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@TTraykJ Hentai foundry... ever see someone eating Nerds and freak out for a moment because you mistook the Nerds for that gravel stuff yo… @TheRealRoniJay Cyan. It’s always Haley. @RoryDropkick LISTEN... Furry art is hard to do... But it fucking paaaaays. 😆 @Jeff_Delgado @ZodiacEclipse We really do. @HeroicBrando You think people would pay to see my porn sketches? 🤣Seriously debating starting up a NSFW art Patreon. >.> @TTraykJ Yikes...
@sp4cep4nts @ABeerAndAGame Huh.. I got wine, vodka and homosex. 2021 sounds like it’s gonna be a good year! @Thick44Official Great job, girls! @Thick44Official These are way too cool! Did the littles help with these? @Kumo_Isamashii @AdahopAda @JonnyEthco Nah, girl same. 😅Maybe, not stalked, but I have had terrible experiences wit… @KarduelPlays Don’t worry, you got this! The fact that they’re willing to put this money into getting you this trai… that was good for a chuckle.’ve been talking about recoloring my hair now that it’s almost been a year since I had it done last..but now it’s… @mahoumelonball @TheDamnThinGuy I’d be happy to do this. 🙂 @jijidraws It’s SO pretty! You look gorgeous!! 🤩 @Kumo_Isamashii I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling, but it’s great that you’re getting help! ❤️ @JonnyEthco Hahahaha!! That is terrifying. @SkeeterisaRita That’s what I normally do, but I was super lazy so I just ordered Jason’s Deli 😅Salad and gumbo for dinner on a chilly evening. Now to curl up with my babies and doodle in my sketchbook. 💖 @SkeeterisaRita @AnthonyCSN Now that would be a sight to behold! 😆
Wooow. My high school graphic design teacher just sent me my old class projects she found. I see some things never change. 🤣 @JonnyEthco You both might have some strong emotions about the change for a while & that’s ok. Make sure communicat… @Seedalicious Nooooo! 😖 @sayurijunie Oooo that sounds amazing
@KarduelPlays My head doesn’t hurt, just my eye when I look at bright screens with white backgrounds. Is that also… for whatever reason my right eye is all blurry today and looking at screens hurts. 😩DON’T MAIL YOUR BALLOTS. TAKE THEM DIRECTLY TO AN OFFICIAL DROPOFF LOCATION.
Retweeted by kungBOOkiddo 👻 @ukulately_ Burn the whole place down 😫 @JJtoob When you select an image to post, edit it and crop it using the ratio that Twitter uses with the part of th… @JJtoob Don’t be fooled, the poster set this up to crop it like that. There is a little known trick to make Twitter… @Nomad135710 @TTraykJ @AgentBluesky27 @Kumo_Isamashii How fast you can make something doesn’t determine if you’re a…
@Fangykins @TTraykJ TeePublic is pretty good! They’re more strict about art theft and they have better quality printing too. @MISTER_SIFI @AdahopAda I mean... everyone eventually dies. @Kumo_Isamashii
@PBandJo13 BRUH, I only had 5 nook mile tickets and totally didn’t expect to find him! @BangBangLuluBQ Nope! Audie had moved out and he just happened to be on a mystery island! 😭Its happening! Its finally happening!!! xD #ACNH @The_muzz1 Oooh I love secret cl- I mean.. church stuff... 😬 @Zygomatica66 @TheIrishPickle @TTraykJ @Fangykins @RoboticHat717 @P1K3L3 @zerofinite @GGAAHHHHH @JonnyEthco @sp4cep4nts Just gonna jot some of these down...
So freaking relatable @AnthonyCSN @PlayerOneCoffee Witty commentAwww, look at their little feeties! 😍 am asleep and I can’t wake up! 😴 Seriously I feel like if I close my eyes at all I’m gonna go right to sleep. @philthatremains 🤣 I can’t stop laughing at thisYES, I have trust issues. But who doesn’t these days? 🤷‍♀️
@RoboticHat717 Hahahaha!!! 🤣 @Thick44Official That is so cute!!! @ZodiacEclipse Yeah.. maybe a little heavy bag workout would help. I didn’t think of that!Oof.. I gotta get rid of this tension! @SumiBumii People say that until someone they love dies from it.GOOD BOI! 🤣
It’s funny because it’s true. @RoboticHat717 Well, I don’t think most tattoo artists freehand right on the skin. 😆 it’s more like tracing isn’t i… thought I had today: I should learn how to do tattooing. Or is it just tattoo? Either way, I should do it.Update: I’m watching Ranma 1/2 on Hulu while snuggling my dogs. All I need now is ice cream... >_> *waits for someone to make it happen* @ZodiacEclipse Apparently Ranma 1/2 is on Hulu! So I can watch it! @RoryDropkick I am literally crying because today has been a lot and this was all I wanted to do and now I can. 😭 @RoryDropkick AAAAAHHHHH!!! Yeeesssss!!!I really just want to lay on the couch with my cute dogs and watch Ranma 1/2... but I don’t have Ranma 1/2. 😭 @bbwi__ Ooooh!!! I love her! @sayurijunie Mine was happy. I think it’s a trap...
I’m just gonna say it: FUCK YOU, ABBOTT, you miserable cunt. on a tweet by @badboychadhoy!!!
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🎃 100% Funded 🎃 💕 THANK YOU BACKERS 💕 Our Jack-O-Lantern Drellie is coming home again this…
Retweeted by kungBOOkiddo 👻 @SimonSandwiches Aww, they are so precious! @MaudFeijt They need tiny portraits or paintings to hang above their head boards. And a light. Do you think they make cat size lamps? @sp4cep4nts Yeaaaah! So excited for you! @AnthonyCSN Cleo! <3I have been struggling lately, but I got out and got some very much needed sunshine and exercise with a friend in t…
@KenDavis500 That too! 😆 @SkeeterisaRita Ouch! I’m just not very good at them. My core isn’t as strong as it used to be, but that’s why I’m doing them!
Sit-ups are the devil. 😭 @ComfyMikeTV I love being a weirdo. @lunasm000ke Thank you! It’s comfy too, except the mask. 🤷‍♀️ @iisa_bo @toughnutss You just need the know who to follow!It’s not Halloween yet but I played with costume ideas for a bit today and just didn’t take this one off. I mean..…
I dig this, but I would not want to clean those guitars. really are fantastic. @SimpleCap @ImaJunation @kn0nker The Batman voice is my favorite voice. @ImaJunation @SkeeterisaRita @SimpleCap @kn0nker It really was a perfect design choice! 😆 I loved it. Great job, everyone! @sp4cep4nts Oooh! It's gonna be so pretty! I can't wait to see it when it's finished! @AdahopAda @AnthonyCSN @codyLausch I am memorized by this gif @SkeeterisaRita @Thick44Official I pulled up the stream just in time for the raid and these guys are great! @Seedalicious @Seedalicious I still don’t see Star Wars or MCU as Disney lol and some of the animated stuff is AMAZING, but I jus… @Seedalicious Am I the only person that’s not that into Disney? @sayurijunie @AnthonyCSN @TechieQube I don’t think Nama or Kimura are doing dine in.. but Hero’s has a lot of space so maybe...? @sayurijunie @AnthonyCSN @TechieQube Or Hero’s, OR ITO! We have so many options now! @AnthonyCSN @TechieQube One day, Anthony.. one day! @TechieQube Spicy Tonkotsu!
Hey, I can see you are doing the best you can and I think you're doing a fantastic job! Keep up the great work. ❤️ @wheelz8701 This gave me anxiety. That could have gone very bad! 😖
@Alboknows_ eeeww🩸 𝑩𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒅 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑫𝒂𝒓𝒌𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒔🩸 Zagreus makeup test before I make the whole cosplay! #HadesGame #zagreus #cosplay
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Retweeted by kungBOOkiddo 👻 @ukulately_ I am the same >_>