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ok goodnightAt work when your manager sees you and your co-workers having a group conversation
Retweeted by kose @MohQuisia I proper wish I could deactivate your twitter
I need a lash infill ASAPEverything I want this year I will get
Retweeted by kose @tino_wc It’s 1pm, can you behave.The producers every time the camera pans to Leanne and mike. #LoveIsland
Retweeted by kose @king_CP17 bc I can’t sleep @T1OFFICIAL177 I’m positive @nnenna_ozzie loooool innit @king_CP17 LOOOOOL you think this is about me🥴🥴
Eve when Jess got picked #LoveIsIand twins are acc shakingLeanne and her wig cap is SENDING me🤣🤣
Retweeted by kose @Tyzinnoo0 AtypicalMy moms yelling at me Bc idk her Apple ID password
Retweeted by koseI am sick of TV shows putting a token person of colour (often black women) on a show to defend the existence of rac…
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everyday “tall, dark and handsome” but he looks like milkhe’s 20?? on which passportI’ve always wanted a cute vid like this WITHOUT having to ask 🥺
Retweeted by koseMe downloading the leaked gym shark fitness guides knowing damn well I ain't gonna use them
Retweeted by koseIf I wake up before 11am tomorrow I’ll be so pissedThere is men who actually have a fetish of getting used for money. And I would like to be directed to them ASAP
Retweeted by koseMike and Leanne in the dog house #LoveIsland
Retweeted by koseI beg this ages well people be having alzheimer and still remember they dont like black people
Retweeted by koseevery single night
Retweeted by kose @jaydotadeg looooool 100% I can’t wait for the day i faint from a shower🙂
if you don’t come out the shower feeling like you’re gonna faint, did you even shower x @eventuaryy are you weak or something @eventuaryy You’re disgustingWhat if my soulmate is Zim?
Retweeted by kosehow cute are those social media friends that u don’t acc know but they support u🥺U get a lil soft on a nigga n they forget you THAT bitch
Retweeted by koseme “treating” myself for the 4th time this week🍭🍬
Retweeted by koseCompare these 20 headline and see how differently royal reporters treated Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle…
Retweeted by koseim boreddd
High top with a Durag?! I can’t even call the police on the police
Retweeted by koseThose twins are proper dead but theyre dead twice lol like dead squared #LoveIsland
Retweeted by koseDon’t the twins know Leanne is the Beyoncé of Waltham Forest? #loveisland
Retweeted by koseLeanne and Shaughna should just couple up at this point bc men actually ain’t shit #LoveIsland#LoveIsland shaughna : breathes me :
Retweeted by kosethose twins are such bad vibesThis is what my body would have looked like if my mum didn’t relax my hair.
Retweeted by kosemight fuk around and join the gym“i don’t have a type” 🚩🚩🚩🚩
Retweeted by kose @AAsemota1 Ain’t it like 79p🤣🤣 you even got scammed @sadzaprincess ?? you deserve to be blocked
my phone needs to stop telling me I don’t have enough storage in iCloud to back it up"It is not the job of black people & ethnic minorities to educate white people on racism perpetuated by white peopl…
Retweeted by kosealls this UK place knows is stormsi am fuckin cryin
Retweeted by koseIf I ever see one of these in real life I’m fainting, idc where I am
@MohQuisia @teha720 “Lyrics of songs” @MohQuisia @teha720 is everything okay for u?? @teha720 @MohQuisia listen, me and him are not the same x @MohQuisia “Lyrics of a song” your dyslexia jumped OUTamen ‼️
Retweeted by kosegetting your lashes done isn’t a choice, it’s a you mean to tell me , Willy Wonka sent golden tickets AROUND THE WORLD, and 5 WHITE children got them all?!?!!
Retweeted by kosewas your mum truly a sweet one in the 90s if didn't sctshh sctshh with this scent before a party?
Retweeted by koseit’s just me myself and I, always.Southern African culture is being able to recite a song word for word but only knowing 30% of what the lyrics mean
Retweeted by kose @numeroum_abb change tour destinysaying goodnight early so you can message your other mcm in peace >>>Me, with the nigga I tell my friends I’m done with every week
Retweeted by kose“wake up, wake up you bastard” 💀💀 💀
I’m so bored @A1damnDaniel Deffo not x🥺🥺🥺 my inspiration
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so is it only my snap that’s broken🥴I want sweetshow am I only now realising my laptop doesn’t have a USB port? @taf_ldn have u never saw the memes🤣When you’re a villager trying to find out who’s mafia
Retweeted by kose @danisalihou8 ok go and argue with yourself @danisalihou8 😴😴 @danisalihou8 did I lie tho @danisalihou8 ask yourself, are you fat? @danisalihou8 so bc I’m slim you think I fat shamemen are actually the weirdest species ever @danisalihou8 yes fatty👑 x2 ❤️🔥
Retweeted by koseWhen Snapchat shows you memories from a year ago of people you don’t fuck with.
Retweeted by koseI love Prince Harry man! He took everything from Princess Diana - her strength, her rebelliousness, her morals and…
Retweeted by kose @A1damnDaniel you’re jarring bye🤣🤣💀she only goes for men with class so sadly you don’t qualify x @_nicmko thanks darling🥺 @susuajoke thanks susu🥺 @eventuaryy 🤭🤭The sibling/ me I need a spa day?He basically said they killed my mum i wont let you kill my wife.
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Beck was a thot, love is crazy.... but she can cook doe
Retweeted by koseI have a bigger bum than you, ion wanna hear no pim
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