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— Kuwu 藝 @kuwumiho Springvale, Mondstadt

he/him | hobby artist w no particular style | pfp by @Elwenz_

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@Natsumiii Wendy^^; we all have our ideals of what could make life easier for us; but in your line of work, online,…
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝Victuuri ✨💙💜 #YuriOnIce
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Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝 @AyalaWRLD I can’t tell if people do it in protest because they don’t like wearing it or if they’re actually just a… @Valkyrae Can’t wait!!^^24 karat zhongli #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝 @AyalaWRLD My town seems to be really bad for it :/ I can only assume other towns are just as bad @CompleteJade Wtf jodiiiii whyI feel like the gov need to ban disposable face masks bc the amount I’ve seen discarded on the floor outside stores… @QuarterJade OMG SO CUTE @Loeya Merry Xmas!!! ^^ @jyjw_8 넘 아름답네요! (♡ ◡ ♡)!!!!
@Cyarine Lmfaooooo u did not @Fuwafuwa_Matcha @Elwenz_ Thnx Hoshi!! (╹◡╹)♡ can’t wait to see ur next artwork! @DreamGladdy Omg it’s Lunafreya ^^;;;;;; I’m so tired I didn’t even click ha..... @DreamGladdy Idk who Luna is but she looks like she has a heavy Eastern European accent and she will marry a much o… @peterparkTV @Valkyrae @scarra PLS RAE ;-; hahaha do it @mushartt @Elwenz_ Aww thnx Mika^^ it was super simple to do but I think it turned out pretty :> @EarthExploded @UselessGamerBoi @Elwenz_ Thanks!^^ @AsiaLadowska It doesn’t totally read Sailor Mars to me apart from the hair, but I think you did a wonderful job as always! .(╹◡╹)♡. @pandiiisal Yeah this happens to me too, but if u click retweet without typing anything then it just retweets as normal ^^ @pandiiisal @Elwenz_ thnx AJ^^;; ♡ @spookygirlkiru I diiiiiiid :> I’m trying to reteach myself how to paint better. I was gonna post a video yesterday… just painted my banner using my pfp (by @Elwenz_) as a colour palette. I really like how it turned out.. .(*´∀`*). and Xingqui best friends best friends best friends boy friends best friends #genshinImpact #原神
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@susuddl 저 한국에서 살지 않아서 아직 안 잤어요ㅎㅎ영국엔 지금 밤12시반인데 이제 자려 갈 거에요. 좋은 하루 보내세요~~ @susuddl 잘잤어요?^^ @susuddl 헬로우~ @peenerpark Grow it and then swoosh it @Natsumiii @Valkyrae Omg this thumbnail @Glaciel_Frost Who am I fighting? Leave Snubi alone >:cVenti!! 🥺🥺✨✨🥰🥰 (This is a reupload..I saw something wrong in the illustration I just have to fix it 🥺)…
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝the back pain these two have from carrying my party 24/7... #genshinimpact
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Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝 @ItDoBeBladeDoe1 If it’s my destiny then I’m ok with it LOLOh......... ok ^^;
@LilyPichu Hey Lily
ceo of never posting on here... but here's a kaeya redraw from one of the promotional pics (: #kaeya #genshinimpact
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝Here's my drawing of Keqing from #原神 #GenshinImpact : > Let me know if you like her!
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝 @Glaciel_Frost ello @Glaciel_Frost When you want to get fired to become a full time vtuber:[LOH] ⚔️🌊✨
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝Welcome to the family lil wolf 🐺 @insya_pic @thatmawow 잘생겼네요 🥺🥺🥺 @cchungla @thatmawow 넘 귀엽네요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝 @ArtyPiee_19 Love it :D @pandiiisal the hair looks amazing alskdjdh!! @pandiiisal Thnx AJ! 😭 it makes me excited everytime I see it lol alskdj @HoeJang_1 걸작이네요!짜잔~ 안경
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@insya_pic 좋은 아침! 여기서 영국엔 지금 밤 12시4분인데 이제 자러 갈 거에요! 좋은 하루 보내세요~ @On11_Ch4n @Glaciel_Frost Rae lol they’re in the same lobby though @Glaciel_Frost Watching Among us stream @alexiaraye The ending confused me @Irenealing Irene!!!! (о´∀`о) hope ur having a great dayI still think it’s very cool that Sydney (@/NeytiriTV) uses my art for her discord pfp & u can see it on Valkyraes… @MalkavianLily With their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their guns, in your head, in your head, they are dying.......!What’s in your head, in your head? Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-e @pokimanelol @AOC Omg lol @Glaciel_Frost 😳😳😳 @xChocoBars @Valkyrae Mika whyyyyyy @Iamgoodatwarzon @Impausibility Ohhh ok, thanks for letting me know! I haven’t watched Minecraft for a couple years… @Impausibility oh, I still dk them.. guess I’ll see when Rae streams @PredragDBZBoy @Valkyrae What’s Dreams @? Idk who they are @Glaciel_Frost :ooo get ‘em wolfie🍃
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Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝I intended to paint him dark & more sinister but then I decided to keep him light and icy ^^! ❄️ #Chongyun #GenshinImpact #GenshinImpactFanart .(*´∀`*). love u jean.... #GenshinImpact #Jean #genshinimpactfanart
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@DreamGladdy LOL @DreamGladdy how do u know so much? O____o i think that NPC really is u ^^ @DreamGladdy I wonder when more of the map will unlock because I feel like I’ve seen most of it nowHow it started vs. How it's going
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝 @DreamGladdy Idk what this means ;-; my rng is so bad & I’ve tried so hard to grind for him that I’m level 34 and I… @Bradurz_ Apart from the battle pass and daily gems, I won’t put any money into another free game @Bradurz_ Never ewAs if I tried to roll one for Venti one last time & didn’t get a single character. Actually triggered as f. (( °ω° ;;;;;;))!!!!!!! @mushartt @Fuwafuwa_Matcha She’s so cute! I loooooove .╰(*´︶`*)╯♡!!!.My Genshin impact OC Lumina! 😊💗 #GenshinImpactoc #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝 @DreamGladdy .(╹◡╹)♡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ner qt
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@DreamGladdy Ohh I see. Yeah.. I’ve also given up trying to get Venti now too so I’m gonna save for the next banner… @syanne77 @janjanalt Get ‘em Syanne! I’ll help >:c @janjanalt Love you Jan!! Only positive vibes from me to you and Hazel bagel ✨ @DreamGladdy Ohh.. I mean I looked at the items and didn’t care too much so I spent it on intertwined fate. Might n… @DreamGladdy Wait— that’s an accident? I’ve been doing that.... @JordaySloanUK I don’t understand why you’re so bothered or concerned about what other people do.. some careers are… @LilyPichu I’m so pressed after getting Barbara 6 times and no Venti
@Fuwafuwa_Matcha If I get Barbara once more she’s maxed out LOL I mean I do keep her on my team for heals but I wou… pretty.. pretty uncomfortable! ah haha haa..
Retweeted by — Kuwu 藝 @Fuwafuwa_Matcha Mood @ItDoBeBladeDoe1 All I know is pain