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one piece ♡ pokemon ♡ ACNH #blacklivesmatter

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drive me to hell in a drop top
Retweeted by ًEvery time i think... i take 10 damage
Retweeted by ًstop asking me “wyd” i Am literally so disconnected from reality IDK
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Retweeted by ًur a real OG if u knew me on league of legends as hyowls @nickuhroo i care u nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fellow one piece fan eh heh @NintendudeX @equalixlol heck u jesh!!!!!!!!love my little garden gnome @equalixlol @equalixlol dont tell me to shut up ill literally step on uim not gonna lie. im shit at keeping tabs on people. im shit at reaching out, whether someone needs help or whether… love all of my friends.. it doesnt matter if we arent close, i still care about u and i still love u. and im alwa… @AriaSaki happy birthday toast!!! thank you for helping my dear friend in her hard times 🥺💞 and thank you for being… @JustAPriv ????????????????GUYS PHILIP SAID HE MISSES ME BACK @scarra HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCARRA!!!!!!! 💞 @MugiwaraLoL i see u mugiwara-san
Retweeted by ًif u dont follow rina u are missing out. Im Just Saying . NOT FUCIKING AROUND U FEEL ME @HUYNH_CS @Subroza
Retweeted by ً @HUYNH_CS @Yonji_V @Subroza I CANT STOP WATCHING IT ASLKGHSFD;LH;LFSGHL;FSGSFJ @HUYNH_CS @Yonji_V @Subroza IM FUCKING DEAD HADSLGHSD;L.HJDL;FHSFJNFGJ @currylol PogU LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO @BiboJam_ @xHellaKawaiix @Zayuhh u make me happy @GreshyPoo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️AHAHAHAHAHAHHA @serinide EEEEEE @kithleen 🥺❤️🥺❤️🥺 @LoLSonder THANK U 🥺❤️ @SojinJin_ i ended up swiping..... :( @RachQuitlol @xHellaKawaiix @Zayuhh thank u rach ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ILU B @thechinitooo LMAOOO BRUH STOP 😭😭😭Twitter putting the “follow button” on the bottom right of tweets is the worst decision ever. I have accidentally f…
Retweeted by ً @slehh @xHellaKawaiix @Zayuhh 🥺 thank u bbim moving @bridgetannne thats a me movei need 38rp to buy the new skin....... i............................. @mang0m0chi thank you so much 🥺👉👈💞 i am legit SCARED of hd cameras HAHAHAH @awildclinton i love how much OOMPH u give when u dance it gives me lifedid a lil photoshoot the other day ah ha 👉👈 the t-shirts are discontinued, but if you wanted to grab a hoodie they…'s called fashion♥️ sweetie, look it up
Retweeted by ً @DekyFPS @plooful sdgJNDALKHFS;LJM;LGDFJRDGHKJ
@ellladlf @Wong_a_thong I AM DISGUSTEDRest In Peace @i_oofficial you were a pleasure to work with...
Retweeted by ًholy fuck ever expect ur gas tank to be full but the gas light is on and while ur on a time crunch u have to go spend $45 o… @nickuhroo LMFAO @jaydeeHD loveDADDY天賦之人 #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by ً @jessicahkim WOOOOO LETS GOOOOOOOOO @endvrsmedia @jaydeeHD @LateGame_ ion wanna come over no more @edm__yoshi pokemon journeys is a better watch imo!!pokemon anime is so goodRIOLU AND RABBIFOOT EVOLVED IM FINNA CRY @DLimLoL hongki's voice is sooooooooo unique theyre so underrated at least japan appreciates them @DLimLoL DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEmood
@kwehzy oh my god. i see it. chase that bag @aihaku thank you universe for this blessing indeed!!!!!!!!!HONESTLY HAHAHAHAHHAAH @AllThatJazzS i. dont. miss. anything. its a godsend @slamzuu World Of Warcraft . @WedidValorant @WedidValorant many of my friends will disappear starting today???????ive also been getting nosebleeds ah ha @DekyFPS i have the same one but mine has a heart and an arrow going thru it @dannyhymers @Yunnieee @katieguo @scarra dog @plooful WE STAN @DekyFPS LMAOOOOOOO @taehatypes im slowly @nudyy_ when theyre open again and its safe lets go!!!! i live here and i havent been LOLgoodbye i am absolutely winded @Goldenglue HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREYSON ❤️❤️❤️☺️😥 need to start drinking more water. thats probably why ive had a tiny headache every day when i wake up 😪My problem is... I expect everyone to have common sense & they don’t 😭🥴
Retweeted by ًA part of me died this year and ion really think I’ll ever be the same.
Retweeted by ًI still think about this sometimes
Retweeted by ًlolwho wanna be my providing hubby so i can make bentos for u every day
Retweeted by ًgod i miss it so bad i want to crydreamstate so in love MY GOD IM WHIPPED @Laudando7 @VanguardChamps @BigFramesGG LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOthis is something i watch when i want to cry and it works every time i still missed magmar community day for pogo 😔💔 @xtamago_ thats me right now......... aha ha it weird that my home page is mean.....
Retweeted by ً @BiboJam_ @DekyFPS im zacks rave bae. W @jessicahkim 27 course meal right here 😳i could not decide which pics to post :<
Retweeted by ًglad to be home now i can Relax 😌today....... has been a long day............ @BiboJam_ its ok u can be my banh mami @flaxxish @fjuump stupid i hate u @BiboJam_ does he call u his banh mami yes or no @juhtinchi LMFAOOO love u