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rip old acc

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Chillin on dayz mama worse than me 😂
Retweeted by kowaiiguys i’m genuinely distressed i can’t take this shit anymore
Retweeted by kowaiiI just seriously cant believe men are real
Retweeted by kowaiiyou would think after the first time @JERICHO would know not to ask me for demos while he’s streaming 😭😭 dear inte…
Retweeted by kowaii @KEEMSTAR @ProSyndicate False accusations should warrant 20 years in prison
Retweeted by kowaiiProof @ProSyndicate is probably innocent. After being accused of Raping ex-girlfriend Kate!
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Shia Labeouf as a drug lord? OH YEAH I’m here for this 🔥
Retweeted by kowaiia hand job from a girl who speaks sign language must go fuckin stupid.
Retweeted by kowaii @ReadBerserk1 Damn, brand of sacrifice and a curse mark. Dude knows he's invincible.
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I can't stand a know-it-all that don't know shit, won't learn shit and so damn stubborn to the point that it's self-destructive.
Retweeted by kowaii @2boxr @GodLikeNexzy @SkyUK @SkyHelpTeam's just no fucking way
Retweeted by kowaiiDoes the younger generation even know about 2girls1cup? I’m still mad at whoever made me watch that when I was 9 I was never the same after
Retweeted by kowaii @chhozen SimpI don’t know a single person in their twenties that wasn’t profoundly impacted by Holes (2003)
Retweeted by kowaiiidk what republican needs to hear this but globally, the us is: 17th in freedoms, 20th in education, 37th in health…
Retweeted by kowaiigrown ass man never heard of potatoes in his life
Retweeted by kowaiiI swear this man releases nothing but bangers
Retweeted by kowaii @Jodiewesten @SkyHelpTeam Feels badIt's ALWAYS a Uncle that stand Too DAMN close to the TV during a Boxing Fight 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by kowaii @Jodiewesten @SkyHelpTeam Honestly I wouldn’t get with sky, they’re the most inconsistent provider out there I’d sayThis is ironic because literally every one piece twitter I’ve seen acts like this first time a tongue slipped in my butt
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Retweeted by kowaii@.greg juice wrld right fucking now
Retweeted by kowaiilf a dude call you ugly 🤢 He just mad. lf a female call you ugly, she just hatin’ 😑 BUT lF A CHILD CALL YOU UGLY....THEN MF YOU UGLY 💯😂😂
Retweeted by kowaii @ultsuchiha She 100% wouldn’t have been so dogshit if this happenedYALLL AHAAHAHA I accidentally texted the wrong number and they started calling me like 10 times, I thought it was a…
Retweeted by kowaiiHere’s a sketchy thing I saw today & did some searches ...
Retweeted by kowaiiHe had ONE job! he the reason Tony dead uglass
Retweeted by kowaii @Hazz Oreo McFlurry because everything else is dogshitIf y’all ever decide to make a Mac Miller movie, please pick him and only him to play Mac Miller.
Retweeted by kowaiiComing out from los santos customs people would die, but not me, i’m built different. I would just tell it no.
Retweeted by kowaiisomeone come pick me up off this fucking floor LMFAOOOOOOOOO 😭
Retweeted by kowaii @toxicevan_ Nigga wanted to be itachi uchiha so bad
Retweeted by kowaii @toxicevan_ my nigga was tryna unlock da mangekyo sharingan
Retweeted by kowaii @AbstractRitz @SkyHelpTeam @SkyUK Fuck themTHE DUDE FROM TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND \£]++]*]£]£{£{$|!
Retweeted by kowaii @SkyHelpTeam @SkyUKOnly the Avatar can master all four elements
Retweeted by kowaii @MikeSington Ah yes of course, I too leave a full glass of whisky on the table with lines of unsnorted coke with my…
Retweeted by kowaii @MikeSington Few things: 1. If he was about to pass out from snorting coke why the lines so proper? 2. Why is his d…
Retweeted by kowaiii hate when my divorce proceedings reveal that i’m cool as fuck
Retweeted by kowaiiFacebook different fr
Retweeted by kowaiiMy internet only now just came back on after not working for over THREE hours @SkyUK @SkyHelpTeam you’re fucking dogshit y’all wonder why Kanye be losing his mind every year
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@OneEyedRinne @AtlKhaos "Watch One Piece bro but skip the first 2-300 episodes"
Retweeted by kowaiiWhat if I told you Naruto > One Piece?
Retweeted by kowaiiBill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Bill Nye the Science Guy perioddddd
Retweeted by kowaiiTheir twitch
Retweeted by kowaiiRaided someone named Mr Chanchan who was building Legos and they thanked me by doing this
Retweeted by kowaiibatman stuck in traffic watching the rest of the superhero’s teleport & fly
Retweeted by kowaiiyou’re 21 years old bro, eat the fucking pizza crust
Retweeted by kowaii @magaylaaa @vlzsn @imLouiseChantal probably cause she ugly WITH it???
Retweeted by kowaiiDear lord , Can you please make the rocket league community 100 x bigger! And put Heatseeker 2v2 in the olympics. Thank you 🙏.
Retweeted by kowaii @ASAP_JAY @HoIsShort4Honey @iddybitties Ever since he carried Hector up the mountain and sung that song, things been looking up for mans
Retweeted by kowaii @HoIsShort4Honey @iddybitties My nigga stanley yelnats got out that jam
Retweeted by kowaiiCouldn’t find my grinder
Retweeted by kowaiiMy boy is fucking rolling
Retweeted by kowaiinow who on god’s green earth is that ?????
Retweeted by kowaiiyou actually can’t write it
Retweeted by kowaiiDied doing what he loved
Retweeted by kowaii @SkyUK broadband becoming a joke. Tweeted them a couple of weeks ago about them scamming me out of money to no repl…
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"Yo card declined broke ass nigga"
Retweeted by kowaiiah pero con un pedazo de chicharrón si se rompe...
Retweeted by kowaiiFacebook is a wild place 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by kowaii#wooForgot to give my little cousin a blanket last night 😭
Retweeted by kowaiithank you @Pornhub 🚗
Retweeted by kowaiiShe learned to sign so she could speak to the deaf mailman. ❤️
Retweeted by kowaiiWhen she out with her friends and nobody posting nothing 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by kowaiiI know that their hearts had to be racing at first.
Retweeted by kowaiiShow Villian Actual Villian
Retweeted by kowaiiThis guy Pranked his whole family😂😂😂
Retweeted by kowaii` it’s an old shirt, can’t you tell?
Retweeted by kowaiiuhhhh y’all might wanna fix this @CallofDuty
Retweeted by kowaiidecided to play my placements the other night and this is what I get on my team...
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you wild asl @BernieSanders
Retweeted by kowaiiGhislaine Maxwell is being moved to the same prison where Jeffrey Epstein was suicided. You literally couldn’t mak…
Retweeted by kowaii"why my back hurt so bad bro?"
Retweeted by kowaiiBitch I haven’t even been to sleep yet... but I just know he fucking wrong LMFAOOOOOOOO like deadass? Too early for…
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Retweeted by kowaiiDating esports guys really lowered my bar, anytime I walked into a mans room after 24 I was like damn you have a be…
Retweeted by kowaiiHe's literally in the NBA....
Retweeted by kowaii900 episodes and they still haven’t found the one piece yet lmfaoThe US Army having an Attack on Titan fan recruit kids through esports/anime... living in 2020 feels like a parody
Retweeted by kowaii⚠️Giveaway⚠️🥳 🥇1st Place: Black Veloce 🥈2nd Place: BMD Blueprints + Numerous Painted Cars (2 Octanes Included) Ho…
Retweeted by kowaiiif someone doesnt say why dr disrespect was banned by the end of the week im going to pumped up kicks my gas station
Retweeted by kowaii @2boxr I was just tryna eat some garlic bread and he’s come out way that
Na is so stupid to test wall hacks for myself last night
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