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Brothers and sisters in the Lord. Please fill these forms for me. it's a survey. 1. 2.…
Retweeted by Kwes @DrewLawDesign Believe in yourselfWhat a way to begin my day...🙏🏾♥️✊🏾😁 Oh, and good morning y’all!
Retweeted by KwesShe’s absolutely correct. Slave owners stripped identities from slaves, separated families for the sole purpose of…
Retweeted by KwesI’ve never really this into perspective as being a type of “privilege” but it is. What do you guys think?
Retweeted by KwesAwful things can happen within the confines of consent, too. And it’s okay to feel uncomfortable after the fact or…
Retweeted by Kwes37 minutes. That’s how long I was able to bear the Louisiana heat in my car, turned off, with the windows rolled up…
Retweeted by KwesY’all expecting logical opinions about Poly relationships from people who have monthly debates about whether or not…
Retweeted by Kwes @TheKBGawd @symithelight demoting “friends” to associates.
Retweeted by KwesEverything is fake. I had a job start out at 65k then I got promoted and got a raise to 80k in 3 months. I lied abo…
Retweeted by KwesAre YOU inspired by YOU?
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Get you a man who can do both
Retweeted by KwesMoMo donation list 🙏🏽😩 Smith has signed his deal with the Lakers, source said.
Retweeted by Kwes50 goals in 79 games!!!! Legendary stuff. Elite striker. Congratulations @Aubameyang7 ♥️♥️♥️♥️👑
Retweeted by KwesViola Davis is one of the greatest actors. Not one of the greatest black actors. Not one of the greatest female act…
Retweeted by KwesYou get to live in this house with you 3rd @
Retweeted by KwesCan't really expect much from folks who love with conditions.
Retweeted by Kwes @dntbite_theaple 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️Different countries... same vibes.
Retweeted by KwesI absolutely agree with him. Every year stunt performers put their bodies on the line to achieve cinematic greatnes…
Retweeted by Kwes @GawkGawkThwack Lies🤣🤣🤣🤣 excellent way to get out of child support payments 😂 departure penis 🛫🛫 🛫🛫🛫 🛫🛫🛫 🛫🛫🛫 🛫🛫🛫 🛫🛫🛫 🛫🛫🛫 🛫🛫🛫 🛫🛫🛫…
Retweeted by Kwes @winstonmicheals Oh chale... 😭 Hang in there!Fa blessings no hooki me ewuradze
Retweeted by KwesAnnalise Teething
Retweeted by KwesI start next tuesday 💅🏿
Retweeted by KwesLMFAOOOOOOO
Retweeted by KwesFox News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us
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The store is open! Check us out for your high intensity scented candles ❤️
Retweeted by Kwes#RickAndMorty: How Season 4 Was Thrown Into ‘The Vat of Acid’ for an Existential Adventure
Retweeted by Kwes“I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble.” Sam Raimi’s Spide…
Retweeted by Kwes @fux0uttahea I’m starting to think me and that baby are related 🤣🤣🤣Spread this!!! It’s been three years and josiahs family still has not seen justice and there is a killer on the loo…
Retweeted by KwesO U T R O
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@fux0uttahea Ayyyyy one sock gang!!!If I’m the toxic one, why did they all come back
Retweeted by Kwes“He the greatest on the court and I’m the greatest on the verse” Lil Wayne pays tribute to Kobe Bryant at the…
Retweeted by KwesThe new Friday The 13th trailer looking pretty bad
Retweeted by KwesDoes anyone remember this time on Twitter?
Retweeted by KwesDominican women be like “I know a spot” y te lleva el diablo
Retweeted by KwesA Cuban woman with a cigar
Retweeted by KwesDa older u get, u just wanna get money & find somebody dats good for ur soul
Retweeted by KwesNY niggas be like “you’re dead my son” to their GIRLFRIEND 😭
Retweeted by Kwes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @petttypia tweet are funny and relatable , your followers are just selfish with ♥️&🔁
Retweeted by KwesWho else believes There’s a good week ahead?
Retweeted by Kwes @GawkGawkThwack Because society genuinely shits on women for being human... single mom? No way! You like sex? Whore… until proven guilty 🤣 blooded!!! 😭 @Petttypia Bruh?!?Big Congratulations @burnaboy on winning #BestInternationalAct at the #BETawards
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Live your dreams, not your fears.
Retweeted by KwesI saw a thread on how to teach young kids about consent and this is very necessary to detect an abuser in your sibl…
Retweeted by KwesSome of us struggle with the meaning of a rape apologist. So here goes a thread. Note: both women and men can be ra…
Retweeted by Kwes All my music here Expect more from me and don’t forget to support with a listen
Retweeted by KwesHonestly how unhappy do you have to be to spend your free time making mean comments about total strangers’ bodies online
Retweeted by KwesBlack Lives Matter
Retweeted by Kwesthere's an apparent and noteworthy sincerity here. good on k for this.
Retweeted by Kwes @fux0uttahea I really like how this turned out 🔥🙌🏽Jesus walked on water, but Sisqo walked on bitches. Never forget.
Retweeted by Kwes"How can you watch anime and read subtitles at the same time?" Me:
Retweeted by KwesThis is a man that knows he is finished
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2020 still our year?
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@Yung_MissionGh @JulsOnIt Ha! 🤣 Dickhead @Yung_MissionGh @JulsOnIt You really like looking for trouble 🤣🤣32 years ago today, Marco van Basten did a fucking madness. One of the sweetest volleys you'll ever see. Unreal go…
Retweeted by KwesAs a sexually active person, your body can rebel if you choose to deny it of sex
Retweeted by Kwes @Essilfie__ lol the vibrations helped kraa 🤣🤣 @Essilfie__ Why the long face?Bro he didn’t even waste time with this first question in the Dumelo interview.
Retweeted by Kwes @D3lah_say @Chef_Keeks Happy birthday Chef! 🔥🔥🔥
From Trevor Jackson ➡️ Donaeo ➡️ Ladipoe ➡️ Jacob Latimore Who’s Gonna Be Next On #TheHotSeatOnY? 🤔😉 @Y1079FM
Retweeted by Kwes @Krissie_Kat I’d be impressedHmmm!!!! But who is funding this....? 😕 @Ahomka_Ginger @GeraldCrack I had one like that back at Yfm. He said I was his wife and always came around. One tim…
Retweeted by KwesDecember 2019 David Moyes having been appointed West Ham manager; “winning is what I do” June 2020 West Ham fans a…
Retweeted by KwesI’m sure I’m not the only public figure with a story like this. I have so many more. Sadly people think stalking…
Retweeted by Kwes @Ahomka_Ginger I had one who would follow me everywhere and call to tell me he was watching me. That time we didn’…
Retweeted by Kwes🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ please let’s all do better and protect black women across board!! stop calling Black Women Strong as a compliment. “Strong,” is why our mortality rate in medicine is high. St…
Retweeted by Kwes#yleaderboardseries With our special guest Kwami Sefa Kayi
Retweeted by Kwes#YLeaderboardSeries The Chairman General himself is coming thru to go one on one with @RevErskineGH on #MMRS TODAY, it’s already Wednesday? 😳!!! Question of the Day What’s the best part about living in Accra?…
Retweeted by KwesHump day special, early bYrds! #RyseNShyne with @iambrownberry x @deejayLoft x @KwesB from now till 9am!!
Retweeted by KwesEustace us always in resting bitch face😂😂😂
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I’ve noticed that my attachment issues arise when I experience something positive that I didn’t know or believe exi…
Retweeted by KwesWe have a winner !
Retweeted by KwesI can’t stop watching this 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Kwesif your heart ever tells you that something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it
Retweeted by Kwes @ManLike_Nesta Portuguese @D3lah_say @Ama_PoisonIvy Well you certainly changed your tune quickly 🙄