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@VanishingTerror my main is yea this is my alt we talking bout @yoinkslol It ain’t happening but ty ! @yoinkslol I’m bronze trust meI ain’t making it outta bronze on val @COSTCOBACKWOODS @longjohnsilvers nah its all u @COSTCOBACKWOODS @longjohnsilvers homie is handsome jeeeeeez @drizter1 i appreciate u too my man <3 @drizter1 gn drixMikasa Ackerman #AttackOnTitan
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @GemChii GO GEM GO GEM THIS IS GREAT LOOKING
@HarryButAverage that sucks to hear harry, but you're gonna come back from this even stronger and I'm willing to be… homie james putting up numbers sheeeeshいつもとんでもなく元気貰ってる #ぺこらーと
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @gxmblr I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, def looks good from the clips I’ve seen @nCaustic_ What is the reason @nCaustic_ @brazygio Lfgggg
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋Y’all should check this out frfr
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @drizter1 Gm @Seyeumi Thank you !! Glad you like it :D ❤️❤️ @kvrohs AW thank you so much this is so cute !! 🥺 ganyu gang 💙
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @Boltsiola Don’t say stuff like this man, if you needa talk or need help please let us know. we here for you homie @Boltsiola What’s up my guy ?✏️
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋To*** fuck autocorrect @OnTheFlyTwitch Was super fun to watch, great job till everyone involved in the tournament:) @Boy1drr @KnownAsLit @saburo2k @xkendizzle @OnTheFlyTwitch You played great today man good shit, was fun as hell watching y’all ‼️‼️ @Schovee you went fucking bananas dude, especially in that 43 bomb game holy shit @saburo2k LETS GOOO CHAMP @shivisdumb @OnTheFlyTwitch You did great shiv ‼️❤️ @Boy1drr I TOLD YOU U GOT THAT MF GENE DAWG @shivisdumb GO SHIV GO SHIV WOOOOOOOOO @Schovee you're a fucking nut dude holyyyy @saburo2k @sinatraa lfggg good shit @Vulkarr @Seyeumi Thank you !! ❤️ @kvrohs @Seyeumi another fire banner 🔥🔥
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @dagostlno @Seyeumi thank u my man ❤️❤️ @kvrohs @Seyeumi W
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @Gavpai @Seyeumi thank youu gav :) ❤️ @kvrohs @Seyeumi huge dub
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @kvrohs @Seyeumi ganyu my queen
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @gxmblr @Seyeumi the wife 💯 @KyleWasTooken @Seyeumi thank you dude ❤️❤️ @kvrohs @Seyeumi Dude every single one one of your headers are so fire hollllly.
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @XXL YOOOO @BaranVisuals LETS GOOOOO @tyzouh @Seyeumi ❤️❤️❤️ @kvrohs @Seyeumi MY GOODNESS 🥶🥶
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @HoodieXF @Seyeumi ❤️ @kvrohs @Seyeumi 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @drizter1 @Seyeumi YOU KNOW IT 💯 @JuIioq @Seyeumi BANGGG @kvrohs @Seyeumi BAAANG
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @kyruhz @Seyeumi YESSIRRRRRRRRR @kvrohs @Seyeumi GANYUUUUUUUUUU
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋𝐆𝐀𝐍𝐘𝐔 // @Seyeumi @drizter1 gn drix ! :)new header post ina few mins, this one a banger fr @Mikooossh DUB
@kingofthabears @rickyreapers idk but they was talking bout ricky threw a round or sum LMAO.@rickyreapers📌
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @Boltsiola no need to apologize, if you gotta get something off your chest that's perfectly fine @Boltsiola You're one of the few people who've never failed to make me happy or even just cheer me up. You've alway… TOURNEY FINALLY LIVE (totally not late) BOOM JOIN CHAT AND CALL JOEY BALD
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @HarryButAverage you have my attention @Lemii BRO MY OWN TEAMMATES WILL LITERALLY GET MAD AT ME FOR HELPING US WIN @Lemii I ain’t ever had a bad experience on EU overwatch servers, NA however i lied I know who nowGot a cool idea for a genshin header but idk who to make it for .. pain. @HarryButAverage This averageHarry fella seems like he gonna blow up on twitch fr Seriously tho, you gonna bounce back for sure Harry 💯Hey Twitter, my account with 90k followers got permanently suspended last night for a mistake I made 3 years ago a…
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @okplazma Obviously idk if those ppl have asked for permission first but I’ve seen multiple people who’ve made an a… @okplazma I see a lot of people using fanart in their anime headers n stuff too, I def don’t think it’s ok to use s… @nCaustic_ @venxensin I can agree with that, I def think they could fit the stuff that happened in the last 1-2 eps… @Lemii Copyyy just hmu whenever ya wanna play 👍 @nCaustic_ @venxensin Charlotte W @Lemii Ye I’m down whenever, you play on EU servers right ? @Lemii Fair enough, I’m in the same boat LMAO, OW the only game I’m good at 😔 @Mako Love u mako hope u have an amazing day 💜 @Lemii There’s still time to turn back @gxmblr Gm ¡ @dagostlno They don’t wanna see u winningPlaced 1852 on dps in OW why do I torture myself like this @Gavpai jesus man, hope they're gonna be alright @optiuh @IittIebesos Lets go opti !!time to start aot season 3Harry is 15 and has raised more money for charity through charity streams than 99% of other streamers and Twitch ba…
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @Wis_Alt id like to think its cus faze probably reached out and talked with twitch but if that's the case that's du… @Wis_Alt twitch do be play favorites tho 🧐 @HarryButAverage so sorry this happing to you dude, you don't deserve it in the slightest. love u homie 💜actually heartbroken man, i spent 2 years and nearly 2000 hours streamed just for it to be taken away because i sig…
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋follow homie's new twitch!!! #FreeHarry you actually checked his support email, you'd know he's following the Terms Of Service exactly. His account was…
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋 @HERlSSA @ZenofyMedia Thank you ! ❤️ @kvrohs @ZenofyMedia this is so cool
Retweeted by kuro⁰⁸ 🦋#FreeHarry @HarryButAverage twitch on some fuck shit @Blankzy_ mf thats you