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"the masters speak only one language if we want them to hear us, we must speak it back to them. may it be the last…
Retweeted by kyand it was!
Retweeted by kycersei was my girl too.... but I don’t like how they took her out. she was a queen,a coke one and she should have h… @kiraphantasia purr @HoodClarkKent no cause they really piss me off was such a pussy. all the shit that cersei,her family and army did to his family and innocent people & he had t… @featherbang welp don’t think the barbz are 90% white lol’s the quickest I’ve seen someone come and go.and just like’s over for you ❤️ @featherbang I’m texture the taste I’m literally gonna throw up 🤮I’m tucking gagging this is so disgusting beautiful people
Retweeted by kyi’m sorry but
Retweeted by kynow why I’m bout to lick this photo really thought he was eating 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by kyIKTR!😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by kynot the dog KSMSMSMSMSN😭😭 @visionofkay he tryin to k word lmao he mad 😭cases about to starting jumping looks good! you about to make MONEYYYY AND HITS! you won
blk men down BADDDDDD not my sister embarrassing me because keyon really thought beef came in the box with the hamburger helper LSMSMS HE’LL NEVA LIVE THAT DOWNLSKSMSMSMSN about to pop like some balloons when nicki started crying about motorsport
Retweeted by kyNicki Minaj skated on this one
Retweeted by kyPLEASEEEEEE???? logging on to drag y’all everyday @HoodClarkKent EXXXXACTLYYYpineapple definitely belongs on pizza. the sweet and salty. i mean come on!
Retweeted by kypants giving
Retweeted by ky @moisturizednerd what be wrong with that man...🇺🇸 | @theestallion's "Good News" has now sold over 900,000 units in the US. It's her best-selling project in the c…
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Retweeted by ky @2Cool2BIog Some of these comments definitively shows me that the “concern” for fat ppls health is really thinly ve…
Retweeted by kyMegan: this is not about losing weight
Retweeted by kyGoodmorning Finger that RTs will be financial successful in February
Retweeted by ky @lebazyan Me after she started painting on the eye
Retweeted by kythis is insane
Retweeted by ky😭😭😭😭 you believe it?! It's my 99th birthday which means I can stay up as late as I want without asking. I am also…
Retweeted by ky @HoodClarkKent pls 😭NIGELLLLLLLWHO MAKE YA SQUIRT????y’all remember that “WHO MAKE YOU SQUIRT??? NIGELLLLL” Video? I jus thought about that shit KSMSMSMSMSMSthe fruit punch bringing back memories...I miss drinking these. 14 year old me & my friends used to fuck these up BUNNIES’m too pussy to get a tattoo or piercing even though I want them both so bad... be wrong with y’allLAMAMAMAthey little witch bich 😭😭😭 piercings are sooo cutethis is sending me... it stunk so bad
Retweeted by kyBtch I'm the sauce, Barbie dippin, I'm the boss, Barbie sippin They keep tellin' work it, I ain't got no choice
Retweeted by ky92? thought she ate LSMSMSMSM likes 0 retweets’s Beyoncé verse.......
Retweeted by kyNicki need to pop dj boof in the mouf why he always spilling her tea? he a gossiping ass queen 😭😭now who asked for this
Retweeted by kyI’ve probably seen this movie 25 times🐟👁
Retweeted by kyfollowing 18k and 22k followers with no likes or rts. wow n cheese vs dried up wieners with Mayo and mustard? and a soggy pickle on the side? pls do you be eating..... ohmgeee ohmgeee ohmgeee
Retweeted by ky them picking the lady up like security during screaming fan tour footage sjsjjwjwkwks
Retweeted by ky @pIayinggames I’d be sickkkk 😭😭the screaming and crying forgot who was doing her hair at this time but i’m glad they’re gone
Retweeted by kyLAMSMSMSM THIS IS SENDING ME. kids are so creative,funny and cute will be tuned it! getting mad at people just trying to crack a smile during a Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers....
Retweeted by kyNot you being a fun sucker I’m screaming @itskeyon
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Doja is a sick womannobody laughed have to actually release this 🤦🏾‍♀️ @theestallion
Retweeted by ky @iamaaliyahjewel 😭😭LAMSMSMSMSM his ass UPthe gays just stay winning. says she never paid for their tuition 🙁
Retweeted by kyme digging up Judy Garland so she can listen to Patti Labelle’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Retweeted by kyu deserve