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a better world is possible (img cr 2 jamilla okubo/@vivaIllajams) don't follow me unless u like barbie, pop music &/or socialism. ik you know what defund means.

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@PinkoScare it’s giving hamilton @andraydomise pls don’t do the chipmunks like this 😭 @sassyblackdiva @WrittenByHanna chillsi’m the one who takes down the smoke detector and replaces the battery x days later 👀 are ethical questions there too but let me leave iti guess he’s a service animal? i wish that were being communicated with this content.we weren’t all watching tiger king a year ago? i’m so confused lolwe’re just cool with ppl keeping capuchins etc in their homes now? maybe the monkey wanted to stay in germany?i added some funky transitions to my powerpoint ok it’s all very complex 💆🏾‍♀️ @zanabisms that’s bc it’s for all of us 😭 #/america*rytime was really qt and fun today but i feel bad bc i just use it as concert time so ppl will praise me l8r it’s sick @bbychakra *hear but tbh it’s also an existential issue so point stands lol @bbychakra ngl i’m not tryna here all that but i appreciate the effort @offbeatorbit @asesinada there’s no dopamine over there babe @edawnpagumi they can’t put a filter over it or sth... @offbeatorbit oof lol @vryoffline wtf just like shoot the computer partnot this...
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Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012)also when i saw that trailer i knew it wasn’t k*lo kish but that’s what my brain kept suggesting perhaps we’re buggint*ylour page rt’ing a bunch of ppl saying she can’t act is the kind of unh*nged i might be able to rock with let’s seeAny time Korra trends, I bring back one of the greatest exchanges of dialogue ever written.
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012) @VENUSMUSlCVIDEO g*d she looks so much like hara 💔 @jemmaisOKeh ok but like they #/voted what else do y’all want them to not support militarized white supremacy?? 😩 @offbeatorbit thx 🙏🏾 @offbeatorbit yo don’t blow up their spot lolthe endocrine disruptors 🤧 @VENUSMUSlCVIDEO @bingmeupscotty rest well bb @bingmeupscotty @VENUSMUSlCVIDEO whatever happened to just listening to bops and going home to your family after a… @VENUSMUSlCVIDEO @bingmeupscotty it did seem a bit ridiculous lol like i don’t follow them or rly care but if 💪🏾-y… @TheKitchenista case dismissed lmao @vryoffline prayer hands under my head or one under my head and one holding my phone or my head on my folded arm wi… @seraaputa wtf that’s so creepy @bingmeupscotty “i like it” is the last qt thing i remember from them.. oh well @seraaputa wow that’s horrifying. @bingmeupscotty i was rooting for her before her anti-black escapades sigh @seraaputa woah woah woah woah um excuse i @BurksAndCaicos my presidents black and my lambo is blue hbu @seraaputa well that i can understand 😭😭😭 @BurksAndCaicos i don’t have voice notes hopefully this better explains my position thx’ve literally been crying for the past 10 minutes wow #powerful @seraaputa girl i’m legit cry-ing @bingmeupscotty does anyone know who they are minus barbie...the way this app is free 99 😭 @bingmeupscotty*post-hardcorepost-punk kpop magic dance“can i scream?” conversation with my straight male friend
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012)wait... i want no parts ✌🏾 @WrittenByHanna this is camp also cong(rat)s @zanabisms my ancestral country’s president is going on his 36th year but yes this is also a lot! @atebush i think they should close the downtown one but w/e @atebush yeah they’re like if you don’t have to be there just don’t come loldo any of y’all actually have family members that are into *-anon stuffi saw a thread going round with like “this is all the bad stuff going on in the world you should know about” and id… i shouldn’t go in to work tomorrow... what time is the great undoing anywaymonster giuseppe heel that’s the monster shoe
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012) @chrisisclueless hm @evilrashida this is the tether of bwam youtube huh @hernameisjuan ...hehe @Vanessid @WrittenByHanna screaming bc the ugandan presidential election was less than a week ago lolAnd so it begins.
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012)her name is Anchan Preelert 💔
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012)i’m gonna watch “ever ‘the prince has read utopia’ after” when i get homeBritney Spears’ Outfit from her video for ‘Overprotected’ (Darkchild Remix) by Alina Campbell, consisting of a dist…
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012) @femmeincomprise *redvelv voice* ps*cho @fourgunfire @femmeincomprise @VENUSMUSlCVIDEO and dr puke didn’t touch it! @femmeincomprise oh i see i guess. ew. @femmeincomprise wtf happened
@coochieprintz idk what’s going on here but this seems cruel lol @JasMoneyRecords she’s ms understood 😩 @PinkoScare like for the day or @asesinada i was expressing incredulity sry that wasn’t clear! @asesinada @coochieprintz ay by the great @dereckapurnell 💕
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012) @coochieprintz @asesinada 👀 @coochieprintz dahlia pls lol @turnandstomp “how it is you are going to thank me” cheekyBc it’s not actually cyberpunk, it’s neo-liberal surface analysis of hyper-capitalism w/ a neon-grunge aesthetic th…
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012) @seraaputa the layers to this 😭Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. came from Chicago to Oakland to support the fight to save Moms House. Now it's time to…
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012)“policy is our love language” if you don’t gtf 🤦🏾‍♀️what if we just stopped adapting that racist a** book........ and dropped some coin into a ~BIPOC~ author’s wallet instead like fckAndré 3000 or Janelle Monaé deserves this role.
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012) @latxcvi he’s so hideous to me and this show is right up his alley i hope it gets cancelled expeditiously sry lolStriking workers were arrested last night in the Bronx for demanding better wages. Because in a capitalist society,…
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012) @asesinada lmfaoit's almost like just deferring payments, rather than providing direct financial aid to people, didn't really help.
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012)We just donated to brother Ky Peterson for his bday, currently + formerly incarcerated Black TGNC people deserve lo…
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012)omg can she act i have an idea @turnandstomp the thumbnail alone....Let's practice giving people the resources to rest before we implore people to rest.
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012)New piece on the legacy of “Hot Girls Wanted,” including the attacks launched by producers against their own subjec…
Retweeted by we became buddy - repackage (2012) @femmeincomprise and meeting your checkpoints is more than enough!! @femmeincomprise omg i have a headache too!! we r connected 🤦🏾‍♀️⚡️💆🏾‍♀️ @femmeincomprise i’m abt to sleep but how are you bb? if you are just starting your day ik you’re ready to face all… if i actually started running bc of this... i should probably quit now 😥ok i’m 62.5% through this show and it’s... p good 🤧🥺😭