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@RoboticHat717 @NeebsOfficial Looove it!! 😍
@BambiWi5 Omg the Simon shirt is my absolute favorite! 😂 @RoboticHat717 Oooh! Nice structure! This is basically the method I use when drawing poses too. @seakazoo It was a lot of fun to draw! I’m so glad you like it. 😊Made a little gift for my friend @seakazoo. 💕 It’s her babies, Pirate Jim and Ham. There’s a photo of Ham wearing a… @TheIrishPickle Try again, don’t give up! If you want my advice, just let me know. 😊Looking to hire a 3D modeler for a project I'm working on. If anyone out there is interested drop a link to your work. Thanks!
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@baines_joshua Awww that baby needs some lovin!! @TheIrishPickle What's the matter with it? Maybe I can help? Honestly I think it looks good!This is Pepper. She thinks the world is a little scary. Plans to stay in her bag for a bit. 12/10 would ask if ther…
Retweeted by kungfukiddo @seakazoo Hubba hubba! 😍 Great job on the top! I can barely knit wearable hats. 😂 @Fangykins ... okay, now I wanna play again. @JawSkellyman @AnthonyCSN Just looking at this I can hear his goofy laugh and screaming. 😆 Greer job capturing his personality! I love it!Happy gotcha day, Pippin! You’re the sweetest boi EVER! @TheIllegitJump Not all essential workers are public facing though. I totally understand being concerned about poss…
@JawSkellyman 😂😂😂This is my life right now. @ZEROFINITE @TheIrishPickle @TTraykJ Yes, I can totally vouch for CSP. I use it on my iPad since I use Adobe on my… @TheIrishPickle @ZEROFINITE @TTraykJ Procreate is not a vector based app, it’s all raster. It’s $9.99 I believe.Happy birthday to my little stinker, Luna! oh my god. All the millennial couples during this pandemic are making the new baby boomers!! The cycle begins again!!! @SimonSandwiches Great job, Simon!
@lunasm000ke Lulu’s is in my hometown and I’ve had the giant cinnamon roll a couple of times. I gotta say it’s not… @Fangykins Ooooo so pretty!!! @stiffy21_ Well now you’re in mine. 💕 @TheIllegitJump @seakazoo @Deeptec @SimonSandwiches You...Monster! Get it? Because you prefer Monster? 😂 (I’ll see myself out)Happy birthday to one of the coolest and sweetest ladies I know, @TheIrishPickle! You’re an inspiration to us all.… @JonnyEthco Oh man, he’s such a dirty boi! Great stuff! @seakazoo @Deeptec @SimonSandwiches It’s okay! We still love you. ❤️ @StephenrlR @Deeptec @Rivard0911 @spudzilla1325 Please @spudzilla1325 don’t let him! @seakazoo @Deeptec @SimonSandwiches @ukulately_ Harder to catch then butterflies! 😭
@lunasm000ke @AdahopAlex I had forgotten you actually had a trombone and thought you were just creating the sounds digitally. 😅 @Feather134340 @sp4cep4nts It had a moral, it just wasn’t blasted in your face from the get go. @sp4cep4nts @TheMathPope As much as it sucks I think it was necessary so that people can actually see what goes on… @sp4cep4nts That made it extremely hard for me to watch.. but there is some, at least some, justice at the end. @AdahopAlex Lol wait.. you’re actually recording that sound yourself at home? 😂 I’m totally not surprised. @TheIllegitJump @AnthonyCSN @Bf4assaultgamer @AdahopAlex Didn’t mean to make you feel bad about it. It’s nice that you apologize though. 😊 @TheIllegitJump @AnthonyCSN @Bf4assaultgamer @AdahopAlex But neither of the people in the joke enjoy it. @AnthonyCSN @TheIllegitJump @Bf4assaultgamer @AdahopAlex That joke is so old. @Fangykins We so cuuuute!!!Lol perfect @AdahopAlex Ooh.. yeeeeah. :/ They only last until Sat. Gotta sell them by then. But there’s a whole subreddit just… @ZEROFINITE Yep, same.
@Darklordtory 2,5,9 @IorthLord @AdahopAlex Bwhahaha! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Andy! 😂 @CB_Cowboy It’s cardboard @AnthonyCSN ! @AdahopAlex @Fangykins It’s that rabbit.. it’s gotten to Ada!!! 😱😱😱 @Aztecia316 @JonnyEthco @cyberaxe Omg it’s so weird that I actually kinda want one. 😂 @TTraykJ Are you a student? @TTraykJ @AnthonyCSN I’m not familiar with that program, but adobe illustrator (or even the pen tool in photoshop)… @TTraykJ @AnthonyCSN I still use a non-display tablet. I learned vector drawing using a mouse actually.. what progr…
@TTraykJ @AnthonyCSN I believe in you! It just takes practice. 😊 @AdahopAlex Did I say oil? Well.. I guess since I said it! @TTraykJ @AnthonyCSN I used to hate vector art when I was first learning but now I love it. If you would ever like… @Aztecia316 @JonnyEthco @Doraleous5000 Looks just like him!Thinking about starting the oil’ stream up again... Doodles maybe? What do y’all think? 🤔 @BambiWi5 @Aztecia316 @JonnyEthco @YouTube @DrawfeeShow I LOVE drawfee. I always felt that’s what I was missing in… @Aztecia316 @JonnyEthco @YouTube Oh man.. just think of the fucked up shit that would come out of that. 😂 Drunken D… @Aztecia316 @JonnyEthco @YouTube What if we colab on a doodle stream? <audible gasp> @JonnyEthco @YouTube That grey patch makes you look so distinguished! I’m super interested to see more stuff you… @RoryDropkick To be fair... a lot of people and companies are holding out hope that they can still have their event… @AdahopAlex @Zygomatica66 @natalie11136058 This ^^^ @AdahopAlex GIMME @Jon_Fury I’ve had one, it’s.. an okay mic. I have the Blue Songbird now and it is better, but still not the best m… @seakazoo @mailorderhero I want more. @seakazoo @mailorderhero Holy shit! 😲 @SimonSandwiches Mayo it up, baby!
@sayurijunie Yes! @Aztecia316 @AdahopAlex @Airbnb This is something that seems to have only started happening recently. You may have… @AdahopAlex @Airbnb Don’t even get me started on AirBnB and how broken their platform is. 😑 Hosts that are making t… @JonnyEthco and tell the Mrs. we love her too.Can we all just take a moment to show some serious love for all the healthcare workers out there? We know you’re bu… @BitsofHorror @StarSlaughter Yes!!! It looks so cute! @JimBeam1982 Oh no! I can definitely understand being worried. :( I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hope everything stays normal. @jmelee8 Having baked and decorated a few cakes that would have made me cry too. @JonnyEthco LOL I love it. It’s like a mix of old cartoons & your signature style. Maybe it’s not really your thi… @ButtJuiceSoup 😑 @TheHISHEdotcom Nice hat! @TTraykJ @baines_joshua Yes please..
Anyone else’s eyes just randomly well up with tears today for seemingly no reason? No, just me? I must be having a… @seakazoo We should totally FaceTime and knit together. FaceTime stitch and bitch. @seakazoo Don’t quit it til ya knit it? 😬 @seakazoo No, I want it. @stiffy21_ Today I put on clothes.. like REAL clothes, not pjs. 😳 @stiffy21_ I’ve been playing with different ways to wear my hair and make up... even though I never wear makeup or do my hair. 😅😭
*squeal* 😍 these PONG campaigns are amazing. 😆 @SimonSandwiches Hahaha! Great job @Jon_Fury and @PaulyWit ❤️ @susannah_deanw I was certain that’s what you meant but I had to be sure! ❤️ @susannah_deanw ... what? @ZEROFINITE Pro tip: if ya go to cancel your sub Adobe offers you a major discount. I pay half for the whole suite. @ZEROFINITE Not using Creative Cloud? (I don’t blame you if you’re not) @Fangykins People are so fucking stupid. They act like they can’t possibly be infected & probably think that hangin… @RoryDropkick Oh damn. Was this order out or homemade?
@xmetalearth YES EXACTLY! No one has any right to tell anyone how to care for their own body. It’s basic human rights.When people have been saying Texas is a mess right now it’s because the fuckheads in charge here decided to try & s… @itsdorothysucka Probably this dude: @Thick44Official 🖤 @spudzilla1325 @baines_joshua @CaiteeeCat I adore ghost mantis! I hope to eventually find one for my collection.