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she/her☀️I love music, Kingdom Hearts & Japan🌟山形に住んでいます🏔踊り手✨鈴木香音/Suzuki Kanon💚BANZAIJAPAN🌾🍠👾DD👓👀🌱🍺

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@patch_paragon おはよう! @kanata_DDbabies おはようううう! @mio_h_BJ ちゃんみおおはよう! @fumi_BJ おはよう! @rima_minato_BJ 大丈夫?🥺 @airi_t_BJ おはよう! @maika_a_BJ おはよう! ああああ!!!青い花が大好き!💙 @himawaridaa おはようううう @juria_asahi_BJ おはああああ^^ @rena_sh_BJ 玲奈ちゃんおはようううう! @saya_h_BJ おはきち! @hadime_tomi0123 おはよううう✌️まるもふびより(モップ)に投票したよ☆ みんなも投票しよう! @_JunchanAngel_ WOOP WOOP SHOUTOUT FOR ZUKKI 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
@koutann2525 おはこうた🐸Guys I need help here who is the person in the striped shirt cause he looks exactly like my ex-boyfriend and it’s s… @naruki_paragon おはよう! @nagi_paragon おはよう! @taiga_paragon おはたいが!🐯 @hrk_715_ おはよう! @youta_paragon おはようた!☀️プリン🍮☀️ want to remind my mutual goodie-collectors in EU again that July is coming closer and new customs regulations…
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ) @roro_wanwan Asking the big questions right here @sourbratgang I hate that he feels the need to apologise…20210509 Fine blog update "About the recent events"
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ) @adu_paragon おめでとう!!!🤩Okay so Tommy was my cosmic oshi and I did wonder who was going to be my new one. It’s Fine. 100% it’s Fine.
@youta_paragon おはようた!☀️Eurovision is on at 4am Japan time… Do I do the thing? I really wanna do the thing… @ayaka_0o0 I know in America it’s common to have syrup with bacon on pancakes! In the UK we don’t usually have panc… no twitter crop ⛩
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ)Ash finds Lugia 🌊
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ)HELP I'VE BEEN SHOT
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ) @patch_paragon サントラを楽しみ!!!🤩REN SIR THAT IS YOUR SENPAI someone let me know if anyone found that python in Yokohama? Cause I know if I Google “Yokohama python” I’m goi… @patch_paragon おはようございます! えええええぱっちの足の指大丈夫?🥺痛そう😖😖😖 @nozakix 美味しそう🤤🤤🤤 @AmbroiseVelvet I was kidding about the snake land thing 😅 That being said if it is actually a snake land then I am never going again 😶I have done this so many times 😭 not specifically with tomato juice but just hitting the wrong button on the machin… @__jnknO53O おはよう! @naruki_paragon おはようございます! 今日は山形市の公園でイベントがあるらしい。行って調べてみます!😊 @DD_4ptn おはやう!🐄 @baroo_min おはよう! 楽しかった、ありがとう!!!😊 @nagi_paragon なぎおはよう!Good morning! @hrk_715_ おはよう! どうやら今日山形市の薬師公園でイベントがある。行って調べてみます!😊 @kanata_DDbabies おはよう! ええええお大事にね🥺 @Masaya_DD_ おはようございます! 週末はポケモンと東京ミュウミュウととっとこハム太郎を見ていた!スコットランドのテレビにはアニメがほんの少ししかなかった😭 @koduta_DDbabies おぱょ!😊
@taiga_paragon おめでとう!!!🤩 @_JunchanAngel_ Tsurutei used exclamation marks when he retweeted it so I think we’re okay :3 @kanata_DDbabies おやすみ! @baroo_min 久しぶりいいいいいい^^ れんのダンスはとてもかっこいい…🥺 いつかれんのように踊りたい!間違えませんでした!🤩🤩🤩 artists who get reposted a lot .... this might help you !!!
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ)i’ve been waiting to post this alone for almost 3 years
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ) @aiaaya_ I’m 100% serious, if I lived anywhere near there I wouldn’t be leaving my house until it was caught.Whenever there are official tweets with only full stops and no exclamation marks or emojis I get c o n c e r n e d @aiaaya_ HE LEFT HIS WINDOW OPEN TO AIR HIS ROOM WHILE HE WAS OUT AND THE SNAKE WAS LIKE 👀 HISS HISS BISH I’M OUTyay twitter (un)cropped
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ)練習終わった!!!たくさん踊った😅 @reina_daisuki I WOULD LIKE VIDEO PROOF OF THIS PLEASE KODUTA 👀 @roro_wanwan I know you will I was being a dick 😆Ro I will pay you to translate this ASAP 🤣 not biased at all 👀 (Btw I’m kidding I know you’re doing all of them e… @ItsKellyTimeNow I laughed way more than I should have THE WINGS ON THE DOG 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @KupoConEN Paine was a freaking badass and she got done so dirty by not being featured more 😭,,,,, Curtain😗😘 @ConanOBrien
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ)J-Hope called Conan “Curtain” and I am HOWLING at his reaction 🤣 did this make me feel sad 🥺 @mothmanoshi Oh yeah you’re in Yokohama aka snake land. Please don’t get strangled.Here we go, there’s probably going to be a surge after Golden Week now… >< Tokyo confirms 907 new cases of coronav… Twitter crop means I can post one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken without it getting ruined
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ)Overseas folks! You can get Phantom Quest goods now! And the CD is coming out soon so be sure to get that too!!! @_greasepaint I mean I do not blame her, Jaffa cakes are god tier snackage @tomitake723 母の日に母が天国から私を見ていることを願っている😊💜💐 @acchi81 Oh no 😶 Please tell them to stay safe and be careful!!! @tomitake723 横浜の近くに住んでなくてよかった😥 ヘビが怖い!嫌い嫌い嫌い!!!THANK GOD I DON’T LIVE IN YOKOHAMA. @taiga_paragon やった!!! @sora_amatsu0411 おはよう! ゴールデンウィークは山形で毎日雨が降っていった😭 @kikucho_1011 おはよう! @kimapuriHP おはよう!🌌 @_JunchanAngel_ For example I thought Naruki would be the boy with the glasses (of course), Youta would be the rich… @umineko0402 おそようみねこ!😸 @sasa_sa_BJ こんにちは!( ^ω^ ) @turutei こんにちは! ゴールデンウィークは山形で毎日雨が降っていった😭😭😭 @_JunchanAngel_ I’d cry with happiness if it did 😭 I had cast it in my head 🤣 like who would do which partまるもふびより(モップ)に投票したよ☆ みんなも投票しよう! @rena_sh_BJ おはよう!💖 @n1chan おはよう! The weather was so bad in Yamagata during Golden Week 😭 it rained every day!!! @_JunchanAngel_ He mentioned it in a blog post before Covid happened. It was aaaaaaages ago. He had fans vote on wh…'s slow COVID vaccine rollout turns hope into frustration @roro_wanwan He just is really awkward 🤣Avengers Campus cast members have assembled at Disney California Adventure park. Their mission: Gear up in their br…
Retweeted by Vikki/Kukiko 💛(く黄こ) @hadime_tomi0123 おはよう!!! ええええおつかれとみー!🍺❌👏 頑張ります! @baroo_min おはよう! @__jnknO53O おはよう! @patch_paragon おはよう!