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If my boyfriend says he wanna see me I'm cancelling all plans IDC who mad. that's my fucking KING and he's not coming second to no one.
Retweeted by Renald @abdul_yaziz @Just_dede_ @DaakyeHemaa_ @abdul_yaziz Herh komot.. @Just_dede_ Bebe. ..wasup😊 @Just_dede_ @abdul_yaziz @DaakyeHemaa_ @abdul_yaziz @DaakyeHemaa_ @Just_dede_ Lol.. @abdul_yaziz @DaakyeHemaa_ Lool.. @abdul_yaziz @DaakyeHemaa_ Yes pls @abdul_yaziz @DaakyeHemaa_ we go 🇩🇪🇬🇭: 1. phase of Volkswagen car assembling starting in March/April in Accra.…
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Fellow🐒🐒🐒🐒 @royxoxo 😠😠😠😠 @royxoxo Send me location...I dey come @cnnsport More time 😊😊😊 @ahmusty Very soon they will petition God about me.
Retweeted by Renald @dat_boi_kapoor Sharp!!! @dat_boi_kapoor 20/10
@TheoPhlow My ushers👍👍👍 @TheoPhlow Which girl dey stress brother @ebenblanks Brosky...Happy Birthday. .u dey grow, do then marryLife is Good @_amandee 😅😅😅😅😅😅☺☺
@kate_lise Sharp!!!! @kate_lise Was up Kate😀 @kate_lise for em, ride for em, die for em ❤️
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Chills. In Germany, a fan hurled racist slurs towards Leroy Kwadwo, a Ghanian football player. When other fans sa…
Retweeted by Renald @Obiba_ Wow..interesting..going to check it out @Obiba_ Lol..what happenedMuch needed response @1dNAGh @Delta Lol
@PulseGhana @_amandee @DxMbro New side 🙄🙄🙄
@LK_Gemma @Be_Ekay @royxoxo Lool @_amandee 😂😂😂😂 @_amandee Asase wura..ayekooo @royxoxo Kae..den ei not be small pleasure that..Enjoy😂 @royxoxo Roy go to bed wae @3fo_Selormm Look sharp @sirpoco20 I tell u @Eddy_Acquah You blast😂😂😂 @3fo_Selormm Wu suro aa wundi...abeg buy am ..make I come ride some
@amdesizzling LooolNormal
Retweeted by RenaldIt’s amazing how some people perceive you based on your current status in life. No condition is permanent. For that, I know !
Retweeted by Renald @ebenblanks I Y E C H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Endogenous solutions provide effective scalable solutions than those adopted from elsewhere. Socio-cultural & econo…
Retweeted by Renaldthese fake ass african accents are annoying
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this is why i’ve always said marry a soft spoken man. a man who won’t disrespect you when there’s misunderstandings…
Retweeted by RenaldSon!!! @ebenblanks @TheedeeDaFoodie Baba take ur number from me..she go link up @chris_haub Abi u di333..u say #Team22 @KwekuRey_ 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by RenaldThis thread😂😂😂 @KwekuRey_
Retweeted by Renald @chris_haub Chris ony3 briefly😂😂😂 @QwesiNifa Eiiiii Gh twitter 😂😂😂I just saw a tweet and I’m crying🤣🤣 Someone said Dinner dates have an age limit. 🥴
Retweeted by RenaldA man will never cheat on a woman who is faithful to him, doesn’t deprive him of sex and gives him peace of mind, a…
Retweeted by RenaldHerh😂 @QwesiNifa Help a brother out plsco ask
Retweeted by RenaldWait.....What is “reduced to clear” twitter?Yɛmfa nantwie abɛbɛn nhunahuna fulani nii ba
Retweeted by Renald @TheedeeDaFoodie Summary ankasa @KwesiiAsomadu 😂😂😂😂 @KwesiiAsomadu You dey funny me😂 @freddyamuna Herh😂😂😂 @LK_Gemma Hedge Fund Heads Made More Than $1 Billion Each Last Year @LitCleland @Le_BossLady Eiii Chale...So Getting your songs in stores is not rocket science! But how can you get visibility, working with playlist editor…
Retweeted by RenaldMorale was high!
Retweeted by RenaldGhana Jesus Pounding Fufu with YAA PONO😂😂💔😎 Full Video On MMEBUSEM TV📺 Please RETWEET🐦
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2020 Top Top Guy!!!!!😂 @rahm3sh 😂😂😂😂😂This is the difference @KwabenaAwuku 💯 @KhanyoNoks Soon🙏🏽 @TheoPhlow Abeg go drink some cold will be fineDad? Who is Cristiano Ronaldo & who is Lionel Messi? Sit down son, I am gonna tell you the most beautiful story.
Retweeted by Renald @_amandee I sold scraps at Sukura😊Your team is literally 38 points from the top of the table and you come here to say that?
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Mood @AmpofoAma @KingSoloTweet Hw333rh😂😂😂..wu di3 check wu dm😂 @manifestive @theycallmeTUNE @GetVideoBot @AmpofoAma Don’t fall for it, young kings😂
Maisie Williams says the one thing she wished her character could've done in 'Game of Thrones' S8 was to wear Jaime…
Retweeted by Renald @_amandee is a scam... @KwekuRey_ Hey b 🥰
Retweeted by RenaldHydrogen fuel to the rescue..#GreenSector #renewableenergy @Just_dede_ Dede😊Stay ready!!!