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If a politician describes white supremacy and you take it as a personal insult, you’re probably not making the point you think you are...
Retweeted by Kwes @winstonmicheals hang in there bro are getting all the hugs when this is over 🤗 Muslim men have internalised the Madonna-whore complex. Why can’t you hold that you love her and respect but a…
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This is absolutely disgraceful. Rape has effectively become decriminalised in England & Wales. This is a shocking &…
Retweeted by KwesNobody is gonna have any patience, they wanna make up for lost time. First date questions will be “do you love me??…
Retweeted by KwesWholesome boomer content:
Retweeted by Kwes🤣🤣 6-year old ballet student asked me today if I'm excited about getting my "Fauci Ouchie" soon, and I will now be r…
Retweeted by KwesY’all don’t get tired of copy and pasting tweets?
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Retweeted by KwesGuy takes the wheel of a runaway train and people want him to make the train to stop instantly
Retweeted by KwesThe lack of critical thinking skills is appalling
Retweeted by Kwes @lekurokami They put Bernie everywhere except the White House
Retweeted by KwesAir fryer chocolate chip muffins 🍫
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@CashAppRecords 🤣🤣🤣 @NCXX4L Oh shit we can just make stuff up on here and present it as fact? Damn I've been doing twitter wrong. . .
Retweeted by KwesThere are literally no excuses for this bs 🤦🏽‍♂️ disgusting are not. Them niggas too scared to confront a predator, so they’d rather blame the victim.
Retweeted by Kwes @CashAppRecords Amen niggas beefing w vibrators bc they do their job ...
Retweeted by Kwes @ESPNFrankie I stan @D3lah_say Doesn’t have as sexy a ring to it @ESPNFrankie Consistency ❤️ @xDevilNeverCry how’s the new job going fella?LMFAO WHAT THE HELL
Retweeted by KwesI forgot about this hilarious exchange
Retweeted by KwesHe still doesn’t have a donor. Please retweet and share to help this kid out.
Retweeted by KwesI love it how we as black folks made it an unwritten rule that if we see a black person running, we don’t ask any q…
Retweeted by KwesI can’t even take new R&B seriously because they aren’t distraught enough for me.
Retweeted by KwesPlease don’t go riding elephants. Elephants’ backs can’t support the weight of humans and this leads to long term i…
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Retweeted by KwesBeen unemployed for the longest time ever😭😭😭things are worsening at home yet I have a N3 (Boilermaking and Welding)…
Retweeted by KwesHospitals should be free. Medicine should be free. People should be able to access safe housing and clean water and…
Retweeted by KwesAlso, we’re close to a point where Arteta and Edu are just going to have to admit they got it wrong re: Willian. I…
Retweeted by KwesWhy are y’all so fast and why is this so cute lol
Retweeted by KwesCan we please just let this man live?! 😭😂 we prioritised the league, hopefully we can finish 9th
Retweeted by KwesDamn took me mad long to find him lol I found Waldo twice
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@__PettyBetty__ I’m late but-🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Damn sorry
Retweeted by KwesWob3ti krrrrrr on dem 💀 Cathc me at AmPm Sports Bar tonight💃
Retweeted by KwesDamn... this aged well have no defense for this.... but I really love Burger King fries 😩
A message for your knees
Retweeted by KwesThinking about how 6’s are the problem solvers & solution focused people. Did any of you have the experience of bei…
Retweeted by KwesBut when you’re dealing with a personal situation & here comes a 3 like “hmmm this is what I would do” or they star…
Retweeted by KwesPpl view 3’s as self-centered or think that they victimize themselves which is...a valid analysis lol but 3’s just…
Retweeted by Kwes3’s genuinely just wanna see everyone around them flourishing and happy. When you’re winning in life, they’re damn…
Retweeted by Kwesshe had them doing WIPEOUT challenges omg
Retweeted by Kweswe went from Elf on a Shelf to Bernie on a Journey
Retweeted by KwesI feel like 5’s & 6’s are more likely to not have large friend groups & even when they are part of a large group -…
Retweeted by KwesBecause wtf?! 🤣🤣 @__PettyBetty__ That silver lining is thin AF Me: y’all not cold????
Retweeted by KwesThat’s the spirit! 💪🏽 @Mikey_Ashkar happy birthday bro!!! ❤️Y’all can’t tell when shit fake news? Y’all still don’t see an ABUSER picking with me ? The first court date got pu…
Retweeted by Kwes @castaterc @WellstarHealth I’m praying that commute is easy on you 🙏🏽You mean fact check BEFORE I offer my take?! Nah can’t do that!
Retweeted by KwesNot yet 😉 @castaterc @WellstarHealth Congratulations!! 🎉 🎊🍾 @CashAppRecords 🤣🤣🤣Well played, Internet
Retweeted by Kwes @dntbite_theaple Doesn’t mean I don’t need it 😭😭 @dntbite_theaple True but my priority is the stimmy loloh my fucking Gooooddddddd and he didn't even get pardoneddddddd
Retweeted by Kwes @ytono97 🤣🤣🤣>@KwesB with the voice over! 🎊🎉🥳
Retweeted by KwesAyeeeee @KwesB with the voiiiiiiice
Retweeted by Kwes @D3lah_say If your friends are not bigging you up like @D3lah_say bigs up her beloved friends then you need to upgr… swordsman in anime #onepiece
Retweeted by Kwes @StoryByIsshak 🤣 From now on we answer the phone: “What up? What up??”"This mother of all liars, this deathstar of deceit..." James O'Brien questions if Donald Trump actually believes…
Retweeted by Kwes🤨 was Cinderella kicked off the soccer team?   She always ran away from the ball 😌😌
Retweeted by Kwes @omithehomie We all have our priorities bro mean you cute but I need me that 2K stimmy.... since no one bought my ass a PS5 😒 me for your voiceovers y’all ☺️ I’m versatile and do very good work!
Retweeted by KwesNanka?
Retweeted by KwesHmm do I want to look at Sza or be next to her🤔🤔
Retweeted by Kwes @anlart1 @D3lah_say You barb??Some people are genuinely petty, spiteful, and malicious but past traumas have distorted their vision so much that…
Retweeted by KwesThis will always be gawd tier content. a negro spiritual if you will.
Retweeted by Kwesfriendly reminder that a black woman had to build courage to wear a protective style to work while others get to sa…
Retweeted by KwesMy cousin just passed from covid and the funeral homes are so backed up in San Diego they can’t even bury him until…
Retweeted by Kweshappy almost anniversary to jaboukie's noblest stint in twitter jail
Retweeted by KwesThis took me out 💀
Retweeted by KwesOne day we gonna free black folks from the shackles of this topic
Retweeted by KwesI’ma need folks to start accepting that people can run out of tolerance for you without there being any beef. I’m just done. all love doe.
Retweeted by KwesMany of 8’s major themes from self-doubt to the importance placed on material resources are reflections of what you…
Retweeted by KwesY’all be in relationships with no dates, no traveling, no nothing. Just arguing and laying up 😭
Retweeted by KwesUsing oat milk to make oatmeal that I top with granola
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