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mike👑king of replies @kurtruslfanclub Narrm/Melbourne, Australia

Arguably the coolest guy on Earth. Working on @DeadStaticDrive.

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@allymcleangames My friends: it’s ok! Go for a walk and get some exercise if you need to My anxiety:… @Baj_Singh Hah! Perfect @Fearian I think subtle is the opposite of what I want lmao @AhmadvandVahab Oh dude sorry, I was distracted and not paying attention! Apologies @Fearian It’s subtle but it’s good! @wtfmig Dolphineas @LeenaVanD It’s so beautiful @farahcoculuzzi I've just bummed myself out because I want this one now @dextrv I'm confident we'll get all the controllers in the end @Ethelmonster the same but with a different screen name @kennsyn same! I'd love a special edition @Ethelmonster male nostalgia @GideonOnGaming"I like it when things are the same" edition @ColBCadell no @kupovi @iveytron my pleasure! feels like going home @kupovi @iveytron @iveytron Chance Edition what if @bombsfall Feeling bad suckksssss
@hachque @BelongAU Programmer proud of themselves for writing elaborate regex for filtering out invalid emails, inc… @LeenaVanD Imagining a powerhouse of Hunter S Thompson Ayn Rand L Ron Hubbard Vladimir Nabokov Ernest Hemingway @godsgreg Those water fx are awesome! So splashy @DaveMilbo It’s extremely first order stormtrooper, which for some reason makes it look about six years out of date… @beakfriends @FlorianVltmn Don’t even get me started on the LT RT button swap @Mirdalan @zerstoerer mo(O)n @AsherEinhorn Dead Rising where you’re shown a bunch of named NPCs and they all die @FlorianVltmn So are we gonna see square being the new cancel button in NA/EU? Or am I maybe barking up the wrong t… @FlorianVltmn What’s making me think - ok so in Japan ⭕️ is confirm and cross❌ is cancel and moving Confirm to the… @FlorianVltmn That’s a lifetime of muscle memory people will be fighting with @CrutchSZN @DrewTheRecluse @starwarstuff Dude I don’t need a comeback you were factually wrong. Doesn’t matter if I… @CrutchSZN @DrewTheRecluse @starwarstuff The whole thing is a flashback bird, it’s a long time ago in a galaxy far far away @DrewTheRecluse @CrutchSZN @starwarstuff @nicstaracek Is it for more money? Haha @Luos_83 @JKashaar This is a really awesome effect @wtfmig Ughhh haha dang @wtfmig I never played that! Was it good? This is all Phantasy Star iv
@ArielDumas @ShabbonKuttah @DrFreezePHD @Adamx397 @TVividx @Lucid_Insomniac @SoulynX @EvanVanWormer1 @Polygon they all sound aw… @Lucid_Insomniac @DrFreezePHD @Adamx397 @TVividx @SoulynX @EvanVanWormer1 @Polygon Same, and I have it on modern co… @LeenaVanD What a little scoundrel @DrFreezePHD @Adamx397 @TVividx @Lucid_Insomniac @SoulynX @EvanVanWormer1 @Polygon 4 doesn’t let you strafe, only t… @GhostTownGoldie Happy Birthday 🎉!!!!! @Tres_Villain Hard to imagine a better list of games I’ve heard of lots but definitely will never play @EthanRedd You see this yeah? @VPestilenZ Not great not terrible @taymeekor @ellaemufur @nukekitty @SensualMoth omg haha no way @taymeekor @ellaemufur @nukekitty @SensualMoth @nukekitty blessed my timeline with this content @ellaemufur @nukekitty @SensualMoth this made me start coughing so hard now I think you gave me corona @Ethelmonster passing out from the correct amount of gin @Ethelmonster Hot quarantine tip: save up your naps and you can trade them in for one (1) good nights sleep @supsuphannah Amazed the cocoons didn’t hatch into eggs @andrew_the_pom FINAL FANTASY STAR PHOUR @Fdruid I plaued original english cart and it worked great for me. 1998 was a great year, all the video stores were… @mrgnarchrSCL Hahhh! I loved him, he was so phony but in a good way imo. Total respect though, I can see why you’d think that @Fdruid I haven’t played much since 1998ish when I finished it on an old console, but I’ve got it on vita and ps4 a… @jamiemgalea Ha! I never got far in ps3, it’s not great @mrgnarchrSCL Valerian is incredible, love dane dehaan’s “think man’s keanu reeves” vibeEveryone talking about final fantasy but sorry it’s spelled Phantasy @Spudonkey But seriously so much love, your obelix is perfect @Spudonkey Ideas: Garfield Skeletor The shapeshifter from the Fighting Fantasy book Forest of Doom Lion-o @DaveMilbo Smash beers, take flights, no regrets well actually one regret and it’s the environment @DaveMilbo When we’re allowed to fly again, I’m going to choke the skies with my travel plans @Spudonkey Ok sorry Now I want you to do every characterThat was fun, thanks for the suggestions!
Retweeted by mike👑king of replies @DaveMilbo remember having an anonymous beer @Tezamondo Oh god it’s that time again @mr_natbug Incredible, thank you! I used all my ingredients in a truly abysmal cook yesterday so I’m glad to have a new target @Morbidly_Morgan holy shit this looks amazing @mr_natbug I’m so impressed, did you use a recipe? I’ve never hand made my gnocchi @mr_natbug @Morbidly_Morgan @LeenaVanD Oooooh deliciousness @GreyAlien I used to too but try really hard not to. I tell all my friends they never have to buy my game because i… @heybonita_ @bonerman_inc that's just the normal chiko experience, I call the space between my mouth and nose my chiko storage @GreyAlien totally see this, I see devs all the time asking for favours like "please wishlist for me" and "please r… @PaulJamesGames @manfightdragon @bonerman_inc @meganrobynblake @Tres_Villain ugh yeah just googled it, got to love reasonable cops being reasonable @Wanderlustin no I haven't!! I kinda gave up on horror podcasts two or three years ago because they were mostly bad but will try limetown @PaulJamesGames @manfightdragon haha @heybonita_ @bonerman_inc I love em. Nothing on a chiko roll tho @PaulJamesGames Shower with your dad simulator @heybonita_ @bonerman_inc I swear to god marbs’s fishing chips tweet made me think of dim sims and now I can’t stop @Tres_Villain Wow holy crap I’ve not heard about anyone actually being fined. Surely they’d have thought to do the… @Tres_Villain That seems so weird, not just because it’s hard to justify as essential but also I’m guessing there’d be so little traffic?? @bonerman_inc you tellin me a beer battered this flake @Hello_Luigi such wonderful clean lines! awesome designs
Retweeted by mike👑king of replies @manfightdragon as someone who never played the original can't wait to see what the 90s fuss was about @Wanderlustin I've had such a bad time with horror podcasts, tanis and black tapes I gave up on after a few episode… @GhostTownGoldie 😔 @basedKhaleesi_ I guess we’re married now @prolezone @videodante I reckon I’d say crunchy has a shot if crunch didn’t already have a really definite clear meaning for devs @prolezone @videodante I'm glad to be in a position of knowing I'm right and the world is wrong wtf @sboxle @jackboxgames @videodante sorry what the fuck @JimothyJimbles @RealFakeEmily Imagine a world where our free time didn’t also have to be financially productive an… @ty_carey Yes!!!! All good faves @NotExplosive @ngoctmvu they won’t be living in sin anymore cos they gonna get married @LiamRoutt Oh wow William Gibson! I still haven’t read his stuff though I’m not sure why, I’ve always wanted to.… @AnnalieseBevan your old glasses suit the new look, that's unprecedented @ngoctmvu yes of course but what if?????