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@kusie_leftee @Acehood Ahh so Sark is a stingy rich guy n he still paid that amt fr a feature. U get brain de3?? @kusie_leftee @Acehood I tot Sark b stingy oo n hr paid such an amt fr a feature. Den nigga b rich @sarkodie So Sark just narrated de long tinx Shatta said with just "Gyai Gyimie no" @MUNTA88126900 @rennaaa4 @Ankamagyimi Bro he doesnt understand wat relevant means. I think he needs a dictionary
@Ankamagyimi Sark knws Ase3m needs this to be relevant again. Shatta is already relevant n doesnt need more attenti… @gyaigyimii Choose one @yvonnenelsongh She de ask who?? @Mr_Ceyram Asem nso waf)n paa oo @5star_Desmond @benevolent_dic @gyaigyimii This guy is in my WhatsApp group, he is just funny @qwecikanye 2% sef this man won't get trust me. U collect church members money go set up a political party. U think God b leftee @Akosuahmay Unless he provides Covid Vaccine @kusie_leftee @AsareCwesi Kwasia kwa
@AmgMedikal So u mean u havnt seen @deborahvanessa7 birthday wish? @AmgMedikal If age b money nka I get money pass u @archipalagodb Hard truth dat. People tot he just wanted to entertain. Dey dunno na he de use ein mind. Money from…
@knii_enoch @tina_ketewa Lol @EFYA_Nokturnal @AmMacoh @knii_enoch @tina_ketewa Ahh so den escape no u tot he dodged bullets or wat?? Dey meg his absence. Ken has been me…
@PaulOwu04661014 @moigovgh @yencomgh This video is Togo not Ghana @tv3_ghana I think Parliamentarians shud b reduced too, cox frankly speaking most of dem are just occupying space i… @CrissWaddle Now y'all turn to rehrse on twitter sakov no shows fr u @shizzlem1 @kusie_leftee @shattawalegh Lol wat does de so called jingle say??
@kusie_leftee @2daavi Sia @BlaqOfficial5 @gyimimuhene @Am__Daileyx @sdkdele1 @Kaypoisson1 @iBossy_Gh 2pac sef he die early dah b why @amanotey @edem_godfrey @ameyaw112 So u think those items ain't essential??
@edem_godfrey @ameyaw112 Who sells non essential goods?? Den am not sure de person would ave gotten customers sef
@gyaigyimii Y'all calling fr lock down lock down, now is in too stay home aa wose no I will go n roam abt. Dey shud…
@AdonisUgly @Apk43773661 @_iSocialTv @Kaypoisson1 Lol @AdonisUgly @Apk43773661 @_iSocialTv @Kaypoisson1 Am surprised oo. Fine gerr sei paa na ab)n saa no @Apk43773661 @AdonisUgly @_iSocialTv @Kaypoisson1 Lol so u did dat video?? I tink u ave to go bk to sch cox u dont… @KofiTaylorMusic @_iSocialTv @Mr_Ceyram Lol so is a waste video ryt... Haha @_iSocialTv U urself u need education. I tink u were referring to urself not our mothers
@kusie_leftee @AsareCwesi Sia wanim s3 awiesu @shattawalegh Dont take ur badluck der @shattawalegh Unless u share nokofio fr data, else u will get 5 views p3 @theokwarteng @PapaPoku @kusie_leftee Learn here @kusie_leftee @AsareCwesi S33 wab)n paa, u dunno Greater Kumasi is correct @NhanaYaw8 @VladmirHelsing Am even surprised bro.
@shattawalegh Hw3 u think dey care abt ur weed people?? @tina_ketewa Pls wat was in de memo?? I avnt seen it yet @garyalsmith Wat was it abt @johndumelo1 We have hrd this before @Akuahxxx To boost others confidence to also like. If u dont like it urself aa it means u urself u dont like wat u wrote... Lol
@vhynce1 @garyalsmith So u dunno. It will b announced during weekends. It starts from monday
@kusie_leftee Sia kwa, y didn't u use Kwadwo Obed... Lol @Godsveryownben @rowdvitzky_GL @KuptainK @johndumelo1 @NAkufoAddo So at least is not closed right?? So why are peop…
@AsabereRoland @CavaniConda @romantic_gh @Mr_Ceyram @KimlykessehOnli The so called full video is 5mins. Or u have 1hour own?? @CavaniConda @romantic_gh @Mr_Ceyram @KimlykessehOnli U dont seem to knw anytyn abt court issues. This isn't just a… @CavaniConda @romantic_gh @Mr_Ceyram @KimlykessehOnli Smh sum1 accuses u of sumtyn backing it with evidence n all u… @KophiNero @garyalsmith S3s33 koraa he tested positive... Lol @garyalsmith We didn't see his face oo Gary @Mohamme29669100 @Akuahxxx Dont be sorry, das de fact @CavaniConda @romantic_gh @Mr_Ceyram @KimlykessehOnli Masa he didn't condemn anytyn, all he said was he want a vide… @DavidoG08289462 @garyalsmith @shattawalegh B33ma na wagyimi saa no @azizmasawudu2 @MashiLawrings @kwadwosheldon Lol bro am even surprised. Kennedy exposed Ahmed dah he works with Tig… @ugly_dennis @garyalsmith @shattawalegh Mefr3 Kumasi s3 )nny3 med3n. Kwasia if u cnt type twi aa who has forced u t… @DavidoG08289462 @garyalsmith @shattawalegh B33ma kwasia @Diesel88115616 @garyalsmith @shattawalegh Wat is wee smoker?? Ayi them smoker
@garyalsmith @shattawalegh Waddle shared sanitizers BT u couldn't talk abt it but waited till shatta too did same n… @garyalsmith @shattawalegh He has a loyal fan base cox weed smokers are really loyal trust me @CashoodGh @thenanaaba Natyn shows dah am thinking fr him. Am telling how ungrateful we are
@CashoodGh @thenanaaba Wen he closes any company down u same people will tag him with increasing of unemployment. G… @VladmirHelsing U dont seem to understand. De spreading is wat we talking abt. Covid spreads fast Dan Ebola. @SelormGodson @VladmirHelsing No @_Laurence1 @yaa_bonah So u tryna mean u were formed by de sperm of an animal, no wonder u think as such... No sense dey ur head inners @DAfrocentric @GHOneTV And this same person is saying he is not doing politics... Holy Crap. U call an ambulance a… @_Laurence1 @yaa_bonah 😂😂😂😂 Go n have a test, cox u ave de virus @DAfrocentric @GHOneTV Den bro wat u just posted wasn't fr Ghana. It was fr ur dumb self. U so dumb bro. Very stupi… @_Laurence1 @yaa_bonah U dunno u r already dead of de said virus. U dey injury time. Kwasia @le_loudmouth He knws he can Neva b a President agen, so he is enjoying tap tap President. He de tap de Presidency small @VladmirHelsing At tymx wen u ave less sense abt science is damn bad. How can u compare Ebola to Covid. Ebola wasn'… @therealfidelis @brooks_aidoo @VladmirHelsing Is abt de spread not how it kills. Hepatitis B kills more Dan Corona sef. @mr_peders @mynewsghana We are blessed u knw... lol @mynewsghana By force ahohyehy3 President paa. De only difference between him n Nana is, Nana de Flagstaff house... Lol @DAfrocentric @GHOneTV And one stupid person will b online claiming is a lie, cox dey wana cover dier failure. Very stupid of u. Grow up @DAfrocentric @GHOneTV cox this generation is full of stupid people who dont wana face the truth but rather propaga… @DAfrocentric @GHOneTV U r human so act as such. So u dont knw people waste time n credit on emergency numbers. Nnu… @DAfrocentric @GHOneTV U have spoken so much with less sense @DAfrocentric @GHOneTV We have ur brothers hu speak n think just like u do. So definitely dey dont care de credit d…
@jr_teke1 @sarkcesful_yung @archipalagodb I have seen his pic but I dont knw him. If so den u b famous too. Cox ave seen ur pic n ur name
@sarkcesful_yung @archipalagodb But Palago b famous anaa?? Me I dont see any fame he get oo... Lol @oswaldtheson De shard decline de3 am sure Ghana is not part of de sharp decline people. Coz we de3 sharp rise paa
@MusahUkasha @garyalsmith Sumtymx u learn more to de extent dat basic things u forget. U apprehend even little stuf… @garyalsmith @baba_nahGH Pls oo, which money are dey using to finance de items n stuffs to control de corona virus.… @garyalsmith @baba_nahGH Lol serious u goofed big time @garyalsmith. Is better u take ur time n understand certain… @lydiaforson Lol Since wen did New Voter Register become an irresponsibility... Ahh madam, I tink u shud start read… @Frank_N3ro @bradickson_ @lydiaforson The virus doesn't knw a developed country bro. Wake up ffrom ur slumber
@Nayac3 @ansah_dynamic @NAkufoAddo Lol @Annor_Bio1 @iamkwameyeboah @lydiaforson So r u sure u thinking beyond ur room?? I tink u ain't thinking beyond ur body sef @Carl_Enam @Naks_GH @thelali_ @kobenamensah003 @nanarasgh @Serwaa_Amihere Lol asem oo
@KusQwe @gyaigyimii Is sad oo bro @JDMahama Choose Wisely. Which one do u prefer?? @Naks_GH @thelali_ @Carl_Enam @kobenamensah003 @nanarasgh @Serwaa_Amihere Ahaa so u shud think deep n ask urself, w… @KusQwe @gyaigyimii Bro this is de same ting I told sum1 on one WhatsApp platform @Tipsy_plaie @gyaigyimii No!! Ibi rich folks p3 wana attention dey so we go mention demma names. Those poor ones no… @aristokush @johndumelo1 @johndumelo1 de3 he don't do boys oo @ansah_dynamic @NAkufoAddo U wan Nana Addo to distribute free private cars anaa @RoyalSoloTweet @Blaqgal_Romy No one is hiding anytyn, dey just dont knw de total number of people having dat virus… @Amma_Ns3mone @benevolent_dic @OkwasiaBiNti @LomoMykeCaptain @Loviaass @Kayjnr10 @iamNotime @MaameMansa7 @elly_serwaaa If that's de case den we dont even need roads or even schools. Let's make sure everyone in Ghana eat…