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LIVE! gonna tell you all about the austin music fest + yesterday's wedding + other things! - let people like things! stans - if someone doesn't like a thing that you do, that's ok too! opinions are… and Coppola are on the cinematic Mt. Rushmore. They have more than earned their views on cinema and their…
Retweeted by kristen delgadoguessing around 1:30 pt! so in a lil less than 2 hrs @Andy_Lunique 🤤gonna spend the morning with my mom while she's in town & then let's stream! lots to talk about 🥰
still going but the hardest stuff is all done & also a cute girl pulled me aside just to say my hair was beautiful… lengths some people will go to steal @meloramylin's design. and for TikTok clout of all things smh
Retweeted by kristen delgadoI DID IT THEY ARE MARRIED 👏😭 @tcm @Criterion the original gojira! 🔥Robert Pattinson: “I keep masturbating. In the last three or four movies, I’ve got a masturbation scene... I only r…
Retweeted by kristen delgado @just_franniek i love that scene bc the actual sexy stuff happens in such an impossibly short amount of time 😂
aiight i'm off to spend a few days in wedding mode!! wish me luck, i've never coordinated a wedding before 😬How is this real?
Retweeted by kristen delgadome @ twitter every day @SlamloDamlo v relatable tweet!!! PS ilyNew Goose+ !! Billie Eilish said “i ruined so many things that could’ve been amazing because i was sad” i felt that. being sad is a WASTE of time
Retweeted by kristen delgado
There Will Be Blood.
Retweeted by kristen delgadome trying to keep track of all my projects 🤯
he protecc @britsterrett YES MY GODDDD huge Bone fan right hurr 🙋🏽‍♀️ oh @Strippin this debate has me sh00k, i haven't even heard of chicken mayo OR chicken salad 😅 @AmandaFlagg growing up we usually poured the oil in a lil bowl & reused it for future similar dishes lol not sure… honk stream! 🦆
seeing ur sub count after a one week vacation lmao addition to my job im also working on - coordinating a wedding this weekend - planning 2 set builds - getting ba… try to get back to streaming tonight! taking a week off has been so stressful 😪 probs gonna be a short boi th… @velvetnico right back atcha!! hope SK is 👌nvm mood has drastically increased bc i saw someone doing A Good Deed !!! HERE !! at LAX !!!! maybe for the first time in history !!!!!! 🙌good news is i've finally made it back in LA / bad news is i'm already overwhelmed with the amount of things i have… flight delays got me like 👻
dim sum bathroom appreciation post @supardanil that's what they call me on the $treetZ 😎ur grl walked SO MUCH this weekend @largehotcoffee @sailorbee wholesome !!!1 yr ago >>> today found that legendary avocado toast again!! i'm 100% that bitch 🥑 me find me !!!!
my jeff goldblum koozie is my new favorite thing !!!!!! to make a Very Important Purchase dis fashun
aiight gimme some day two help plzi saw 45 minutes of both!! y'all were as undecided as i was 😂
2019 music fest put all my fave artists on at the same time lmao so who should i see tonight?? SOS @breebunn what's a "gamer" ??????? @TheNo1Alex ima miss randomly running into you bud!!!!! 😭 @breebunn what's happening @Octopimp fuck if i know, i'm still tryin to figure out why trump has a septum piercing 🤔what is this decor in our air bnb ?????!!!!!
@tcoonz WTF how do i get this?????omw to texas w a breakfast burrito as my carry-on lmao 8) bye bye'm grateful for those who see me post during the hard times & reach out. i now talk about my struggles as they hap… you know someone (you do) who suffers from poor mental health, plz support them 365 days/year, not only during…
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@Andy_Lunique @ImpossibleFoods hello it me veggie gorl !!! 🙋🏽‍♀️playing more CAT QUEST 2 with @JesseCox ooooh aaah @JesseCox @dexbonus stayed up until 5 AM doing a puzzle with @kwizten and I'm gonna regret this in exactly 2 hours when I have to…
Retweeted by kristen delgadolight test 🍭 //
have NOT stopped listening to this song since adding it to the list tbh'all often ask about the music we play on stream, so here's one of my fav stream playlists! funky mostly-japanese… @Frazierdeanpy @kwizten The console wars are over. Why does their have to be any other war? We all win. Food, music…
Retweeted by kristen delgado @NoWayRyanTatum gotchu gotchu just didn't know what you meant (: @Frazierdeanpy i love that you made this about burgs 😂 @NoWayRyanTatum what? @Kahuna456 very rarely are these kinds of statements worded the same way i know how to actually mute but… u can talk about things u like w/o putting something else down in the process okhow do i mute all tweets that p much say "[this thing] is better than [that thing]" 😪PlayStation 5 launches holiday 2020: #PS5
Retweeted by kristen delgado @Bandygrass same!! i'm re-reading them right now even 🧙‍♀️ @Bandygrass YES @LeahEspinosa oh no! hoping everything's ok xbeat the Link's Awakening final boss on the first try!!!!!! gonna start up Goose Game now!stream is LIVE a little early! gonna try to finish Link's Awakening tonight 🤞
@JesseCox staff meeting 🤔Really hoping the entire season of Cowboy Bebop is shot in Corgi-Vision. #CowboyBebop
Retweeted by kristen delgadoh8 these pics but <3 my hair 🙈
Retweeted by kristen delgado @ShutUpMeg91 extremely relatable tweet 😓 tho it's probably all in our heads! i think you're great, hope you ok bb xSorry I’ve been away from Twitter for a bit. I was busy having insane sex with a young Marine. I hope it doesn’t g…
Retweeted by kristen delgado @sekushipantsu I! AM! FREAKING! OUT!!! you have been so blessed 😭 @bobdunga92 i'm also extremely behind and spoiler free!! ive seen literally none of the whole last season even tho… @sekushipantsu stop it i just lost 8 of my 9 livesthe things i do for downton abbey lmaome: hmm i wonder when this movie is playing website: *in less than 10 minutes* me, at home in pjs: i can make that UPDATE: i made it 😎
more Link's Awakening! on our last dungeon! idk what's happening!!our last chatting stream before my vacation! gonna talk MOVIES, maybe a spoiler free Joker review if you want it 🤡 @ToastieChris @dexbonus yeah and imo it's like how people are into serial killer stuff bc you get a look into their… @dexbonus i will say a lot of people seem to think the movie's about justifying his actions & encourages people to… @dexbonus didn't find him relatable/likeable at all & still loved it! even if it wasn't a batman movie i'd feel the… @bobdunga92 THIS!! i'm bad at responding to messages personally but only due to forgetfulness lol but anyone who gh… LIVE with more of my blind Link's Awakening playthrough! making up for missing yesterday 😘
@breebunn this clip added 3 years to my lifei think scorsese would like the joker