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Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, Journalist, Traveller, Driver, Eater, Gooner. Total #avgeek SCS '97 SSC '00 Insta:

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If you are a Columban and haven't seen the pictures of @iamsrk back in school a couple of days ago, you lucky basta… - a video from the Modhera Sun Temple - these were SM specific, proper vids up in a couple of weeks… my view, the Revenue Secretary should be fired. He got the budget estimates horribly wrong, embarrassing the Fin…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraShunned by Chinese, Thai tourism hotspot braces for rare slump’s disrespect in UK is insult to India of Stephen’s teacher found on railway tracks, mother in house my my... non vegetarian cows “refuse to eat grass of vegetarian food”. Hardly surprising. US beef cattle also fe…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraMeanwhile, in Goa even the cows have taken to meat! the Labour Party is realising that they will drive the the British-Indian community away in their lust to g… @SirishChandran @SriniKay @Dhruv_Behl @aspibhathena And that is sad; one of my bugbears is that Maruti doesn't have… Attenborough is the only person to have won BAFTAs for programmes broadcast in black & white, colour, HD, 3D, 4K and VR.
Retweeted by Kushan MitraSeat of Nagvanshi kings gets ASI protection
I am NOT a Liverpool person but this VAR stuff is bollocks
Retweeted by Kushan MitraFirst time using @DrivezyIN and extremely poor experience. Badly banged up and unclean car. No one to guide at pick…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraThe most informative thing I've read today
Retweeted by Kushan Mitra @KabirTaneja Get some of the local produce back#ElonMusk: It has been a couple of days since SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who has courted several controversies with his…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraPOF = Pakistan ordnance factories. Doubly embarrassing because this Pakistani mortar round is a dud to boot. 🤦‍♂️
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Retweeted by Kushan Mitra @SriniKay @bulletcompany @adiljal @CyrusDhabhar Picture hai? @SriniKay @Dhruv_Behl @SirishChandran @aspibhathena Fair enough, those cars must cost a fair bit to maintain but th… @SunnySen @runadhm @dtptraffic I’m afraid you’re alone on this, cities have to do this and it happens across the wo… @bulletcompany @SriniKay @adiljal @CyrusDhabhar I loved the HS Hunting Wagon from Alwar, a the boat-tail RR and so many more. @SriniKay @Dhruv_Behl @SirishChandran @aspibhathena But that is a problem in most historical sites and collections… @SunnySen @runadhm Firstly, all major cities have such events. This is a Sunday and the @dtptraffic issued loads of advisories. @SriniKay I think that would need to be funded by a manufacturer. Heck, a CTB can be done on the Merc's alone - I'm… @bulletcompany @MercedesBenz @rollsroycecars Just three bikes were on display. @SriniKay @Dhruv_Behl @SirishChandran @aspibhathena There wasn't a brochure there and while the guards were very go… is an amazing collection and I believe manufacturers like @MercedesBenz and @rollsroycecars should step up to th… was searching for info online, but didn't find these - of course Motoring should work on their archives for such… @kushanmitra @Dhruv_Behl @SirishChandran @aspibhathena Seen it? I have featured the Ahmedabad cars across three ins…
Retweeted by Kushan Mitra @SriniKay @Dhruv_Behl @SirishChandran @aspibhathena Wow. Quite a collection, you've seen it?Some more from this museum. Worth going to Ahmedabad for I believe @Dhruv_Behl @SirishChandran @aspibhathena the Ahmedabad Ring Road there is a ‘Vintage Auto Museum’ and while the cars are nowhere near Concors condition,… @kushanmitra There is a huge demand of donkey meat in the Chinese market. They have almost wiped out the species fr…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraThere must be hundreds of Indians stuck in some very dangerous Latin American countries Council needs to take more frequent recourse to ICJ: India Gaya Noddy!
Retweeted by Kushan MitraThis is one area Pakistan is doing better than us
Thank you to all our #terminatordarkfate fans in the UK! Korea, we are on our way!
Retweeted by Kushan MitraI like Gujarat and all, but returning from my sixth trip to Ahmedabad in 2019, I think I’ve had an overdose this year. @LiveFromALounge @ShivamVahia I know, but frankenplanes look weird @CyrusDhabhar Worst example, i had blocked the best seat on the upper deck of a BA 747.It would be nice if SpiceJet and Vistara painted and refurbished their ex-Jet planes now. They look like a bunch of…"Do you mind taking the middle seat, Sir?" "I don't care what the circumstances are, I'm afraid not" The stewarde… wonder Air India is in a mess because of such govt decisions : Go bring people from war torn country, go start A…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraI’ve really not kept up with everyone after college, but I’ve recently learnt that one ‘famous’ batchmate is a wife… Three-and-a-half years, two extensions, seven defections, 21 deselections, three prime ministers, countle…
Retweeted by Kushan Mitra @nandz Why Pugs?As I've said in previous posts i was stunned at the intracacy of the delicately carved works at Rani Ki Vav, Patan.… Five people, including three in Surat, have been detained in connection with the murder of Ka…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraSigning off on the #GreatIndiaDrive with @TheDailyPioneer and @HyundaiIndia with the fabulous #HyundaiVenue here in… is a sense of serenity at the Sabarmati Ashram. I genuinely believe that every single Indian must make a pilg… The SC on Friday directed the Centre and the Assam Government to immediately transfer the State…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraRide with long-lost treasures discovery!
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Were they able to think out of the box?
Retweeted by Kushan MitraThis is a rare sentence, but the YouTube comment is right.
Retweeted by Kushan MitraBoth the eyes and the nose (across all carvings at Rani Ki Vav) have me very curious of the genealogy of the Solank…, I cannot but recommend this site highly enough. @im_ankitb ThanksThanks much to ⁦@TalishRay⁩ for being a great travel companion during our leg of the #GreatIndiaDrive in and around… is prime example that speed is not the killer on roads but indiscipline and shit driving
Retweeted by Kushan MitraThanks to my friend Bob Rupani, I visited the Patang Vali Gali in the Jamalpur district of old Ahmedabad. I bought… for the retweet up a box of 100 tricolour miniature kites for Rs 120. But it isn't about the price, it is about this skill b… to my friend Bob Rupani who suggested that we visit the Patang Gali in Ahmedabad's Jamalpur. These handmade… the #RaniKiVav pictures I posted yesterday were so popular, I'm posting a few more pictures from… for Adani in coal scam’desh guards kill BSF man as meet goes awry thread #history #IncredibleIndia
Retweeted by Kushan MitraWhere we visit the wonderful Modhera Sun Temple #GreatIndiaDrive #ThePioneerGID to Kurds: “I got you a great deal. I gave Turkey your homeland and homes, and you have 5 whole days to pack u…
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Today was a long hard day, but I genuinely had so much fun and discovered so much about my country and its history.… @vishchan Badami is definitely a place I want to visitNigeria is fantastic country
Retweeted by Kushan Mitra @indergopal TodayThere is a level of detail here that few other Indian monuments have, including Konark and Khajuraho. That is becau… shot of the Rani Ki Vav from above. Let me put it like this, if this was in Europe y'all would go out of yo… #HyundaiVenue that we have been driving all over Gujarat has held up fairly well despite some not so good roads… @bulletcompany @YogenPratap Yeah, there was one in the early 1990's. The Fokker Friendship is still in a fairly decent shape.So we just went to the stunning Rani Ki Vav outside the town of Patan. You might know this stepwell from the image… discourse in old days....ha should read what all abuses used in Parliament those days
Retweeted by Kushan MitraWith the exquisite carving of Durga slaying Mahisasura at Rani Ki Vav where credit is due, the Archeological Survey of India has done a tremendous job in excavating and restoring… the Modhera Sun Temple, a 1100 year old temple in the city of Modhera, about two hours outside Ahmedabad. Built…'s an excellent episode of @EuropeansPod that gets at the genuine struggle of being a simultaneous translator…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraGreat India Drive from iconic Statue of Unity story on a nervous Pakistani ATC and their antsy Air Force harassing a scheduled, commercial Indian pla…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraDid they testify?
Retweeted by Kushan Mitra @Bhawna_Sharma offending nail has been removed finally Cheese Garlic Pizza... my god! #gujaratifoodModhera Sun Temple I want is a fair chance.If I'm not given the opporunity to compete what am I training for. Sports is about Fair…
Retweeted by Kushan MitraThe Modhera Sun Temple, a 1100 year old temple from the Solanki period with an exquisite step well. This is truly a…’s letter to Erdogan. *Not* parody. If this doesn’t break the internet...
Retweeted by Kushan MitraAt the Modhera Sun Temple #GreatIndiaDrive #ThePioneerGID the 'Kund' of the Modhera Sun Temple #GreatIndiaDrive #ThePioneerGID