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@DreamingMiku is cute | posting anime and cute girls | Rimuru simp | i love vtubers, idols and gacha games (they/them)

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@YungChocIateBar yeah @YungChocIateBar Did you see my last tweet that might help @YungChocIateBar @miwotic hey arc what’s wrong @miwotic Same @ChitandaPilled Yume pls don’t get booted off twitter again @sadissmoking Catching up? @Whispurrain hey @2TalyTom Who @Intel_iZ BBAN-008oomfie meetup forgive me for my next tweet
I can’t stop laughing help me a waifu every day 92: Sumi Sakurasawa (Rent a Girlfriend) @pettankoneesan Oh how it feels to be a futatwitter users after sending a screenshot of a fictional characters age on wikifandom to an artist @LovedBeingHated I tweet about huge anime tits like a normal personI swear they make these big anitwitter accounts in a factory bro they’re all the same @YssaCornChan Can you sing ride on time pleaseI am in love with this video tweet “reply with your last saved image” so I can get good quality fanart sent directly into my notifications wants to see your last saved image, do you pass the oomfie test? hope it’s a PS5! man won at life @FloodByBoris stinky (very hot)I’m genuinely surprised Quintessential Quintuplets isn’t apart of this crossover since these series are all in Week… they announced a Rent a Girlfriend crossover game 3 days ago and I’ve heard nobody talk about it yet?! go absolutely feral whenever the persona 5 girls are on screen @tomboypilled Saw this and smiled then saw the image @heroinheroine_ noooo! @Milkyrone Is it true @loveayart if you wanna get a bag allow furry commissionssniffed my damn screen a waifu every day 91: Hibiki Sakura (How Heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift?) @SangenshokuJr So good you replied twice @SangenshokuJr You know it @RellVibin The final episode @ChitandaPilled I knew one who spent that much just to play stardew valleyalso who wanna recreate lol can’t believe this scene was in Redo of Healer and aired on TV @CringeCyanide Yeah go ahead @IHATEVIRGlNS So true @girlkisser9000 Congrats @dumgirleri Exactlymfs with an M in their name got a piss kink“excuse me ma’am, but do it fart?”
Miyuki my beloved part 2 if you have both a praise and degrading kink @kinkykttn barkSummer Junko and Nanami ✨
Retweeted by Me¡this official art living rent free in my mind wanna see them have sweaty lesbian sex my beloved 2 Toaru artbooks arrived @pupb0icarti Thank you I’ll take that @pupb0icarti pleasetoday I offer you smug Akane, tomorrow? who knows @Milkyrone Stop reading my mind @Orlen_pies SSSS Gridmanmy heart skipped a beat @ecchi_gf Congrats! @tsunderebutt @kiikazuu Kiss me @tsunderebutt @kiikazuu I used to be a bronygirl: *is nice to me* my brain: @Astraea_concubi @kiikazuu you got a chance @tsunderebutt pls for once I’m actually curious to hear your answer @kill_meni Proof @tsunderebutt ANSWER ME @Kurisuchaneko How much @Kurisuchaneko proof @tsunderebutt Is it good @tsunderebutt no I’m a virgin sorrySHIT THIS ISNT GOOGLEnutting on a girl’s glasses @lyssiu I had to make the pun @lyssiu I’m sorry @lyssiu I guess this means you’ll get caught in 4k @Megararagi wtfI think 5 inches is enoughthe weak should fear the strong @ecchi_gf I cry often @ecchi_gf 7 @Whispurrain @kiikazuu I don’t blame himsomeone stop @kiikazuu @dumbfuckgf oh yeah I like getting them I just don’t know how to respond most of the time @dumbfuckgf Honestly I’d rather get 1 retweet and 10 likes than 0 retweets 20 likes cuz it feels like pity likes 😔Tanya is getting a season 2 LETS GOOOOO @dumbfuckgf When I get a retweet @pettankoneesan My dad was like don’t have a kid before 25 yet I’m 20 and haven’t even kissed anyone lmaonormalise dipping your titties in your soda before drinking itthis is canon @ecchi_gf This is too much powerPOV: you tell me you don’t shower @cloutdeprived @paamgaming Send both videosI have big hands I’m very insecure @retroking__ I’m listening @fallen__Light @Wolfzee11 Bandori avi moment @retroking__ do I just have big hands @BookmarkArtist what will allow us to see, I’ll overcome any challenge @rtardedgf freaky big hands 😔 @FubukiSupremacy sters