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Okosobi @KwameTha Nana Addo's Ghana

Ugly & always in my feelings || Toxic now, try again later ⚠️🚫 || #MUFC Till I Fall ||

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❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥 Amen @Michael_Nyt we’re on?Girls will miss you after they “cut” you off for over three months then come back with “has anyone ever told you yo… Chef ein sobolo explode for my side before. That shit ⚠️⚠️🤣🤣😂
Retweeted by Okosobi @sassycaro_1 LoolIn the first place, you cannot vote to exercise this choice if your name is NOT in the register. Any opinion now wi…
Retweeted by Okosobi @tino_walks I shockFunny you think your heart is cold
Dem go grow reach 40-50 then kai what dem take do you then sanso laugh.
Retweeted by OkosobiThey meet you for some wedding/funeral, they san go tell the story of how them show you as the mini club dey hit 🤝 lying unprovoked @eddypappoe I just write suicide note finishBold statement on my website. Check it out. 🙏
Retweeted by Okosobi @Driz_04 Edey vex me pass. @Akua_Golda 🙈🙈I’ll surprise you soon
Retweeted by OkosobiPremature death. @juss__Gaff Me sef i dey search someI no like the thing Flick & Pep dey do ooBarbers will fuck your hair up then seek redemption with dye. @Akua_Golda ❤️❤️ @yawanaman I dey find somebody make I blame my mourning on am. @moutune2 Pep really make I stress. What is thatCeltic smhEi want to to get this for someone who’s ready to travel next week🤝🤝 audacity i cultivate from August 2019, I understand how the two guys fit bulldoze their way into meeting the Ve… next girl i move to, i dey bring band make we perform “Inna Song”. You either say no/yes after the performance.… let’s see someting @KwekuPsy Hehe @YoRasheed @ImmaNnuela Ei @Mr_Abu233 Same @ImmaNnuela Send jpegs @juss__Gaff Call me tomorrow.Whether it happens to me doesnt invalidate the fact that it is a very silly and useless statement to use as respons… @ImmaNnuela Oh babe why @juss__Gaff MwahhhWear your boxers dey vex be say you still go settle that bill🤮🤮🤮 People post break up texts? I peep and tye whole convo goes into the recycle bin. @utdreport Vibes FC. Smile in training everyday, make fans cry on matchdays @76erCule Good @76erCule You get problem?Neither will I. I have always maintained this position and all the girls I have dated know how I feel about that st… @ImmaNnuela My chairmanI like you and am moving to you. It’s either you like me too or not. You having a boyfriend or being single doesnt… you saying the fact that I am likely to face such a situation make that statement any sensible? @sassycaro_1 In what language does “I have a boyfriend” mean “I no like you so leave me alone”?If we claim the reason those two boys got to meet the VP was as a result of packaging, who dey package pass Ghanaia… For Tomorrow 🔥✊🏿🙏🏾
Retweeted by OkosobiLmaooo*Girlfriends. Yes, very much. dey goalposts inside still we dey score - Unknown 2008
Retweeted by OkosobiTell them @Mr_Abu233 Yes @yawanaman I’m honoured @davidalomatu @KwameTha yes boss. Dm me your number or you can fill this form
Retweeted by OkosobiNothing like correct women -@KwameTha and @d_Bosom 15 mins ago
Retweeted by Okosobi @tino_walks You babAnother thing edey vex & funny me at the same be “I have a boyfriend.” You have a boyfriend so?You shall overcome💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 dun necessarily have to romantically like who you have sex with. The issue is the fact that she lied to the you… woman? Lool you give women chance eh, life go taste like saw dust for your maff @__Foley Hasty @yawanaman Time no deyIf I’m moving to you and you know you’re not up for the knackings after one month of conversations, please least he didnt and isnt lying to his partner about not wanting to have sex while she’s getting her back blown by… I say women are mad and deserve nothing good, Hunnays Man go come talk say I dey hate them. how does this bother you? ah where you dey take pass? Edey rain boss @kojo_sucre Oh respect my VPYou’re missing the part where Fin. Min. had to go meet the SA Prez so left those two ragamuffins to wallow in the…’s not hard to meet Vice President. You just are not white and dunno the right people.Hmm uni 2018 As you dey carry list go buy waakye, tuo zaafi and gobe, your mate use $47 travel from Trumpkrom co… person e work the two guys dema link ein signal strong pass. Ken Ofori-Atta miss the meeting wey them give Bawumia back pass. LmaoooYour parents go blast you everyday if they rec say you dey battle with Oyibo but them no know say ebe the 1 Cedi &… is a Nigerian man claiming and making money off “Chale” in Nigeria? @ThisisChale Fear God boss @kofiobiri Broo!!! HerhNo be Ghana here them aban carry some guy as he dey jog for the Jubilee House side? Vice President send convoy go… dayMeanwhile some Naija guy claim “chale” wholeheartedly and unashamedly.White man ein savings be $47 take one day meet Vice President. I know more smart & young Ghanaians them try reach C… sold Suarez at 5.5m but Manchester United want to sell Smalling @ 20.Two weeks this I no touch this Black & White bottle. Make i enter and take the feeling call Star DaddyAh today isnt Friday?Feel the vibrations ⚡️⚡️
Retweeted by OkosobiWhat a beautiful thing Your Day Right 💯⚡️ Cop our Amazing Laughing Buddha Brownies and smile through the day ☺️ Amazing Taste x Upli…
Retweeted by OkosobiThis is a fucking 🔥🔥🔥 album. Will always be is Nigeria is always on strike. Bet they spend more time embarking on strikes than they actually work @ohenemantse @stacylamptey
@its_comoo Seldom happens