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i cut my bangs most disrespectful shit i heard was saying that u dont use the n word around ur black friends because u respect… @sojiphi dude same and when i was the same as them they were like ur actually viet arent u... ur a koreaboo LMAKGMSIOJOPJHas real as it gets
Retweeted by ًshort stream today !socials !discord
Retweeted by ًthis is why i dont ever lock in jett : )
Retweeted by ًmy drafts are so spicy... @LoLYugi im married to valorant rn 😔 @GreshyPoo YASSSSSSSSSi miss korea gamers trying to game tonight so bored @alyafterdark making me miss my red hair ahhhhhhhhhhh @alyafterdark omg did u get ur hair did girl............... looks so good on u either way @feelsradman @makaio519 @bridgetannne Interesting @lynnmaruu AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… @jaaychung i just play with my friends for fun so i try not to let it destroy my peace hehe @jaaychung thats me rn ive never been so At Peace 😭 @jaaychung im single 🥲 @KristoferYee i just got into agent select for unrated 😫 next game if u free?Just Not Going To Play Raze Anymore . @hollydrewdj went in with no expectations and it was not bad at alllll
every time i pick raze i bot frag ama @katieguo @Juuki_ @irregularFN im old news katie @endvrsmedia @jaydeeHD damn if ive been smoking since 14 am i prematurely 37 👺this new mcdonalds spicy crispy chicken sammy hittin @Tiffae @AriaSaki damn we all dating the same dude rn? @Juuki_ how soon @stephunnielam tequila: 33 kristen: 0 @ellladlf impeccable posture 11/10#LeagueOfLegends if you’re a girl, and you’re above plat, and you main support: i will automatically assume you've…
Retweeted by ً @mkp________ i randomly ran into shiny mantyke and killed it and then i randomly ran into shiny pancham and i Acquired It.especially when they show that they actually care and dont tell u that ur problems are repetitive and that they don… IT WITH ME: “I would rather adjust my life to their absence than adjust my boundaries to their disrespect”
Retweeted by ً @NintendudeX glad you're okay josh!!!! @Kkatamina so pwettyleft my house for 20 minutes to play pokemon go and now my gate code back home isnt WORKING😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by ً @yoojpls @TwitchRivals YASSSS @JASR_94 so thats how yesterday went 🌝 @jaydeeHD can't* @jaydeeHD lowkey.. the stiiizy's almost out but my moms home so i can smoke a bowl lmaooothinking about how much i want oui'd 🥲 @olivershou LMAO i been playing with kevin come thru!!!!!!!!!!!! @mimsy thats more than fine wit me 👁️👄👁️the feeling of flossing when theres food stuck in ur teeth ... impeccableI hate a “SO TELL ME ABOUT A TIME” ass interview 😂 man LOOK y’all need help or not
Retweeted by ًPeople who are good at valorant are hot
Retweeted by ً @hollydrewdj he just doesnt seem like a real human being idk man his existence just doesnt make sense to me LMAOOOOOOOis michael cera even a real thing like....................i feel like i have never seen a photo of michael cera that makes sense
Retweeted by ً @katieguo feelin like a bad b @katieguo me not going back to my ex ever again @_usteen oh no ..thinking about mcdonalds 🥲 @inero gm Nick Smith .any early morning gamers 👁️👄👁️
Retweeted by ًthe day i find someone to do nothing and play pokemon go with its OVER @KristoferYee they wanted me to go downtown...Male vocabulary that are red flags: Alpha, beta, soyboy, I love Joe Rogan, Elon Musk is a genius, female, my ex is crazy, keto
Retweeted by ًI’m at more than my breasts. I’m also my huge ass.
Retweeted by ً @milkyvitamin OHHHH OKAAYYY @KristoferYee :(my sister just squeezed a huge blackhead on my upper back 👁👄👁 wish i coulda seen itsign says m'lady crepes quito says m'lady creampie @minhhtea let it out @peterparkTV yahooooooooo oooooo !I am a dirty little slut for spinach artichoke dip
Retweeted by ً @minhhtea ill buy u all of the things in the worldu cant make someone give a fuck about u 🤡Unconditional love is not unconditional tolerance. Read that again.
Retweeted by ً @Zirene happy happy birthday!!!! 🥳all of my usb ports stopped workin 🤡love u @JASR_94why did my pc just poop itself??????LMAO
@donghae_yi @Juuki_ 3080 ✅ radiant ✅ 1000 hoes ✅ gf ⬜️ @juwiaTV yes i am tryin my bestttttttt @jessicahkim thank youUUUUuuuUu @kelseyremige thank u bby 🥺🤍 @KristoferYee haayyyyy @thaiIander @Juuki_ AHAHAHAHAHAHAhe got b words fr @Juuki_ anyone else realize you haven’t had a cold all year?
Retweeted by ًbear filter abuser leave the door open for me 😔💔 @Baidoku dont have disney+ anymore :(i watched 10 mins of wandavision and turned it off and now that everyones been talm bout it i regrettibitch im stress free! my skin is so clear! i be eating! i be pooping! @GreshyPoo speedy recoveries gresh!!! we miss u already!!!!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍im so at peace after cutting out toxic ass people out of my life 😭you deserve healthy & uplifting relationships. never forget this.
Retweeted by ًsigh
im accepting that im just a brimstone player he threw like 5 rounds because he was mad that i was a Typical Woman @whysobubby LMAO YESSSS literally thats all i ever see her watch 🌝guy has the name HardDILF and cries all game about me being a bot frag Woman Who Naturally Gravitates Towards Suppo… @minhhtea *makes out with u* @minhhtea u make me feel alive