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"the most neurotic formal and ideological contortions" @FailedArch

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@wall_tortoise if the theorists i force my undergrads to read cherrypicked neoliberal versions of were alive today… @reiyashi let's do it my friendmethinks it's time to do some cognitive mapping @clownesvanzandt @STRONG_PlSS no it's not funny @clownesvanzandt @STRONG_PlSS i'm going to quote tweet this and do something to the effect of: 'girlbosses be like' @RealmOfSemtexx jimbo those aren't yours. james give me back my shoes @RealmOfSemtexx dude give me back my shoes jimmy.literature is reborn @seanmaciel @sevensixfive @mcmansionhell oh yeah that's it. hidden Tartarian EmpireEco brutalism. Brutalism with trees
Retweeted by Kevin Roganthis is a blunt actually @titusandrgynous i understand i'm catholic too @sevensixfive i know exactly what you're talking about but cannot remember any specific names aaaghactually this is a picture of my family burial plot and i don't appreciate this @te64_96 that's just as cool i think @pastoralcomical don't like this one bit. thanks though i guessactually this reads like a @nulla_corona tweet simple asevery time i tweet it's like this 👇 have chosen to research RADICAL CONSERVATION i can think of no reason why anyone would build those things. there must be something though... hm @shornsilk yes lol. sorry i'm experiencing euphoria25% of New York City's apartment renters haven’t paid since March
Retweeted by Kevin Rogan @clownesvanzandt for a brief moment the world appears to be a giant karmic revenge machine and that's good. but the… @Vauung car on the opposite side... it was so greatstill riding high after a guy tried to pass me on my bike yesterday and he blew his rearview mirror offWoodbury County Courthouse in Sioux City by Steele, Purcell, & Elmslie, completed in 1918. Interior murals by John…
Retweeted by Kevin Roganlooking good! feeling good! @willcjamieson @wall_tortoise i hate it. also she looks fucked up @wall_tortoise following her is so funny because you get to watch this intellectual titan regularly workshop some s… @sh44sti what the fuck @sh44sti don't sign your tweets @GrifolsDonor i snappedknowledge is NOT power. it's just knowledgeok so lets say it is in fact artificial. what does knowing that help anything at all lol i’d love to say the harper’s open letter is stupid but i don’t actually know who any of those people are. glad… @realMaxCastle i didn’t do it for glory... but i’ll take some anyhoo ty @realMaxCastle that will fade shortly as the timeline gets remappedjust went back in time and broke george orwell’s hands“hot takes” are hereby banned. most people just use this phrase for “thing i just thought of on 3rd high life”. the…’t ask 👍 could have predicted this @nulla_corona actually the ‘chicagouan’ spirit, nourished on carbs and nothing else, is predisposed towards violenc… @victimbIamer ok loser lmao. enjoy that garbage 👍what’s that man? oh ghislaine is on suicide watch? who is that. sorry lol i’ve been reading the lexicanum for like… @re_inforce yes @re_inforce yeah dude @flossfurman this rerun sucks @espressoteric 😳 @transientlation i KNOWbrutalism with trees @wall_tortoise my trajectory @jerrychoke based
@smallscaredbird i must agree @smallscaredbird my brother works there lol. insurance company @smallscaredbird underwhelming huh @kleinstille @kleinstille the drone in the top left has liquidated you for stepping out of bounds @lex_mala_ give it a minute it'll get worsei'm smoking weed in all of those featureless plazas in front right by the side of the road @areyousurebruv @goingtoflorida1 i’m in aweif woke pmc leftiods can't see the structurally materialist nature of ice purging the international capitalist clas…
Retweeted by Kevin Rogan @frostyPorcupine why would anyone want to look at it anyway @ARSONDOER enjoy a bunch of horseshitstop looking at me on linkedin @calmnice3 no this guy is like in his 40s and went to yaleyou can become the type of guy who is just really into public parks. not more of them. not better ones. not the eff… @pastoralcomical you will never be allowed in 'The Club' @pastoralcomical can't recommend it really @Itsmazdasyear @Falcon87456 i don't @la_leere lol he's fogging over his left eye with his ham breathyou see this screen in civ 5 - you think you have the game in the bag. but my heavily modded JDPON faction is comin… @peepoobrains @joshdivision i know what blender is lol @progirl just removed you from existence dawngot em. time for some changes around here @swagdere seems benign! @kvnrogan
Retweeted by Kevin Roganah yes universities famously love spending money on meaningful things to help their students communism? no. my communism. and not their communism, or theirs, or theirs. stop developing your communism and… @dickophrenic trying to open a box and accidentally snipping a hole into the immaterium @jerrychoke @ted_bundist @earthacne wow @mirrorsaw_ thank you 👍 @mirrorsaw_ lmao i need to find thatalso twitter for ipad. go to hell lol(guy who only engages with architecture through pinterest) ah, the moslems, such an inscrutable and alien people. w… @RealmOfSemtexx one the phone @joshdivision Hey! Actually our office doesn't use after effects anymore lol. I know I know. anyway if you can send… the phone lolone the phone with graphic design client telling them I can't open stock jpgs in 'Fire Alpaca' and to bear with me… @Avakian_Spontex you're right. i almost just made a ripped dog "haha i'm going to use this 1200 year old masonry fo… back this sort of irreverent 'reuse' of classic architecture by building a house out of all the statues th…
going to make one of those astrology wojak things going around but on the bottom i’m saying “so true!” to the words… @nulla_corona actually they don’t. hope this helps you on your journey ❤️ @dickophrenic thought you liked theory nvm @dickophrenic is this why you never commented in the gdoc i sent you with the story about jairus banaji's adventure… to be raining while i try to ride my bike home from work today @SCORPlONJACKET @dynamic_effort funkle loves having the blood pressure of a 64 year old @eldritch_egirl no @eldritch_egirl i designed an office on the 37th floor of this building back in the day lol