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Maren ☽ @ commissions closed @kvkki Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

Maren/Marina (they/them) |25| ESP/ENG | Illustration & character design | shop: | portfolio:

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@snipervampire PEAK HUMOR @Kinoax @Mashi_Thana dios cuantísimo tiempo también!! 🥺 te sigo de vuelta 💜💜💜💜 @Mashi_Thana AAAAAA madre mía cuánto tiempo lloro 🥺🥺🥺💜💜
@kyotosparty :3c @dorkfeyrac gracias jo 😭😭 LOVE ARM YO TAMBIÉN @KayWrenPaint thank you! 😊 @daflyondawall thank you so much!! 🥰 @roboticmixie KINGS!!!! @AnotherMatt721 THANK YOU 💜 @alexdoeswriting thank you! 🥰 @vonfriedhof Y TÚ!!! muchas gracias 🥺🥺🥺💜💜 @Fael_Draws se quieren mucho 🥺🥺 @N_Loony @LionraeArt SU PODER INMENSO @rexcorvus_photo gracias!! 🥺💜💜💜 @LionraeArt madre mía ese gatito está CHIKITISIMOThere is no me without you — My take on #patrochilles 🥺
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closedAntares, my circle of stars druid (any pronouns)🌟
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed🌹🎼💖
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed @caltracat I finished and it's so so painful omg.... my heart @ViktorMaru I don't know if it helps but I have a public queue and I assign every commissioner a reference number o… @shrugsinchinese MY HEART.... I was a weeping mess by the time I finished**had @JoDotBee I didn't word it properly but I finished earlier and damn... 😭 @glossywooo aaaah I worded it weirdly but I already finished and my heart is shattered... 😭I finally have the courage to finish reading tsoa so you can imagine the kind of stress I'm under
a little present for my partner @kyotosparty 🥰💖🌹🎼💖 @kyotosparty 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜my brain is still a mess most days but getting better at art and learning is honestly a beacon of hope right now an…'ve been drawing a lot these past couple of days and it feels so good to enjoy what I'm doing again, I feel like I… @HalfmoonEmp creo que doradito quedaría genial con el tema 💜
@kyotosparty sabe que moriría por él?hola!! podéis seguir pidiéndome kofis si queréis hacer algún regalito (o autoregalo), ya *NO* son para las facturas…
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed @mermartist son líneas de perspectiva, que en procreate se pueden cambiar de color! muchas gracias 💜 @LionraeArt el vídeo del huroncillo bailando TAL CUAL @LionraeArt ferret army FERRET ARMY menos atria que no sé, igual le pega un awooga @LionraeArt TÚ SÍ QUE SABES ESPECIALMENTE ANTARES long & chaotic @roboticmixie MICHIIII 🥺🥺🥺💜😭😭 @Fael_Draws les quieroooo 🥺🥺🥺😭😭I like assigning animals to my ocs for fun but if you try hard enough all of them could be ferretsit's very late but I'm still so 🥺🥺🥺
@White_Kaizer ooh then you have a lot of talking with them both to do!! keep trying until they start talking about… more dnd alignments do they read the last sentence of a book before actually reading the book or not @White_Kaizer I don't know how to ask you without spoiling you, but what's the last thing he told you about achilles? @glossywooo it's amazing!! 🥺 you also get some juicy juicy dialogues after reuniting them and giving ambrosia to each of them!we also finished max bonding patroclus today and I just... I love this man... I love the way he's portrayed in hades 🥺💜hades spoiler maybe //// the amount of serotonin you can get from summoning achilles and patroclus through antos is… rats 💕💞💓💞💘💝💗
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed @Inkeyjay ME VOY A MORI🍀COMMISSION CHART/SHEET🍀 📍Let's go! 🖱 Contact via MD or gmail (📨 ✨Please RT!✨
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closedMy sister just went through an emergency surgery (she is fine now!) so I'm opening commission slots to help pay the…
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closedI started to set up my shop again and opened preorders for the Nami charms! <3
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed @xelkis oh pues igual empiezo así! ojalá algún día me atreva a hablar pero de momento esto es buena solución, gracias! 💜 @JohnShortcut @roboticmixie eso es muy buena idea, si veo que tal igual me tiro a la piscina un día!! 💜💜
@kirstenatic YESS it's like starting on a clean slate! also I would forget new ideas all the time since I had to wa… @Shiroi_Raven EEEESO TOTALMENTE!! además siento que cosas que aprendo en un dibujo las puedo aplicar en el otro y l…***one stage of a drawing OOOF @caffeinecrawls yes!! this, exactly!! I used to abandon so many wips just because I kept pushing them for later whe… there are days or times of the day when I only feel like doing one stage or a drawing (sketching, inking, et… way I found for me to be productive when my brain is all over the place is working on several drawings at… @AnotherMatt721 genius!! 🤔🤔🤔half of my brain wants to draw and the other half wants to sleep and I hope the half that wants to sleep wins tbhHi! I'm Maren, I'm an illustrator available for freelance work— cover art, character art, TTRPG projects and more!…
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closedtaking a little break today messing with (unofficial and limited) hades merch ideas ✨ (wooden charms and bookmarks!)
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed#dndartists 💖✨
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed @kyotosparty tenemos cerebro galicia @faeriache thank you so much, that's so kind of you 🥺💜💜 @bain20072 thank you! @ZachBurrell10 that's so sweet! 💜 @Fael_Draws OLEE @eldritchsmite thank you so much omg 🥺 @apricots_n_dots thank you!! 🥰💜💜 @kyotosparty YO DESERVOO @didlydidoo thank you!! 😭 i can't believe it's been almost a year ahh... @drawwda thank you so much! 🥰 @keicnnrs I looked into card sets but they're too pricey 😭 however, I'm looking into making gold foil stickers and prints! @NightBonesArt thank you!! 🥺💜 @LadyHugeHands omg that's so sweet AAAA 🥺💜 @JohnShortcut @roboticmixie sois unos soles 🥺💖 me gustaría hacerlo porque me gusta mucho hablar de estas movidas y… @kyotosparty 🥺💖💖💖💖💜 @kyotosparty ty tho 🥺 @kyotosparty mucho ansiedá 😔watching art streams while I work made me want to stream sometime but talking to an audience and specially talking… pongo aquí por si hay suerte pero: Mis 2 compis de piso se van en Marzo y se quedan ambas habitaciones libres, e…
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed @keicnnrs thank you so much! hopefully I'll be able to reopen my shop soon 🥺🙏🙏💜 @LadyHugeHands so happy to hear that! 🥺 @ace_of_dragons thank you so much! 🥰OOO thank you for 18k??!!? 😳💜 @roboticmixie dale misi GO OFF!!!! @kyotosparty memueror @kyotosparty Y maeveras in a way @kyotosparty puedes decir patokiwis y wuwiwose it's okay @MushroomPrince_ oh nothing! we just record our dnd sessions for ourselves just in case we want to revisit them one dayI just realized my mic has been plugged off for weeks so I've been talking and recording through my shitty built in mic all this time 🥴
✨ 2° OBJETIVO ALCANZADO ✨ ¡HABÉIS SUPERADO LAS 100 PREVENTAS EN MENOS DE 24H! Todos los pedidos en papel incluirán…
Retweeted by Maren ☽ @ commissions closed @LionraeArt TU MENTE!! @LunnVic cómo me alegro!! le quiero muchísimo 😭😭💜 @kyotosparty empezó de coña como todo aquí que si la verdurita no sé qué y luego mira. mira @kyotosparty fuimos y nos metimos siete tiros en el pie pim pam pum @txingona real que sí REAL QUE SÍ