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Joined Twitter 12/19/13 / thank u for inviting me @DISCWOMANNYC @weareuntuck 📌 jan 29 11am-11pm est
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@sncd @BrotherHQ EXACTLY! 🤣Denzel said “King Kong ain’t got shit on me”. Never heard anyone shade Godzilla therefor my son Zeke gotta win. @a_cheat He def got the edge but Suge did some wild shit too.Verzuz but it’s Diddy and Suge on who damaged more lives and careers. @djswisha_ Bro Flex is on crack. He burned every bridge. Stop this. 😂we live via @sorry_records this friday at the @GoodRoomBK ticket link
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Fuck Hot97 😂 me alone.
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Press To Receive Message•😁⭐️👍🏿🙏🏾
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)My friend @djswisha_ and I boutta do the damn thing yet again. Also big up @BISradio for having us through.
Hit by a truck last night and We lucky to be alive but in a financial pickle. If you’d like to assist in anyway tow…
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)There’s a third record now as well on the way. Just gonna do my work and stay out everyone way. 🏁🙏🏾 app $bojaq // $thebastardratt Venmo : @bojaq PayPal: Anything helps
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @djswisha_ Wasn’t me @moleyzxc This explains so much. 🥺💜 @yungblackbolt im fine where i am @KarenNyameKG Brick Lane fucked me up. I only been there like twice but the resemblance is real 😂 @KarenNyameKG 😭😭Last night was funny cause one CDJ emergency looped and I didn’t touch it for the rest of my set. Shit was bad vibes.When Covid is over, respectfully. 5TH
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Tired of being offered things for “looks” and “likes”. Looks like you need to pay for work if you want it done.I got a lil scared ngl. U-R-N-A Room With Hommie, You Already Know U Fukked Up!🤣🎶
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)“When Covid is finally over” sounds like Bernies mittens. 😖 @dj_innes Never an issue for ya boyPomegranate saved my life🎧TEKLIFE Stream [ from 6:30PM Chicago time] w/ @DJPHIL_ + DJ Lucky + @DJTRE1981 +…
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @nappyisCRACKED Brooo.. STILL AINT CHANGE HIS NAME ? @DownByDfault @j_drago Yo it’s gonna be like the holy grail. Best music I can possibly do the vision gonna make who… @j_drago I am calling the record Nigga. Heads up. This wild. @akaAldoPerez Yo you not in New York right? 🤔Viral. Movie.
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @el_blanco_nino Lol nah you was there for a minute 😂Also if it’s ever anything mean or negative in the comments I don’t subscribe to that but understand that I will me… I realized that I gotta drink the Henny BEFORE I DJ in or der for it to work properly.
@machin3gir1 Nooo it’s entirely too off for meStop giving food and donating food and goods to military members. They have a good allowance, are given meals when…
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Just slammed the phone down like Diddy.A record this year turned into records this year. Please fuck with me. 🏁I miss my friend JJ. That nigga do not care bout Ableton or DJ shit and I could reference Sanford and Son with him.Check out JBW LIVE ON TWITCH!
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Does anyone know bout downgrading iMacs from Catalina down to Yosemite or something? I can’t use my interface
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @kush_jones_ and @DjPlead and @logic1000 breaking the frontiers of @AppleMusic ✨✨✨✨✨let’s start that streaming cult…
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)I’m hosting a PR workshop tomorrow on my Twitch! Gonna be sharing a few things I’ve learned over almost 10 years of…
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @dreamcastmoe @iReyBear I’d like you to meet my friends Blick and Stick. 😌I hate the sound of my voice. Interview up if you care to listen. Big up @paulgorriex for having me on their show.… to @iReyBear house.
@el_blanco_nino i jus copped Purity off the strength of this snippet Ep Alert!!!!!!
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Better stop playing and start singing about UBI and healthcare for all. labor is when you tell someone hot that their art is good
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Everything going laughably wrong for me today.HAPPY RELEASE DAY 🌐🌐🌐 Get HOO05 now via our bandcamp today 🎉
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)doing the right thing is way less exhausting 💕🤷🏼‍♀️
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Me looking at my imaginary camera when someone say some dumb shit around me...
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)I don’t wanna learn any “lesson” where spite is the teacher. @andrealtrez Yo u know an app where u can bet on basketball?OnlyFans boutta pay that hospital bill. it as I tweet.
Astrology is a scam. One day your parents fucked .
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)working on an MF DOOM-related piece and looking to speak to dance music folks who have been particularly impacted b…
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Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @DJCLENT39 😂😂 please God save us @erixindustries @BlackBandcamp It’s legit. I remember reading Bandcamp blog post. They skipped January but are continuing in Feb.Friendly reminder that all of those black artist that were featured on Bandcamp day list and other platforms still… is the 1st day that Biden has chosen not to cancel all student debt.
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @B_E_A_R_C_A_T They tryna do kush ups. 🤣I went in the vault and just released some of my classic trax!!!!!
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @ShyOneBeats is live with a bag of new tracks from the likes of @kush_jones_, @djdiamondkuts, @BokehVersions,…
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)I buy albums from people who make good music. You don’t need to support me to get a purchase from me. But a lot of…
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)When I go to the spot and there’s no more oxtail left."Yall love house so much but yall dont wanna stay inside the house" - @kush_jones_
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW) @el_blanco_nino House music all night long or until neighbors complain.Talked to the homie in Melbourne bout music, why I still do it and Bossa Nova Civic Club. Prob spoke more than I ne… anxiety and stress been writing some of the best music of my life. Grateful for that at least. @B_E_A_R_C_A_T He be tired of us I think 😂 @Milkman__Dead Not necessarily. Lakers lost to the Warriors the other day which was shocking to me. Equally as stac… was preaching last night.
Everyday 😂 @jukebouncewerk 🏁🏁 my dream to play a set on a system in an empty club honored. I hope when it’s safe to party again that this is… @feelgoodfinesse Jus a lil something 🤣 @deejayGFrequent He bullshitting. Talking bout “on day one...” LETS GOOOOOOOO. No lacking or slacking. Definitely no capping. @FreezaChin stepping up for a bad boy 100% production guest mix 😤🔥 @ReprezentRadio
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Nigga it’s gonna be a new day tomorrow and the day after that. Go clock in. 🤣 is gone
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)aoc gon tweet “he is gone” tmw and get 5 million likes
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)I’m watching the speech that president Ames gave to Raiden about The Patriots before we get the new president. Just gotta be reminded. @silkyblacknyc Son I had only seen you a couple weeks ago. What you doing over there? 😂😂I learned in high school freshman year in an after school class from a nigga that did music for low budget HBO film… & 32... you pick 💜🏁🏁🏁 @AseManual can actually knock the rap game out the box if he drop “Throw Some Funds”. @LiLJaBBAA I would’ve took u to the spot but they racially profiled me 😅“There are 2 colors in chess! Who goes first?!” - @iReyBear @Djdeeon @DownByDfault @DJmag @dhruvabalram NEVER TOO OLD GWhen the bud man throw a lil extra in there ANDF FELLAS DONT BE A VIBE SUCKER
Retweeted by DR. KYRIE SEBI (JBW)Clip from @DJDanaLu’s set during our Jersey Club special with @boilerroomtv & @its_PBNJ in Newark, NJ 2019 (Cameos…
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