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Kuroneko Stan|haganai enjoyer 🀝| I LOVE Evangelion| read boogiepop pls i beg 😭

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@7kawoshin Ok? @XlA0lSM what? @TBZOMBI3 And not to mention the most boring MC in existence Mf Tatsumi in B also how tf is kirito above Kazuma and kaguya?! @TBZOMBI3 First off I'm not a fan of anyone below S but they all deserve to be above yuki the pussy and fucking Kazuya @TBZOMBI3 Mf ew @_maugua @lnvxted @this_vid @TsukiyoYuuTDP Edge @OtakuLachie Shirou's a goat but kiritsugu is so clear @MeamesMeter @OtakuLachie Mf what? @OtakuLachie No @TheSushi55 Mf no @TheSushi55 ... @tisyaboiriley Shinji,guts,battler,shoya,araragi,shirou,naofumi(debatable),kiritsugu,and etc.
@CEOofShion It's amazing easy 10/10 for me @YukinoSzn Why tf is shinji so low I respect the haram teir thoジャージをクをまとめー
Retweeted by nigi the shion simp @KlesYeager Prefer the other one @judaaime No @FallenCrown64 I was just kidding @jamesisalpha 🀝 takes one to know one @DesshiW Please do off why is there omni man porn 2nd why is it always with that dead nigga He decapitated 😭 @DesshiW The boogiepop phantom osts are fire 😩 @DesshiW Bro my top 1 is so clear of this @FallenCrown64 Dw i got you 1 @DesshiW Top 11 @OugiStan @reviswholesome NUTTTING @CEOofShion @this_vid @Fortl3Gends @PrimeVideo It would be a wash @RedBonesMozaic Mf he decapitated the dude 😭 @CEOofShion Teppei* @CEOofShion Tappei of course @VNSalesman Maeda's such a stinker @The25thSpecc @The25thSpecc πŸ—ΏOf*Euphoria actually has one if the best female casts in anime @The25thSpecc The MCs from bastard and sweet home have you not read them? They're amazing @rod_flare @Drika_Gloria Mfs choosing between a sadist and copy paste tsundere with a gun when you have this smh @AnitwtLs Mf using a drawing to justify his point @AnitwtLs I got a submission @AnitwtLs @The25thSpecc No jin or hyun? @t_rabs @kuriisii @this_vidAOT leaks summed up
Retweeted by nigi the shion simp @CEOofShion I know the thread is serious but the pfp has me wheezing @SadBullsFan1 Nah my top 10 still clear @hiyorihere @dxdd758
@rod_flare L this shit's ass @rod_flare @Drika_Gloria Both wrong it's balls @Ori_Anime1 Does a psychological work? @Tetsuya_Ni @dxdd758 I'd Put yuuki in dead mfs but she isn't on the list @Tetsuya_Ni @dxdd758 Not the biggest fan of tatsuya or mahouka as a whole @dxdd758 had to give the goat his own teir @chus_jnc Tatsuya's in ss? Jesus this L is massive @nexzerejima Put* @nexzerejima But Tatsumi in trash where he belongs @lnvxted No your taste in anime is already trash it's probably gonna be whack as fuck @Reiikio Have you read drug candy?Mfs I will never read a whole ass novel series about DAL I got taste @DesshiW πŸ—Ώ @Av9rage The only thing is The color doesn't go too well with mikey or at least that specific picture of him imo @Av9rage Looks nice @animeizboring Damn you really put boku in b teir @NARUSAKU50 @Shunko_Master Shunko I'm finna clap ass πŸ—ΏI'm i suppose to hate her now cause it ain't working πŸ˜‚'s best girl againπŸ™ i was simping for Sumi for a bit but this goat worthy @Ori_Anime1 @jmanw29 I forgive @Ori_Anime1 Got this in the bag @rod_flare @kawibo After the rewatch his actions were more understandable cause that's when i saw the depth to his character @rod_flare @kawibo Still top 1 @rod_flare @kawibo I love shinji but EoE makes me want to punch him in the face @rod_flare @kawibo LMFAO @RashunAOT Isn't shoya the MC of a silent voice
@Singh_Animesh2 65 @Ori_Anime1 @EmiliaShiori Doujins or hentai? @WhoSolos Tatsumi and meliodas are above E?! @regaliasteeled @WG25New @EmiliaShiori The pot calling the kettle black @lnvxted Koi got no taste @KoiLovesElaina @lnvxted Kazuya deserves his own tier subhuman mf he's below garbage πŸ˜‚ @AnitwtLs Mf this is ani twt Ls not discord Ls dumbass besides downloading discord is an L in it's self @rympii @DesshiW You're down horrendous @Sumikahead @TierMaker @lnvxted And how is mori not E he's a husk like meliodas @lnvxted How Tf is he c? @_maugua @lnvxted 😐 @lnvxted KAZUMA @Normaloverated As* @Normaloverated I hate those just as much those plushies @5headaether @Grid_Glxy In* @5headaether @Grid_Glxy Mf really put Naruto and akame ga kill and the same tier @Grid_Glxy Fix this before i clap ass @TsukiyoYuuTDP The ending was good tho @TsukiyoYuuTDP 4/10 the mangaka must have been smoking some good shit @TsukiyoYuuTDP Nothing but edgeThis is list is about my opinion of the character it has nothing to do with character writing so if you wanna be a… @TsukiyoYuuTDP