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@ItzRaspy @croooozin Criti and he got lit up for it @Lvl6Shift On god I wish we had one that quality for all the girls. Need an ichika one personally @Lvl6Shift Nahh the 5some b&w doujins are gas @Vegeroto13 @Jaereku better call saulLove this photo jfc @elviejopato This is weird bc the anime skipped chapters and did shit out of order for s2 lol @GrisaiaCoper dope @Lvl6Shift @RashunAOT Get himEstatiquísimo, vaya. Pillas un panel random para dejarlo mal y a poco que lo mires te das cuenta de cómo el posing…
Retweeted by Chris🇧🇧 @ReckShippuden w picks this not a 3x3 tho @hews__ speak on it hewspeople on anilist just be doing stuff to do stuff huh @OtakuNathaniel peakk @FooYoungle trigger studio greatness @childshgamdeemo sound like you making the fuck outa them burgers king @FuhrerZakk my antags fr
@1nonlyH_RU No complaints rlly its like a 8.5-9 rn @tsukihibathtime bamboozled hoodwinked led astray run amok nisekoi x monogatari collab shouldn't have just been a SHAFT april fools joke lwk @reviswholesome @AniListco yall doing great with ur website btw @AltMonogatari You missed @elviejopato she could fire the baseball directly at my forehead id be fine with it them @Meiyahead me with liberia me from hell and for you who departs @CEOofGrandBlue abababa#物語シリーズ #戦場ヶ原ひたぎ 取り消しなんかできないから。 小さくて可愛い女の子のコスです!
Retweeted by Chris🇧🇧 @CEOofGrandBlue TRUE HAVING FUN frame by frame for Heaven's Feel 3 was fun af. Rider vs Saber fight is ridiculous what ufotable did
Retweeted by Chris🇧🇧 @ougidark__ Never even heard to samurai x I gotta add it to my list ig @tsukihibathtime This was april stuff I usually do this 1st of every month but I forgot. Madoka is on my may list rn @Unapathetic It was a v good month @Rikpizza1 I gotta get the best ones together tmrw. Going frame by frame for this movie was insane the shit id find @FuhrerZakk About 25 ish @Frukuri I prefer SD to vagabond personally. Usually don't like shonen either so it surprised me463 SCREENSHOTS FOR ONE FUCKING MOVIE WHAT DID I DO MAN @fuming_eff Love Katou's fit. Reminds me of Rena's a bitWhy is rewatch #4 hitting so much harder than rewatch #1 #2 and #3 I CRIED LIKE A BITCH LMAOOOO't sleep so heavens feel 3 rewatch #4 time @Rikpizza1 Probably it looks good nglsex @cinn4bar No @BeauCosmos The world god only knows. RomcomHM Ayumi her arc wasn't anything special but as a character she's elite. She's on Chihiro's level. All of the chara… rewatching TWGOK S1+S2 Top 3 arcs so far: 1. Chihiro 2. Shiori 3. Kanon @YukinoSzn I didn't like anime shirou at all until HF so there's room @YukinoSzn shirou and shinji next to yukiteru makes me want to die but other than that its pretty good tbh @elviejopato hinamatsuri its not drama its yakuza comedy thoughthis was a great find watched 1 ep of kill la kill on a whim and I havent been able to get it out my head since. All I've been thinking… @mayusune Yes @JayBoss1998 LMAOI don't think I've seen a single tweet about the MHA season is it that dead lmaoBilly Bat Vol 1 - - - Great first volume. Honestly a bit confusing but I'm hooked. Mystery is very interesting and… days until semester over and I can play Higurashi for 14 hours a day yes yes @Elitealice2 @NeA_77 gayForgot to do it earlier lmaoMedia I experienced in April + ratings @elviejopato @SuppGriffith GOOD OLD NASU @animeizboring niceStarting Billy Bat. Felt like getting into more Urasawa stuff and I haven't seen anyone talk about this one so I'…
@CEOofShion Breaking bad and Vikings @WeebyPotato_ too close to homeスーツ弓凛
Retweeted by Chris🇧🇧 @Azyies bump her up to s tier she deserves it @Azyies W for having seen kokoro connect lol @SemsterSem @__lE0___ weird gif man @elviejopato peak @MilesRS677 good stuff @ararawgi the cheese @remvangelion That's like my #4 @Nirocart64 It's so long too. 2h40m for an anime movie is so rare and for it to consistently be that good for that… @PapaDireye true't changed for 7~ yrs btw have no clue yall choose and Death Note would be 3/4JoJo part 6 and Ichigo 100% have the best endings in shonen for me @TomTerminator11 Most fun is grand blue but my favorite is just one that had me crying like a bitch for 4 arcs in a row lol @CEOofHiro @NvaGnnaGinyuUp @OtakuLachie fun ass movie @konradvns praying it sticks the landing @pepoAlt im so tempted to put him top 1 on my anilist favs just because @pepoAlt this episode had me crying i love tatami galaxy sm @indigodango2 gaymers @CanibalSuicune2 i thought it didn't need saving. until isayama tried to save it @ShigeoisGOAT @animeizboring @ShigeoisGOAT @animeizboring YOU @NagiAoee @chizuru_uwu LMAOOOOOOO @AmeeTohsaka Its very nsfw btw am i reading man what is this shit its so good and so shit LAGANN AND MONOGATARI REFERENCES IN A SMUT MANGA LMFAOOOOO @RaiderBigMike Talk @elviejopato That is crazy manabsolute degeneracy but i enjoy it plz dont spoil shit in the replies lol dont say shit like "you'll like him until later on xD" u nerdsQuick thoughts on early DITF Really good so far. Was scared it'd be carried by Zero Two early on but I actually r… @Louisx24x idk u but great avi