… @daniel_barker Yeah same. I can't listen to/read true crime, it frightens me way too much, though I get my catharsi… brilliant @helencrimmins1 sent this wonderful photo for my birthday of ENORMOUS ME talking to giant killer…
Retweeted by Katie Marsden @robinince @helencrimmins1 @neilhimself This is so lovely, and also makes me think that Neil is reading you a bedtime story, what a treat! @Magic_Kitten Such horror from such beauty. @Magic_Kitten Remembering that today she gulped down a load of food too quickly & then did monstrous things to the floor. @SuziOvens Wow, that's a big deal, well done! @robinince I am very correct (not as usual) xxMy round, round creature on #LoveYourPetDay birthday to the brilliant & extremely kind @robinince. Robin is known amongst his peers for being one of the… I understand correctly, you can now start a fire in your home using an app, but only put it out by hand
Retweeted by Katie Marsden @ClaraVulliamy How lovely. Enjoying the memory of, 'Junie, you'll get a toothpastey head,' said in foam-muffled tones. @ClaraVulliamy Junie had a thing for standing in sink at the last place we lived, when my daughter was brushing her…! Thought we’d do a few Before and After photos today. Apologies if we haven’t replied to all the messages o…
Retweeted by Katie Marsden @rshipbshop I saw an After and whispered, 'Ahhh dreamy' to myself. Huge congratulations! @alicecrumbs Nice to get some encouraging news!The book in question is an autobiography. No doubt the author will be pleased to learn her life was a ‘fairly’ accu…
Retweeted by Katie MarsdenAll rich people dogs fall into 3 categories: - very cool breathing difficulty - nervous supermodel - Carpet sample glued to a beetle
Retweeted by Katie MarsdenAlso, I was absolutely looking at Michael Sheen's profile when I composed that last tweet, so it nearly sent it jus… lovely @michaelsheen has started a charity campaign for the floods in Wales and I thought to do something simil…
Retweeted by Katie MarsdenPlease take a look at this and help if you can even if it’s just to share it with others. Thanks.
Retweeted by Katie MarsdenJust dropped my phone on my face, while lying down. Managed to avoid RT-ing something with my cheekbone by accident… @halkyardo Haha amazing. I might QT this tomorrow with a memory about a lovely pal who died last year, but will do… @halkyardo I was terrible at it. The tape you get to stick it back together is really satisfying, because it is the… @halkyardo Have you done any editing using razor blades yet? The changeover for (non-live) radio was happening when…
‘This cat is not stuck’
Retweeted by Katie Marsden @halkyardo @ZiziFothSi @Beardynoise Thing is, I'm not my own type. So while I'd expect most people to say Yes, I al… anderson,, yes please
Retweeted by Katie Marsden @RGibsongirl Ooh. We love taking vowels out of things. And things out of things, and things out of places, and... @RGibsongirl Hang on, what other option is there? Like 'played' or am I inventing that? @thixotropic I can't claim credit for that particular beauty. But if I'm to be credited with showing everyone somet… @howlieT That one was an RT, so I'm less demanding and more just hopeful with those. But if I put it up myself, we all have to discuss it.Kind of the cat to help me rest, by seeing me exhausted & immediately pushing a glass of water onto the floor. @alicecrumbs There are loads of us. @TinyWriterLaura These did feature. I managed to make even more mistakes while there, very impressive of me.In news that isn't so good, the tube was the wrong tube and now I've arsed up my daughter's haircut appointment for… ON THE TUBEJudging from Twitter, I think there are loads of us who thought this. A part of imagined them being stored, next to… @thebrainofchris Very much same. It's been years since I found out, but I was a grown-up. @notsotweets We didn't build a nice big marble run, we don't get a say in this. @Ally_Nuttall @ClaraVulliamy @debtex @novelideasblog @librarymice @dawnafinch @RachaelLBC @ALibraryscience @bcb567 @itsdaneesaur Happy Birthday! Xx
For future reference, if I ever tweet a picture along the lines of 'Gwendoline Christie squeezing Oscar Isaac's fac… @halky_on_main I think your adrenaline probably is messing with your brain-thoughts, because of the yuck. This is s… @daniel_barker @Scriblit Imagine the eyelashes!When I was younger, I thought the Elgin marbles were just really massive marbles. I even pictured them coming in re… @LouisatheLast @halkyardo Why don't I have more eyes? I need to look at this using at least eight of them.FYI I had to look at a lot of pics of Oscar Isaac while I was working on my Poe cosplay. Here’s one I saved. You’re…
Retweeted by Katie MarsdenBats are important pollinators for some cactus species and many other plants. #LOVEBATS (Photo: National Park Serv…
Retweeted by Katie Marsden @ClaraVulliamy @debtex @novelideasblog @librarymice @dawnafinch @RachaelLBC @ALibraryscience @bcb567 @Read4eva @ClaraVulliamy @debtex @novelideasblog @librarymice @dawnafinch @RachaelLBC @ALibraryscience @bcb567 @Read4eva @RachaelLBC @novelideasblog @librarymice @dawnafinch @debtex @ClaraVulliamy @ALibraryscience @bcb567 @Read4eva @cl_gamble @howlieT Yes, rice is super dodgy for food poisoning, beware beware! I am wildly over-cautious with rice… @novelideasblog @librarymice @dawnafinch @debtex @RachaelLBC @ClaraVulliamy @ALibraryscience @bcb567 @Read4eva @TheAceMagpie I know, exciting! They were in a bag full of stuff, which was behind another bag full of stuff, which… @notsotweets Also glad this isn't public, phew.They have been moth-attacked a little bit, while they hid from me, but it could have been much worse. Yet again, an… @ea_robinson They are the absolute best. Fingery gloves get taken off to do anything at all in life, then lost imme… @HMSACharity In a brown fabric bag, under the bed, and that bag was behind both another bag *and* another big box.… @notsotweets Thanks. I was about to say 'Hope you enjoy the Mikkelsen column' but that sounds like absolute filth,… @notsotweets Well. My first pair did get eaten by my first cat hahaha.They are handmade-in-Scotland, non-itchy, very warm, soft, lambswool gloves. And I couldn't justify buying another… @notsotweets I knew I could rely on you 💜I knew someone was listening! This is the saga of the lost fingerless gloves. Well over a year. Two winters. My chi… @danieljmckee That's more of a background problem making this miraculous @redfacts I want this. @ea_robinson WINNER!!! @ClaraVulliamy @dawnafinch @bcb567 @Read4eva @ALibraryscience @Elizabethutch @bookloverJo @jocotterillbook @CazApr1 @redfacts Nah. It's almost as if you don't all live in my house and hear everything I say. Incredible news to me.Can't believe you're not all keeping a spreadsheet of my major life concerns. One of you is going to get it, I have faith. @danieljmckee I mean yes, that's a good point but it is Other. @HMSACharity @kataraqui Got that cat well-trained x @kataraqui Haha that is quite miraculous. I wanna see if anybody gets it... @AnneLouiseAvery Sending you love and strength, and the hope for moments of joy xxLong-term followers. Spot the miracle in this picture. @ClaraVulliamy @dawnafinch @bcb567 @Read4eva @ALibraryscience @Elizabethutch @bookloverJo @jocotterillbook @CazApr1 @thixotropic I need to get a new phone so I can put music & CDs on it, because this one is made of vinegar & brown paper.Lie down & not sleep? Or look upon the glowing validation portal?Neural net trained on microbes tag yourself
Retweeted by Katie Marsden @JanelleCShane I'm tiny, anxious rainbow-blob in the dark. @neilhimself Shirley Jackson is magic. One time, while reading her, I became afraid of the colour blue. @davethewoodsman @robinince Yeah, I think you're on-purpose given the option to read it that way, but without it having to be fully clear.
@robinince It was very tense and emotional, in my home accent & speech patterns, and now I am gone a bit wrong. @robinince It's done me in, has tonight's episode. It hit the exact sound frequency to make me shatter.Oh my. #InsideNo9 The speech rhythms broke me. Glad my husband is from a similar bit of the country to me, because…