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@SaltyWenchMedia @AdahopAlex This made me literally laugh out loud. 😆Per @Newsweek
Retweeted by kungfukiddoHey! I just wanna shout out a very happy birthday to my friend @BambiWi5! Happy birthday girly! 💖🥳 @Darklordtory *hugs* I’m so sorry you’re going through this 😞Well.. for those of you who don’t know I’ve been spending my Saturday evenings helping my mom care for my grandma.… @AnthonyCSN Yaaaaay! I may or may not be there.. But even if I’m not I’ll be there in spirit. @AdahopAlex I adore your pets. 💕
@AdahopAlex @AnthonyCSN @Ninja I think challenging yourself is great, but most people seem to be questioning the ne… @The_muzz1 I need one! @TechieQube Noooo! 😨 I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. @TheIllegitJump Well, he’s a professional gamer so I can see what he means. He’s not totally wrong, just partially.… boys got their channel back!!! Now I hope @YouTube @ytcreators helps the 30+ others that have lost theirs. But…
Retweeted by kungfukiddo @bushhhyy @YouTube @NeebsOfficial For a channel of full time content creators who rely primarily on the platform..… on the FB fan group asked for this, so I made a thing. I'mma get myself a t-shirt! 😆 survived the Hackening! Let’s celebrate! See you there. ❤️
@JJtoob @Aztecia316 Tell me about it. I've been trying to fix this Kungfukiddo person for 34 years now. @JJtoob @Aztecia316 I'm aware. I know it's not easy. But it would be nice to know they're working on a fix and that… @JJtoob @Aztecia316 Right, it is hard to know who's responsible, but regardless it is clear that YouTube and Google… guys, we got our channel back! it might look a little bit weird at first but we're trying to get the channel ar…
Retweeted by kungfukiddoI just want to remind everyone that while @YouTube has made some progress on returning the @NeebsOfficial channel b… @JJtoob Don't dial back, it's not over yet! Besides this isn't just about NG anymore.. This is about YT being negligent! 😤Progress!!! But it’s still not completely fixed... #SaveNeebsGaming #YouTube ⁦@YouTube⁩ How & when are you gonna fix this? And what are you going to do to prevent future hacks? We need ans… @AdahopAlex @SimonSandwiches I mean, at least it was funny. 🤢😆 @SimonSandwiches Best sandwich ever.Our Savior! lol @The_muzz1 #FixItYouTubeFIX IT YOUTUBE!!! #FixItYouTube @AdahopAlex @NeebsOfficial Maybe we should do a stream on that community movie watch app thingy and watch old episo… keep getting confused DMs, so: Our channels @NeebsOfficial (1.9M) and @HankandJed (441K) were compromised on Sat…
Retweeted by kungfukiddoWe can't thank you guys enough for hanging in there with us while we wait patiently to get our channels back. We're…
Retweeted by kungfukiddo @TheIllegitJump @YouTube @ytcreators Without any word from @YouTube on the issue, how are we to know? @TheIllegitJump Not only that, but they VERIFIED the freakin' hackers... Something the channel owner had been tryin… @MeaghanLindsay9 @ytcreators @YouTube @YouTube This right here is unexceptionable. If you have a good reason for not getting this issue resolved faster t… know everyone is looking for ways to help, but honestly the best way to help is to keep talking about it! It's ha…
We give our full support to the amazing people behind @NeebsOfficial and hope that you do too! Their channel has pr…
Retweeted by kungfukiddoContent creators, be aware. This has been happening for awhile. Here’s one example from last year. We still don't have access to our channels but we know that YT is working on it. Obviously, it's not happen…
Retweeted by kungfukiddo @AdahopAlex I know, I’m just teasing. I love your proud mama moments. 💕 but I’m totally making you build my new PC for me. 😬😘 @FatHamil @AdahopAlex #bestcomment 🤣🤣🤣 @AdahopAlex @ShaShaB00m Lol cute! My dogs give me gifts (via my mother) too! @SimonSandwiches Ha! Doralingo. 😂 @SimonSandwiches @PaulyWit We know 💕 @Darklordtory @AnthonyCSN So sad 😞 @SimonSandwiches Well shit! I’m glad someone told me!
@valoperez13 @AdahopAlex @NeebsOfficial I'm advising people NOT to report. NeebsGaming and YouTube are already awar… @AdahopAlex That just breaks my heart... But Y'all create amazing content and I know you don't plan on stopping, so… @DeMone08 @NeebsOfficial They are already aware, but thanks for looking out! For now lets stay subbed to both and j… the meantime, why not support our boys and get yourself some sweet merch?
Retweeted by kungfukiddoUpdate: we have a contact that YouTube that just escalated the situation. The videos that are being shown now on Ne…
Retweeted by kungfukiddo @sarahbbearah @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators This is true. After some googling I see there's… @MrNoBuddies @NeebsOfficial @AdahopAlex @AnthonyCSN @Thick44Official Yes! This ^^^ Absolutely this! @theoriginalbniz @MrNoBuddies @NeebsOfficial @AdahopAlex @AnthonyCSN @Thick44Official Yes, but if you haven't been… @spudzilla1325 @YouTube FIX IT ANTHONY! @Zygomatica66 I know that feeling! What we CAN do is keep talking about the issue on social media so that fans are… @daemelar @Tobimedias @spudzilla1325 Perhaps! For now I think the safe bet is to keep talking about the issue on so… @Tobimedias @spudzilla1325 I totally understand the logic there, but the hijackers are doing this to redirect viewe… do not unsubscribe from the @NeebsOfficial YT channel! I know the spam is worrisome & us fans don’t want to… @Tobimedias @spudzilla1325 Do not unsub, that’s for sure! I know the spam is worrisome BUT it’s still NeebsGaming c… @Zygomatica66 Girl, me neither. 😂 I just hope we are doing the right thing.. I’ve asked if the guys would like peop… @ZEROFINITE_art Oh.. well hello, sir! 😍 @wheelz8701 YESS!! Congrats Mrs. Wheelz!!! @Zygomatica66 Actually I probably wouldn’t advise that. I’m not sure how that is going to affect the channel once the hijack is resolved.I also want to remind everyone that when reporting the hijacked live-streams on @NeebsOfficial you’re still reporti… @MeaghanLindsay9 @sayurijunie @The_muzz1 @YouTube @NeebsOfficial Remember that when reporting these live-streams by… folks! I know we’re all missing our favorite YT content & we’re all mad this has happened to the guys, but let’… @skank_a_licious What other channel was also hijacked? @NeebsOfficial @YouTube @ytcreators Where’s Bar Lawyer when we need him? @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators Oh, they’re based out of CA, huh? I hope you sue. @trooper431 So true! @skank_a_licious Hmm, no, not that I can see. They’re twitter account appears to still be fine.I’m fuming over this YouTube channel hijack situation right now. @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators UGH this makes me so angry. I really hope this gets sorted out for you guys soon. @AnthonyCSN @JJtoob I agree whole heartedly. @sp4cep4nts @AnthonyCSN @Aztecia316 @svracer34 @Deeptec @NemRaps Those nails tho 😍❤️ @Aztecia316 @AnthonyCSN @svracer34 @Deeptec @NemRaps I had to get on this. FIX YO FINGERS @AnthonyCSN @Aztecia316 @svracer34 @Deeptec @NemRaps Them meaty man digits just aren’t as flexible as some!Lol okay... who’s responsible For this account? 😂
@simonfisher7 Yeah, but that’s why I told him exactly what I want. Lol 😆 @VbagExtremist I got it from @littlerooms 😁 @D1g1talDrag0n But also that 🙃 @JawSkellyman @Aztecia316 Right!? But I bought myself the ring cuz I’m a bonehead.Him: what do chicks like for Valentine’s Day? Me: iunno, heart shaped jewelry? Him: okay. Yeah, he bought me a… @Thick44Official @TheRealRoniJay Make him wear the yoga pants. 😝 Happy Valentine’s Day, you two! 💕 @spudzilla1325 Oooh pretty!
@Aztecia316 @NeebsOfficial @JTMusicTeam What a buncha Azholes. @baines_joshua @GeekyGarrett16 Lol I love you more and more, Baines 😆 @sayurijunie @The_muzz1 I bet he’d love you too, especially in that dress! Dayum girl! @Aztecia316 It dooooee. It makes me giddy @AdahopAlex Oh Squinty 😍 @Aztecia316 Bwhahahaha @Darklordtory @trooper431 That’s a fantastic idea!!! @AquarielleArt I do not understand these feels 😅Sharing this sketch because I have no idea when I’m gonna get around to coloring it. 😅 @MrChambros @ieJoMaFlo Psssst.... @NeebsOfficialTo you these are probably just some dead looking twigs & a faded-ass rose. But to me this is love. 😍 Thank you…
@JonnyEthco @Aannaeyalia Scotch Mounting Tape works wonders.