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Samit Singh @kumarsamit Bangalore, India

Senior Banker, Ex Board Director & COO; Avid reader; Any day quality over quantity; Retweets not necessarily an endorsement

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Pidilite to acquire Araldite maker Huntsman’s India unit for $284 mn Strong to stronger
@kumarsamit @ValaAfshar That was the new invention, "safety bicycle". Less painfull to fall.
Retweeted by Samit Singh @ValaAfshar Towards the end, you can see couple of folks carry the regular racing cycle in the backgroundKarnataka HC says FT MF trustees cannot be indemnified. A good wake up call for both Trustees and Unit holders to k… is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.
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Meanwhile both Future and Reliance proving their loyalty in the bed. @Dwari1008 @anandmahindra The art of making others feel that their life is incomplete! @kumarsamit @TheNationDunno Yep. Maybe a counter offer from friendlies
Retweeted by Samit Singh @deepakshenoy @TheNationDunno At this time it looks like that’s the primary motive. What will they gain by buying t…
Quit thinking about what is wrong with your life and be grateful for what went right. Success rarely occurs to thos…
Retweeted by Samit SinghInteresting story building up in the three way love affair of Reliance - Future - Amazon @b50 @GabbbarSingh is trying to help you solve this problem! @thatguybansal Showing off was and is a typical North Indian trait. But South is catching up as well. @pvsubramanyam And the trustee who.....Same here. I have seen people with lavish bungalows in Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar but unable to pay… Absolutely true! @datta_arvind In my earlier days of career, have done collections, recovery, skip-tracing, repossession, representi…सुप्रभात। विजयदशमी की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएँ!
@ramukatri @suchetadalal @RBI @DasShaktikanta @nsitharaman Wow!but sir if they call it endowment NOBODY will buy it. It is actually a low profit endowment product. Lol
Retweeted by Samit Singh @pvsubramanyam Ha ha ha! @kumarsamit @GabbbarSingh True. Done the math a number of times and realised buying apartment on loan and emi is a…
Retweeted by Samit Singh @Iamsamirarora Jai Mata Di!Blockchain will transform the Trade Life cycle. Watch out dear custodians. Reconciliations teams may be a matter pa… @pvsubramanyam Per my definition, the moment there is a return of premium tagged to the insurance product, it’s no… @GabbbarSingh By the time you get possession, the folks would need a bigger, better one to be placated. Rent is muc…
Needs no further explanation! time in one field does not mean Experience! Experience does not mean Clairvoyance!
Retweeted by Samit Singh @datta_arvind Isn’t NDA a 3 year (6 term) course? Or was it different then?
@jack Unnecessarily needling a working feature just to keep UX guys busy.Keep earning from it, yet ridicule it. That foxes me. @kumarsamit Actually, customer experience *is* the product. But sometimes the product isn't the business. :)
Retweeted by Samit SinghIn August 2019 I was just hair’s breadth away from using them to buy HDB Financial Services shares. Thank God for… times ahead for India as per IMF. How do they factor in Corona and it’s impact into their projections when vac… all the DIY investors- Free cheese is always available in mouse traps! (Whatsapp university is not so bad always)This 👇🏻 @deepakshenoy
J.P. Morgan Research examines how COVID-19 has transformed consumer spending habits and consumption trends globally.
Retweeted by Samit Singh @deepakshenoy That’s absolutely agreeable perspective. You just peeled a layer of onion! @deepakshenoy I would differ on this view. This is like the layers of onion! Each layer brings its own perspective.… poor reflection on the Indian corporate excellence. How do we up the game? Need to have a position in top 5. @PrashantmET I have already extended it 3 times! Tempted to exit everytime I renew but then hold back given I don’t… @pvsubramanyam If you stay away from everything which reeks of corruption, which department, which sector will you stay engaged in?
@SanjayRaghurama The positive side of CoVID- 19. There are quite a few! @pvsubramanyam @FTIIndia Let’s see what regulator does about it. Or would you add them as well to this list in due course.... @SanjayRaghurama Zilch! Everyone asked to stay seated when plane stopped at the bay. They announced 4 rows at the t… yesterday after almost 8 months. Things pretty much normal except while take off and landing the crew insisted… @WeAreBangalore And as coincidence would have it, we were there 2 weeks back. We definitely need to do lot more to…
@Uber_India Why does your app still show 4 pax as seating capacity when currently only 3 are allowed per car? I und… @himanshuvyapak @ciellearning @Moneyogi Hey this is superb! Good start. Just browsed briefly and found interesting… @kumarsamit @ciellearning Yes, completely aligned. We are taking small steps across Financial education, awareness…
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@AdityaD_Shah Who knows this better than @larissafernand !! @pvsubramanyam Pathetic and sorry state of affairs. How do such people sleep peacefully at night?Perhaps something for @ciellearning @himanshuvyapak to brood over. @pvsubramanyam It’s sad indeed. No words. This is public forum so I’ll restrain from expressing myself more. @pvsubramanyam I keep thinking about this time and often. How do we increase the depth and impact of Financial Advi…
One for you to cover -@ChristinMP_TOI @ShyamNation @passivefool I sort of disagree with second half of your statement. For a newbie, putting money in ETF… @pvsubramanyam In some years people will start immigrating to Bangladesh and SL as well for better quality of life! @pvsubramanyam That’s inspiring! Would love to follow in your footsteps soon. How soon - that’s something I’ll have…
@ians_india There was an era when Citi cards said their competition is money - not other card companies. Now I thin…
@adahihandekar Exactly! Churning going on in full flow!This was TRP...
Retweeted by Samit SinghVery good read on basics. There is no hurry to hurt someone who has at least started saving and has some process in… @pvsubramanyam Online has its advantages but I’m still the old school guy who loves to interact via in-person sessi… @pvsubramanyam In Hindi - jaise ko taisa @kumarsamit Funny country. Ask them to buy a large-cap fund and they will not. Sundaram IPO collects Rs. 650 crores…
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@pvsubramanyam You have got one very good broker! @amancool5 @SadhguruJV Keep learning, keep sharing!Crazy advisory out there. Multiple friends calling to confirm that their advisors are asking them to redeem existin… @jitenkparmar Not worth it. Cashback minimal but in return open up your entire spending pattern to them. You are the product.
@kumarsamit Wah wah!
Retweeted by Samit SinghGood habits are difficult to acquire but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to acquire but difficult to live… Causes of Very Bad Decisions Some excellent points to ponder over. A good article by ⁦@morganhousel⁩ time will writing should be done by all who have any assets - irrespective of age or pandemic situation. Do…
@RoshanCariappa @kumarsamit Do check the videos of @1MarkMoss as well. He is good too.
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@newvinay But the credit for the first airport in the world to go 100% solar is still with Cochin airport. Of cours… Azerbaijani MiG-25 was shot down by the Armenians, using the 'Shilka' weapons system. In Nagorno-Karabakh, the A… @kumarsamit @CashFlow_IsGod it will if Tata Sons does not participate in the BB. However, Tata Sons will participat…
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@pvsubramanyam @CashFlow_IsGod Exactly my view as well. Tata Sons will for sure tender shares in TCS buy back. As for ESG........ 😊 @kumarsamit An Indian who has an india fund. And who for decades has been an india investor
Retweeted by Samit Singh @safiranand Isn’t one name Singapore based? @CashFlow_IsGod @pvsubramanyam TCS is doing the buy back so how will Tata Sons holding go up in TCS??! 🤔 @pvsubramanyam You forgot #sarcasm in the above tweet? @pvsubramanyam Classic case of Dividend yield increasing - not because of increase in numerator but because of decrease in denominator !! @pvsubramanyam And the next level of this #sarcasm would be- buy more ITC from the dividends as the stock would be… @kumarsamit Not showing performance necessarily Just showing existence of range Also I don’t mind showing perfo…
Retweeted by Samit Singh @GabbbarSingh @kumarsamit Aloo Tikki
Retweeted by Samit Singh @kumarsamit @GabbbarSingh Banker. Samit. Singh
Retweeted by Samit Singh @GabbbarSingh And the next Nobel prize for Economics goes to.....!!! 👏 👏 👏 @GabbbarSingh Instigator! @deepakshenoy @suchetadalal Would you have a break up of AUA vs AUM? @KalpenParekh I know your standards and transparency- hence was a bit perturbed. @KalpenParekh Is it fair to show performance of past 1-1.5 years to recommend funds, disclaimer not withstanding?
@pvsubramanyam That’s why i wrote this- @artijourno What about Bhim app?"Vanguard’s ETFs took in more than twice as much new cash last month as its nine largest competitors combined." "Y…
Retweeted by Samit SinghTata Taking on Ambani Could Be India’s Alibaba-Tencent. Hopefully the elephant will move now else they’ll lose th…
@Kuvera_In @KristalAI_India - could you confirm and advise how best to avoid 40% estate tax for Indians investing i… @TyTweed My wife 😊 @deepakshenoy Remembering Stephen Covey - how to move from Dependence to Independence to Interdependence.