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@emilypheller my cat one is numbered!
teenage bounty hunter @sarahoconnell20 hahahaha oh no @KateBurgener @rsp1661 @ka_farrell @C_GraceT I also did this! @locker_kt @sternbergh the cats do not care about the paper cat, they only care about The Treatsvery excited for whoever gets this job @okracorral ooooooh @C_GraceT wow you’re really having a day I see @JosephFinn teenage bounty hunters! @sepinwall it's teenage bounty hunters!!!!!! @sternbergh why not both! @sternbergh that it counts down to the day when christians celebrate the birth of our lord and savior jesus christ?… @alyssawestring yes! and hmm, no i have not24 days of dried seaweed and salmon treats @margeincharge for catsnot sure how everyone else is getting through life right now but i spent $7 on a cat advent calendar @TaraAriano hahahah @inkookang @ilanaslightly yesssssSSSSSSSSsssssss @poniewozik while we're here I will also just say that if the thing you're trying to protect is in an apparently im… @poniewozik I truly laughed out loud at “send in the dark troopers.” do they have some stormtrooper death quota t… form a union challenge @inkookang yessssssssssStar Wars villain: send in the stormtroopers [five minutes later they all die or flee] Star Wars villain: okay… PUTZ @annehelen this is unconscionable angie harmon erasurethey also don't care that someone already said it. TWENTY FIVE KIDS will tell you you're mutedone difference between adults working remotely and kids learning remotely is adults will sit silently for quite a w… nooo I love teenage bounty hunter oh nooo i'm so sad @laurahazardowen oh DANG @laurahazardowen i know!!!!!!! @laurahazardowen ... I have this on my desk @laurahazardowen I want it!!!! (we are doing playmobil advent calendars ) @SRD_08 [clap clap clap!]thank you for your support vulture commenter nothing in the last year has made me more smug than watching 6yo continue reading her book while walking… @Eusonyme @atvpodcast ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @EverywhereErica we were trying out the new party pack and the one where you draw champions and make them fight is prettttty goodoh no I got too lit on a thursday playing zoom jackbox; this is my life now @mcbryson fingers crossed!me: what if it’s for your best friend? 3yo: they should go to the store and get different ice creamme: do you want to read this book? it’s called Should I Share My Ice Cream? 3yo: no. me: you don’t want to read… only works for minor challenges; Kathryn and the Unyielding Terror That She Will Accidentally Transmit the Novel… I imagine middle grade level adventure titles for the challenges in my life Kathryn and the Great Dinne…
you always miss some, there's nothing you can do about it. but i'm sorry i missed this one! @C_GraceT "I have personally explained the process to you, Debra" is like embroidered pillow shit @Dee_Lockett it's really too bad!! @ProfHeidt @kathleenjordan hello I am *so* sorry I did not watch your show earlier 😭 @ProfHeidt !!! it's really good!!i see my original hed did not make it through edits my original headline was It's A Shame That Selena Is Bad (But… @TheFienPrint I was busy panning Selena, DANaww shit everyone was right, teenage bounty hunters is goodif you don't follow @C_GraceT yet I'm not sure why? @Hagedose68 you’re right I do need to do this one*fantastic* show @sepinwall @Rodonnell27 I was already on this train! haven't I watched from this year that I should watch?ironic needle drops in violent fight montages are one thing dropping "I Saw The Sign" in your docuseries about a c… retort ("actually I'm 7") did not really answer the questionthe teacher's computer has crashed, and the 6yos are chatting amongst themselves. "I saw it on a game on my phone… @conroydonkong2 thanks for reading!oh dang @Lin_Manuel what even rhymes with that
@mrlawsonpants I’m so sorry 💜 @ChrisBerube yes, and I also think he should be a ghostbusterthere are now three entries in the ongoing saga of roles @annevclark and I think Matt Berry should play, and we are… @ChrisBerube maybe you already saw this? just in case :) but YEAH @ChrisBerube @Sophia_Saliby it's not nothing! @ChrisBerube we have so many plans for the future!we are good with "demented" @silviakillings @thegoods i'm in this tweet and i don't like it @joyabella it doesn't seem likely @tomhanks but I do think you would be charmed by this @jmittell @KevinLFerguson I was thinking more In Real Life but I do love an extremely specialized On Screen niche!are you a person who knows things about typewriters? please DM me because I have questionsoh we have plans god @C_GraceT it’ll be coal under the tree for Ray bloody Purchase
Retweeted by Kathryn VanArendonkMatt Berry should play Santa Claus send tweet HO HO-LD UP it's time for another Vulture Bets On Berry, our ongoing paean to the man, the myth, the legend Ma… @jmittell aaaarrgghhwhat I’m gathering is that this is possible if I use their tv time to read, but the problem is that I need to use t… @elenaiswriting I know, I know, I'm working on it! (the getting more people to watch part, at least)Here I am joining the Greek chorus of Vulture staffers demanding you watch Nate. I just finished it and I genuinely…
Retweeted by Kathryn VanArendonkI will be RTing comments about Natalie Palamides' netflix special Nate until morale* improves *the discourse @kateyrich yuppppppppp @laurastratford @emilyvdw YOU’RE IN @nyc118 I pretend I do not see itsudden poignant memories of my mom hauling a busted paperback to so many after school activitiesdear fellow parents, how old do my kids have to be before I can read a book during the day again @emilyvdw I will accept this as a compliment while I look up my recipe for chocolate cake (secret ingredient: mayonnaise) @dansaltzstein @silviakillings glad to be of service @emilyvdw okay great you're gonna need the bells for the part in the intermission where everyone stands up and hold… @emilyvdw of course! of course. not really related but sort of: when it's safe again, I desperately need you to co… @emilyvdw omg emily which is your favorite rutter @dansaltzstein @silviakillings well say, do I have an interview for YOU! @silviakillings my husband also feels haunted by him but I just keep thinking about his landlord making him all that soup