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Los Ingobernables de ColumbusYou didn't think I'd send him off without my own departure ceremony, did you? 👋🏻🌈🎶 #SeasonsOfTrump
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @winstongolds No way @WillSamson10 Overheard Sam watching a video that said they hated this song @intellegint U da man! @himmybuffet It’s a bop!
The only 420 I really remember was the Columbine massacre.....and that really ruined everyone's high. Bad day.
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97XxThe Left loves to show their anti-Italian bigotry every time Christopher Columbus is brought up. It never, ever ends.
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @hewwodowwy Bold of you to assume I know what that means @hewwodowwy She’s naked! How lewd... @NyetheRy @TheBabylonBee @benshapiro Shut up dork @SullivanBobby Don’t come to Ohio tomorrow... @SullivanBobby I like Tompa Brady @SullivanBobby Congrats pal! @julesdotwave With! Best 8 bucks I ever spent!Im@not bitter at all!!! fine folks at @CD929fm are playing what they referred to as "king song" (hazarding a guess this is King of Maki…
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xxwe’re finally going to be done with this COVID shit on Wednesday so I should just come clean now: I thought we were…
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx
heartbreaking! this is my cousin having serious muscle convulsions after getting the COVID vaccine! please share if…
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97XxThey’re playing the king of making out tonight on cd 92.9 somewhere between 9-11 @YungRimbaud666 Let’s go @julesdotwave A friend who treats me like garbage 😖Didn’t listen to much music this week cause I’m sick so I was curious how this would play out bts and bds mixed upi told you motherfuckers Bladee fans were sus
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @sam_gilton Which one @astratlas @samdispenza You got me! That’s my Twitter and that’s what I look like. @samdispenza Heyyyyy sorry everyone is yelling at you. Fucked up when a bunch of people online gang up on someone a… @slambunctious Yeah whatever man @seeingpaths @OurCommune Yuuuuuuup
Yeah it’s hard to be “that crazy ass white boy” all the time
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @WillSamson10 Guy loads a bullet into a revolver and gives it to a girl. She pulls the trigger to show her loyalty… pissed cause I’m thinking of a scene but can’t remember what movie it’s from @julesdotwave Change my pitch up, throw my bitch up - Genesis P-Orridge
Swagging out company. Congrats, @Klow7! #WeTheNorth
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @threesabovehigh This is so epic @GirlfriendHaver Mornin
@WillSamson10 Fistful of love.....great song.....People would probably try to find a reason to get mad at these guys if they were around today*over the shittiest beat youve ever heard* something strange in the neighborhood the way so many of you calling GHOSTWRITERS lately
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @jackfromohio Any about me? @winstongolds Not worth imo
@tom_on_here Looking like it’s Cleveland’s year this year! @winstongolds No not really @Jacob_NYT @ me next time? Just trying to lighten up the mood ffs.... @WillSamson10 I don’t think soWould you vaccinate this man part in goodfellas where he goes “there was Fat Andy, and Frankie the Wop...” Singer @SullivanBobby woooooooooo @winstongolds Gunger ale @hewwodowwy And her music is really boring @WillSamson10 @sam_gilton Yes the rumors are true. I’m dead.
The Great Masturbator, 1929 #surrealism #salvadordali
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @WillSamson10 Yeah @WillSamson10 My personal doctor and then an urgent care doctor @WillSamson10 Medical @WillSamson10 YessirBeen having just the most awkward interactions with doctors recently @WillSamson10 The Bible @pressing_two Mornin partner @sam_gilton @seeingpaths MissHadn’t seen much trash talk from Bama fans but then I remembered that Parler was taken down
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @Jacob_NYT Looking sharp @seeingpaths Go bucks! @winstongolds Go bucks
@hewwodowwy I have no way to defend myself from this @hewwodowwy Putting you on the block for this @MCFreemanraps Cartman?The pain I’m experiencing is causing me to become unhinged...... @WillSamson10 Shiiiiit I meant the right @WillSamson10 Who is that on the left @WillSamson10 Is this a hall and Oates song? Cause you make a my dreams come true @winstongolds Gl;hf :) @dissyourself It’s really cool and if I could afford to do it I would @winstongolds Yeah connect ur Spotify to last fm and then go here a dream last night someone complimented my taste in music based on thisahh yeah here he comes, big double d, r budd dwyer himself, looks like he brought a bag lunch, smart
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97XxAll of my miniseries are on I’ve covered shock jocks, heavy metal, butt rock, kid rock, t…
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97XxMy body is in so much pain.... @hewwodowwy Ma’am I was too busy being straight to watch glee when it was on @jackfromohio I’m gonna go on there and say ur bullying me @hewwodowwy The what @WillSamson10 Holy shit was not expecting that lmaoooooDon’t stop believing would be the worst song ever if it wasn’t in the sopranos @capittalism I fucking hate itBig news! We are officially changing our band name to "Shin Guard"
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @SullivanBobby Wtf?????? @SullivanBobby No??? Why would they do that...... @SullivanBobby If it makes u feel better wasp Factory won’t be doing thisTake a look back at Nirvana's first recording contract with Sub Pop, who signed them for $600 in 1989.
Retweeted by xXcau5ticsniper97Xx @WillSamson10 Yeah I just think the video looks cool @tom_on_here Go browns