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Retweeted by Kwame Dame🤴🏽Yeaaaa Dame - Dios Flow (God flow) | Ground Up Bars via @YouTube #AskOdameI think Before birth and afterlife is a mystery to us People have thier ideas of how they came and where they will… yeah I didn’t sign cos I didn’t like the deal #AskOdame really but nothing spoil Music doesn’t expire so when the time reach it will do what it’s supposed to do… #AskOdame go flow soon. Keep on with the hard work and determination.
Retweeted by Kwame Dame🤴🏽Another one for “Biibi Ba”. Four nominations at this year’s @official4SYTETV MVA Big ups to @sarkodie & my people…
Retweeted by Kwame Dame🤴🏽 @Kislond_ ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥I haven’t thought about that yet But maybe #AskOdame Kay ein mommi Banku Killa food 🔥 as a place But as a state of mind I’ve sent so many songs out and they don’t do it That’s another reason why I do most of my songs alone… my Mum really beat me crazy crazy I never go forget that day 💆🏾‍♂️ #AskOdame to Ghana Gold And my Hillstreet Tape #AskOdame take what I have to from it and ignore the one I don’t have to take lives positively I can’t change the world But I’ll do my part before I leave #AskOdame Lamar man If it comes cool if it doesn’t cool But there are bigger things this year End I’ll say 2 Doing it as a career #AskOdame 32 lost my Dad but my Mum does #AskOdame all the time😂😂 preese 😂❤️❤️ Guys Abeg Adey look like Dadaba?😂 #AskOdame bro I’m not you go away by Shirley Bassey #AskOdame and Kendrick Lamar #AskOdame came in hard chale Diverse styles so can’t really choose #AskOdame believe in a higher power And from the sankofa track I wasn’t preaching against god I was preaching Love Desp… Akuapem ❤️ #AskOdame Love #AskOdame actually go Two Asasco and Tesco #AskOdame the wrong people #AskOdame yeah surely #AskOdame really Aside doing it professionally I love doing it I put all the things I can’t say In there #AskOdame It’s all sika sem so if plenty sika comes then yeah #AskOdame yah😆 love you all and keep supporting the brand ❤️🔥 Just like in the replies😂 sign a deal or not #AskOdame I’m not Christian #AskOdame dropped Hillstreet This year If you haven’t,you should dive right into it #AskOdame,Rap,Afrobeats,Blues #AskOdame’m started writing my own raps around 12 or 13 years #AskOdame 😂 I love @Paedeezy I listen to him a lot and I learn from him too @kkedaofficial1 🔥 enjoy the creative process I love to create I hate it when people think they own you #AskOdame get other talents I be badass designer I go start a clothing brand I go go into photography I Dey paint too s… cos of my teeth 😂 Kayas cos then I get some slippers Adey like wear waa Oh yeah Otumfuor 😂😂 #AskOdame this one dier the two all😆🔥 #AskOdame Ano fit choose All my songs are good I get a different favourite all the time depending on my mood… was easy I just took the O off Odame and boom😆 #AskOdame😂 @popeskinnyGH really put me on those days Kasahare level #AskOdame crazyyyy😂 Those days then abi bad boy #AskOdame state of mind at that time That was three years ago But I didn’t have to balls to drop it 🦂 #AskOdame I paint,Graphic designing,Photography etc #AskOdame my friends are single 😂 I like Wale #AskOdame #AskOdame #AskOdame why not? really be football fan but Barcelona anyday 🔥 #AskOdame aa )wor nyansa I like intelligent people #AskOdame environment Experience and thoughts #AskOdame be illegal Wey people dey survive by betting dier Ano get problem with am at all #AskOdame don’t like cat o #AskOdame songs usually tells stories and we love it When are you telling a story about Africa ? #AskOdame
Retweeted by Kwame Dame🤴🏽I did Sankofa But immediately I get inspired I’ll do other ones #AskOdame that? it was #AskOdame he thinks It’s beautiful #AskOdame Lamar think I’ve learnt a lot and improved in so many ways I knew how to rap I learnt how to write I learnt to sing… Sika ne Odo ( Unreleased) #AskOdame @_aleegh #AskOdame my Mum I don’t think I’ll ever be okay #AskOdame love rap But I’m trying out other things too Music is music so I sing I try dancehall sometimes I don’t want… single #AskOdame I’m not sure #AskOdame mean like Para or something?😆 #AskOdame,Love,Truth’m yeah Runs through the Family My Dad was a guitarist He played and sang all the time My mum used to sing too… 5 years I’ll be very big My music will be out there I’ll have a bigger audience The whole world will listen.… don’t know about that yet But I think it’s the music,your team and patience And yeah Money too think it’s about melody It’s easier to learn songs with melody And most at times rap has no melody which makes… the song is good, why not? #AskOdame sterling Sarkodie M.anifest Akan Kwame Dame the beat Sometimes I’m through things but people don’t like to listen lately People tag you as weak and… Dame is my real name Makes me original Plus Kwame Dame is easy to find Finding frequency online was always…