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Kum & Go @kumandgo Des Moines, IA

kum & go your own way

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@jessebtyler @kylescheele @arieljrubin wait who told you about the notorious kum & go black card? @UnkTheUnknown love the corn @Ghostymost & go @jessebtyler @arieljrubin @kylescheele me threeevery single time @blakemcouch indeed @94LHH oh same @94LHH is everything ok? @94LHH @jetaimelxu sad☹️ @jetaimelxu @91MEDlClNE you spelled fortunately wrong @jetaimelxu yes i do
@hikarialt today @pixelittz dude what the heck @teethands yes @leroyspanky yes go ahead @wxJeffDuda i check each like and take notesthank you @FrankieRoyce we sell these?! @tay_c0peland sup @Regnartterb love that song @piperesllorar yes, yes it is @piperesllorar you amaze me every day @oweser1134 ty @Wathi_BLM nono @EoinTheGod & go @Regnartterb oh shoot that one's really good @Cag0940 thank you graphic design is my passionthings i love: kum & watching the film ar 🤝… @Scottishwaffles oh boy @Panchio_rayado prob for the best @Darcy54677864 rats @Panchio_rayado you didnt like it did you? @jpmanzane oh shoot @JakeBullington @FriendInTheFire it's fine i guess @LessfIaw oh no @nicholosberry fine like it then what do i care @TacoDude1985 whoa ok ok like it jeez @OneFreshPillow ty pillow @icumwhenucry dangkum & don't like this tweet @tay_c0peland i did @L0GCHAMP no @teethands you spelled dreaming wrong
thank you @joshua_funk_ that's it @DJNoahBediance @BenMack worked thus far @NEHumaneSociety ty @roguegamer248 ok will do @ssgarfield99 sad @s_cummings23 do it i'll send you a fanny pack @theresistancepj thank you same @TOOASTEDD @NetcohdR what joke? @s_cummings23 grea how are you sarah kummings? @TOOASTEDD @NetcohdR what joke? @thelexum hi to youkum & go like this tweet @NetcohdR @TOOASTEDD bro @DJNoahBediance @BenMack we're very discrete @droolingdenki @HagakureToruHoe huge day @LDinspired @justin_moore im so proud
@BeRad116 @ProfessorCWG oh dang @basedxgenius cant confirm or deny @ISU_FB_Update it's the hottest take of all. it's also the truest @hay_kyuu lol ok im impressed @droolingdenki @genderdisliker you're welcome but no i will not kumplete the mutual @ProfessorCWG @genderdisliker @droolingdenki i would never @twirlinghaze same tbh @genderdisliker okliving for our tiktok comments @DebrineKirk @Tabasco693 please dont @genderdisliker no 💕 @droolingdenki yes? @dana_darko @MMAldrich me dana i do @droolingdenki @genderdisliker HELP @karsyn_delaney love that town
@ArchCools i like michigan @AlucardJoestar @ArchCools kum & obrigado @verycoolchris no 💕 @MrsSydneyCookie he was close @04mnop @NEHumaneSociety @adcrowst same @NEHumaneSociety love you so much @chuck917 would be an honor & a privilege sir @therealsnctyler thank you tyler you legend @WilliamSugas @adamamin facts @IrelandGasPrice @PM_POG_MEMES thank you ireland gas prices @PM_POG_MEMES @IrelandGasPrice no there aren't @mariameetsworId well i'm in nebraska too, i contain multitudesbecause it rules @OneFreshPillow @jgelzinis @TDOnline @TaMarynWaters brilliant
@robinmartinson he's kum home! @waldsi absolute legend @sanjupilli lol wouldn't miss it @BrianIvy oh true they do have the metric system there dont they @wxJeffDuda tant pis @TJDePhillips @JPGtheMVP @mazkeraide merci beacoupi was today years old when i learned french people call the kum & go in paris "le kum & go"